Introducing Driver Alert 2.0 with DriverMatic


Automatically download and install drivers using
Driver Alert’s newest feature — DriverMatic.

Drivers are the basic software that allow other applications to talk with your hardware devices. Just like other software applications, many drivers are frequently updated to eliminate bugs and add new features.

With DriverMatic we have standardized the packaging of the drivers, so that a new driver can be installed with the click of a button. No more reading README.TXT or installation instructions. Just click on the button, we take care of the rest. Now that drivers have been standardized, you can also automatically keep your drivers up to date in the background.

In order to get the most from your PC, it is good practice to keep your drivers up-to-date. But few people do, because your system has so many drivers, and there are so many updates. Driver Alert makes it easy, by matching the latest drivers to your system. Our Driver Alert Notification Service will keep you abreast of the driver status of your PCs through the comfort of your inbox.

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10 thoughts on “Introducing Driver Alert 2.0 with DriverMatic

  1. Most of the time, we do not care about the driver update process. But at the moment it can be major issue when I do not update the driver. But the point is that how can we aware of the latest driver availability. So this driver updater alert is a more useful feature for every system.

  2. Charles,

    It is apparent that you have not tried either the free scan or Driver Alert itself. It is virtually impossible for Driver Alert to recommend a driver that it does not have as all the driver recommnedation come directly from the download database.

    There is no problem uninstalling the program, either. There is an uninstaller in the program file, add/remove programs, and a link in the reminder.

    Also, how can you get scammed by a product with a money-back guarantee? You can search until the cows come home and you won’t find any complaints that PC Pitstop does not honor that guarantee, promptly.

  3. This, like so many other software, WILL tell you that the drivers you have are outdated and need updating. But go ahead and try to update them and half have no updates available, but still warn you that they need updating. Then try to remove it from your computer. Good luck with that. To make things even worse, just like the annoying warnings that Vista gives you, Driver Alert will pop up constantly to warn you. These marketing scams have cost me more downtime and productivity loss than I want to think about. it is scams like this that have everyone scared to try anything advertised on the web.

  4. Because just like in a store, we’d like for you to at least see the product. Whether you’re watching a commercial on TV or walking into a retail store, you can see the product.

  5. Frank and Albert.

    The cost of all of our subscription products is $29.99.

    It’s not something we hide. All of our products also offer a free scan before purchase. That allows you to see how the product works. If you decide to purchase the product the price is shown. There’s nothing here that is a scam. We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee if for any reason you are not happy with the product. Hardly a scam.

  6. Driver Alert 2.0 is another of those software sales companies that hides the cost of their products. Notice the cost is not published anywhere in their ads. They bait you with terms such as, “Free Driver Scan” to entice you into trying their product then give you limited, if any, access to the benefits of using their software. Well, I say NO THANK YOU and I encourage everyone to say the same thing to this type of marketing scam. I won’t waste my time even looking at your product without full disclosure on cost and other issues right up front in your ads.

  7. Karl just click on the support button at the top of this page and then select it and license key for your current version will work..i have just done it!

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