Bits from Bill: Facebook May Not Be For Everyone


By Bill Pytlovany

A few years ago I joined Facebook to write about privacy issues with their Beacon advertising system. I was quickly sucked in by the fun, convenience and easy ability to keep in touch with family and friends. I really enjoy the ability to share photos and even love to see vacation photos and cute babies from people I don’t really know in real life. While I am continuing to use Facebook, it may not be for everyone.

One of the aspects of Facebook I’ve never advocated are “applications”. While I appreciate the thought, don’t be hurt if I don’t accept your hugs, glitz, jewels, pets, drinks or farm animals. While this may be fun for millions it’s not why I use Facebook.

barnbuddyWhat most people don’t realize is that “Applications” aren’t part of Facebook. They’re created by 3rd party companies. When you agree to downloads an application, you share your info with a company which may have a completely different security and privacy terms as Facebook.

Everyone should keep in mind you don’t have to accept every request on Facebook. Of course, I’m against Domestic Violence, Child Abuse and Cancer but I also won’t join a cause on Facebook which has access to my personal info. It’s ok to click on Ignore.

If you’re new to Facebook, the first place you need to visit even before uploading your face is the Privacy Settings menu. “Facebook takes your privacy seriously but you need to do your part.


This post is excerpted with Bill’s permission from his blog

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14 thoughts on “Bits from Bill: Facebook May Not Be For Everyone”

  1. Wow, I am constantly amazed at the number of angry and hateful people in the world. The internet really reveals a person’s true nature.
    Interesting, so many people who don’t like a thing decide that anyone who does like the thing is a loser.
    So, I guess since I had to move to a state where I have no family and friends so I use Facebook to keep in touch with all the people I left behind makes me a loser?
    The people I left behind are not real family or real friends?

  2. Facebook is indeed for publicity craving people who ought to know better than to splash their private lives online for all and sundry to access. I have read comments from some saying strangers are blocked from access to their facebook site..ummm…exactly how do you suppose hackers are able to access the Pentagon server or your local/national Bank and harvest credit card details in their thousands?? I deactivated mine ages literally a few months after being coerced into opening an account. I found it an utter waste of my time and will not be doing so again…that was over three years ago and to date I miss nothing about it!! Nothing beats a good chat with friends face to face and drinking real drinks…not imaginary ones bought for you on Facebook…LOL

  3. I don’t like Facebook much, either. But I have a lot of family overseas and it is not bad for keeping in touch. You think Facebook is bad? DO NOT try “Tagged”. I started using an account I took out some time ago, just recently. So many con men, scammers, lovelorn(supposedly) women (and men!) wanting to be my friend or more. even though I said on my profile I was happily married and didn’t want anything else. other fools flooding my profile with absolute cr*p…I cancelled my account. Facebook is better by far.

  4. I’m sorry, but I don’t agree with most of you. There is no easier way to plan a 40 year class reunion or let members of organizations know what is happening. It also helps to keep in touch with family members who are in other states or even countries. I love seeing pictures of my grandchildren on vacation or a distant cousin in Canada. I block all applications, and I don’t accept friends who aren’t already friends or acquaintances.

  5. Not long ago, I heard some young person on the radio sarcastically say “If you’re not on Facebook, you’re probably over age 75, get with the times, really”. I value my privacy and suppose that’s an outdated notion. To me, social networks are for attention-starved kids. My response is “If you’re over age 25 and still on Facebook, grow up, really”.

  6. I personally enjoy Facebook, but like Bill I use no applications. I use it to stay in touch with people who a) I already have a relationship with i.e. see kid pix etc., b) I enjoy a distant relationship with or c) friends I have lost touch with. It is fun and good networking. The games, etc. have no interest for me.

  7. I “Deactivated” my account. How do I get off completely?

    I consider it a place for losers who want “Friends” so bad they will accept anybody. I got sucked in by an old friend whom I located on Facebook. Glad I found him, but sorry I got on Facebook.

    I have enough real friends.

  8. I can see how people and have diff opinions on lots of things. But hey! Why be insulting. Kinda shows a level of low class.

  9. i love facebook about as much as a hole in my head. my wife uses it all the time and she is always moaning that the computer is running like a pig. she gets pop up upon pop up and alsorts of browser add ons. i think a lot of it is to do with the online games on facebook which release your info to 3rd parties giving them permission to bombard you with all sorts of crap that you dont want. it has come to the stage now that i refuse to share my files on the network just so i cant get a virus. little does my wife know that i have changed the account status of her computer to a limited account type just to stop her installing crap she has no idea about. something should be done about this website because it seems as if they are being paid to willingly distribute viruses.

  10. I too opened an account because my daughter sent me a request and I have been involved in making websites and chat now and then.
    I found after two messages to my daughter all of a sudden there were these other people posting crap back and forth to each other on my page and I was getting all these stupid …. can I be your friend requests from losers that wouldn’t even tell me who they were …
    So I deleted my account.

    If you want to post things on the net for people to see …. open a free website from Tripod or Angelfire or Geocities or Fortunecity or Yahoo. etc.

    As for viruses … there are lots of free online scan and remove sites … PCtools is very trustworthy

    I had one virus years back from a chatsite when I was trying to download something from an unknown source… [don’t do that anymore] … the scan said what file was infected but it couldn’t remove it …. so
    I opened the file in a file editor in dos … and erased the text in the file then saved it back onto my computer …. then was able to erase the file completely … voila …. virus was gone.

    cost me 20 min. of time.

    that’s the only thing I don’t like about the new Vista and Xp etc… over win95 or 98 … is that they have hidden dos programs very deep … and dos is very useful for fixing things.

  11. the Geek Squid (oops) just didn’t want to deal with it. There is no way it would cost that much. And if it did, what crooks!

  12. i’ve gone on facebook 2 times and both times I went on I picked up a virus and had to run the recovery disk on my computer. The guys at BEST BUY (GEEK SQUAD) said they could remove the virus for $500 so I just decided never to go back to facebook. I don’t twitter either because I guess I have a life and don’t need to let everybody know every bodily function I have during the day. To me and alot of my friends social networks are for people who are losers, maybe were wrong

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