Bits from Bill: 4 Reasons Why Win7 is 10x Better


By Bill Pytlovany

It’s no secret that I’ve never been a fan of Windows Vista. I really wanted to love it but even as a designated Microsoft MVP I couldn’t drink the kool-aid nor did I promote Vista to family and friends.

So, what makes Windows 7 so much better that I’ve changed my tune? I’m still happy with Windows XP but I am encouraging folks to invest their money and time to upgrade to Win7. I’ve put together four reasons that may not be secret but you may not hear a lot about due to their technical nature.

MultiCore Processing
When Microsoft designed Vista they saw a future in 64 bit machines. It was a reasonable assumption but they were a little ahead of the times. While x64 CPU’s are gaining in popularity the technology of cheap multiple core processors still dominates the market. MultiCore processors give you the power of multiple CPU’s within a single chip. Windows 7 doubles the number of your CPU’s.


In any modern OS there is a system that schedules which programs or processes run when and at what priority. It’s like a traffic cop inside your computer. Vista was optimized to easily handle 64 bit operations. Its traffic cop was trained to expect a lot of big Cadillac’s and SUV’s to be using the data road.

The Windows 7 traffic cop understands that multiple core CPUs are still popular so it’s still ready for the SUV’s but knows in between there will be a lot of Sport cars, Smart Cars and even Motorcycles on the data roads.

If you have a dual-core, quad-core CPU you will be thrilled with the increased performance. Using Hyper Threading technology from Intel, a virtual core is created for each physical core adding yet more multiprocessing computing power.


This post is excerpted with Bill’s permission from his blog

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65 thoughts on “Bits from Bill: 4 Reasons Why Win7 is 10x Better”

  1. I currently run Vista 32bit home edition on a Athlon x2 5000 with the original AM socket and pc6400 ddr2

    I have never had a single problem with the operating system though games such as world of warcraft run at a little lower framerate than they do on xp.

    I have been considering switching to win7 64bit edition but I just cannot bring myself to pay $200 for it.

  2. I’ve worked with M$ OSs since DOS 3.1 all way through Vista. Windows 98SE was okay once you learned it’s quirks, ME was a disaster, W2000 worked great, XP was great which brings us to Vista. I know people who can’t get Vista to work and people who love it. I have noticed that with Vista 32 it either works or it doesn’t while Vista 64 seems to be stable. I have an old Gateway that runs XP dual-booted with Ubuntu, a laptop running Vista 32 and a new home-built PC running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit Evaluation. After Vista came out and seeing the problems my wife has had on the laptop with it I swore I would personally never use another M$ OS on my personal PC again but Windows 7 has changed my mind. To me it is the first OS M$ has ever made that even approaches the quality of Mac’s OS-X, which I have used in a work environment and two of my daughters use with virtually no problems, and Unbuntu Linux. I can’t wait to get the final version of Windows 7 for both the new PC and to replace Vista on the laptop.

  3. Folks, just to make this clear, and with respect to Mr. Pytlovany. Multi-core CPU’s are here to stay – this is not an aborration or a flash in the pan. They are the future – period. 32 bit vs 64 bit is being driven by memory issues (limitations). Faster the processing power leads to more sophisticated programs which in turn require more memory (and storage capacity). 32 bit limits at 4Gb, 64 bit limits at I believe 32Gb, any guesses when we are going to start talking about 128 bit?

  4. well, i have 4 machines, 3 xp, 1 98.

    tried to help a couple friends with vista. a mess.
    i have enough to do to ‘learn’ the programs. why do i need
    to ‘relearn’ the opsys?

    i do NOT.

    so. when xp dies, i will just go with linux, as it seems everyone with any ability is doing.

    sorry, microsloth. you come out with these ‘new’ things
    that are worse than the previous ones.

    let’s get a group to go back to win3.3 and use linux when we need that sort of architecture.

    i like DOS, but most of those guys are gone or
    hiding in caves.

    adios from the beach.

  5. I had used Win 98, 2000 Xp Vista, and various Linux distro, I like the most of them.
    I understand the complains about the layout change on the start menu, and the control panel, I really don’t Know why Microsoft wants to change that, I don´t know either if there is a way to change to “Classic Menu”, if that is possible the complain is no more “logical”.
    Please don´t underestimate the importance of the Start menu, because is part about “how do things faster” and let me tell you I most Linux Distro you will find a friendly Start Menu.
    Microsoft please: don´t fix it if ain´t broke….
    Time will tell….

  6. The major problem with windows is the PC manufacturers that bundle Windows with their computers. First things first. When I buy a PC I dont care what its like now I still expect a real copy of Windows Whatever included with my purchase. Not some B.S. 4 Disc custom manufacturer version. These manuafacturers have hacked the hell out of the install disc bundling up all sorts of junk you dont need and compromised the security and useability of your PC. The the customer goes to complain about how Microsoft makes a crappy product when infact its the PC manufacturer that compromised the OS. If the manufacturer wants to do the original install their way fine but let me install a clean OS later if and when I choose.

  7. What’s up with all the Vista haters? Vista has worked well for me from day one. It is far superior to XP. I have 3 Dual Boot machines with XP and Vista and find myself using Vista 99% of the time. Vista works so well I have no use for Windows 7. And to the moron that thinks the “Run” box is so hard to find in Vista just type Run in the search box. How hard is that? Vista Rocks!

  8. John Lesnak Says:
    September 17th, 2009 at 4:50 pm
    Doesn’t anyone on here know how to spell in the English language, or how to use their spell check function?

    Peter White Says:
    September 17th, 2009 at 8:53 pm
    Do you notice that the most negative people here can’t spell? I think it speaks for their intelligence.

    Firstly, not everyone here uses English as their first language. Why don’t you try writing a sentence in a foreign language and see how well you do?

    Secondly, IE8 does not have a spell check function. Yes there is an add-on people can download, but not everybody will know about this. (Also the one i know of has the latest update dated 2006!)

    Thirdly, if you’re suggesting that people who have a negative comment to make are unintelligent, well, i would say that speaks more for YOUR intelligence than theirs.

    Lastly, this is PC Pitstop. It is not an English grammar site and this thread is about Windows 7. At least these people can READ!

    As for Windows 7, i have to say that i have been very impressed having used the RC edition for several months now. So much so in fact, that i managed to pre order a pro edition for £89.99 when the offer first became available. Would i spend £220 when it comes out next month? Probably not. In this case i would happily continue using my XP until 2014 when MS stops supporting it or until the price of Windows 7 drops considerably.

  9. Leonard Blaska, Jr.

    I tried windows vista and it sucked ass. To play Burnout Paradise it said i didn’t have a good enough processor i have a dual core 3.0ghz it claimed i needed a dual core 3.2 ghz. As much as i see people claim it was faster than xp it wasn’t in fact it was way slower. I tried the beta windows 7 and i really liked it. I only had 1 problem with 7. It kept say i didn’t have a valid copy even though i got it from microsoft. So until i can buy windows 7 i’m back to XP.

  10. i tried the win7 beta and then the release candidate. i have my computer set as a dual boot for vista or 7. i must say i boot into 7 most of the time.
    i recently got a new wireless adapter for my computer. i was prepared with the install disk when i booted into windows 7 but was surprised to see it found a driver and i didn’t need to use the disk. when i booted into vista…it couldn’t find a driver and i couldn’t even get it to work with the installation disk!
    same with my new ‘all-in-one’ printer. i plugged it in and turned it on and windows 7 found a driver and it was ready to use. then i booted into vista and turned it on and had to insert the disk before it would work.
    in a lot of ways you will think windows 7 is ‘just like vista’ …but it IS an improvement over vista!
    i have an older computer with xp i still use frequently, but my new computer will be switched from vista to 7 as soon as it comes out!

  11. Its common for people to generally resist change, Same old story since the 8086 days. Things need to change and get better. I run 2 computer with Vista no problems ever. I think some people are actually experiencing hardware problems and not software (OS)problems. easier to blame software. What circuit is their computer plugged into, anyway. Once again preference and use, thats all it amounts too. I still have my old Commodore 64 and could crank it up to run a business, same as I did in 1987 Maybe Ill get that guy back out again. Dont resist change for the better!

  12. The main article refers to Windows Vista and Windows 7 being absolutely neccesary to get the most benefit from a 64 bit processor but I have seen no mention in any of these comments about the Windows XP 64bit OS. I have been through many nightmares with my customers about Windows Vista and even a few problems with Windows 7. (I even had one normally sedate executive come very close to violently tossing his PC through an unopened window)
    There is a normal spectrum of programs which have produced appropriate drivers for these operating systems but there are far more specialized or obscure programs and even small games that simply will not operate with Vista or W7. Driver support is nowhere near as extensive as it is for Windows XP. Even XP 64 bit has a few problems.
    I have had a large number of customers who have wanted me to just wipe their PC’s of Vista and reinstall XP. The only problem I have had with this is finding some drivers for some of the new hardware. Microsoft no longer sells XP so I have suggested that some customers just shop around for an old computer at yard sales, eBay or wherever that has the software that came with it. Once you find the serial you can just reinstall XP and activate it.
    Even activating a new install of XP can have problems. Not only has Microsoft quit selling XP but they are going to halt support later this year. Even when you activate a legitimate copy of XP, after downloading what I consider questionable updates for XP (Windows Genuine Advantage) and rebooting, you have this annoying nagscreen which claims that your copy is not authentic and you must but a new copy because your new hardware configuration confuses it even when you own the computer (old one) which has the sticker on the side and the original installation CD that came with the old computer when it was new.
    I consider myself pretty much an Ace with PC problems and getting very good with getting rid of some of the harder viruses manually and usually when someone has a virus or spyware and/or other problems with their Vista and they are upset about it I try to lighten the mood by listening to their description and “Ohhh yeah! You’ve got a virus. The worst I’ve come across in a long time. It’s called Vista.” (Seriously. I have said that and it resonates with what they have heard about Vista but they say they had no alternative since they needed a new computer.)
    Needless to say, but, I have had most of my customers asking about buying a Mac or how difficult it would be to put Linux or some variant on their PC.
    I think I may be purchasing a Mac and dual-booting Ubuntu on my present PC because it looks like most of my customers (Read: Income) will be moving to Macs or Linux and I guess I will have to learn to be an Ace with those also since a couple of them have nominated me for Sainthood. One of those I just moved the plug to a different outlet.
    I guess if I learn Ubuntu well enough I will have to talk smack to myself when using Windows and vice-versa.


  13. Well, I must be doing something wrong. I purchased my HP computer dualcore, 3 gigs of ram with Vista 32bit already installed on it not long after Vista was released. I actually purchased the last XPPro computer the store had left because I had heard all of the horror stories about Vista. My luck, it was dead out of the box and the store replaced it with a Vista Home Premium machine.
    Yes, the first few days were terrible, trying to download drivers for my printer, camera, etc. But, after finally getting the drivers loaded, replacing my Logitech web cam with a new Logitech Pro 9000 everything has worked great! Knock on wood, I have never had a problem of any kind with it. Never had to reboot and learned the Vista differences pretty fast. Now, the first couple of weeks I wanted to throw the thing out the window, but honestly it has been a very stable system for me. I think that some of the horror stories came from systems with not enough ram to run the power hog on, but I have grown to like Vista. I have had less trouble with it than I ever did with XP, but again I think it was because I was trying to do to much on a computer with a slow processor & not enough ram! I’ve since learned that Dell didn’t “Build me a machine” as promised to do what I told them I needed it for. Oh well, my wife still uses it for web surfing and that keeps her off of my computer.hmmmm, now that I think about it, maybe SHE was the problem with my computer all along…LOL
    But, I have already pre-ordered my OS-7 DVD and would really appreciate any thoughts on doing a complete fresh install versus the install over my Vista system. By the way, I know just enough about computers to be dangerous! So, keep that in mind if you have any ideas!

  14. Very leary of MS products recently though I’ve been a fan of XP since ’01. Vista, Windows 7, or whatever they choose to name it, they’ve burned me as the god’s of OS in the past and my trust is not easily renewed! The price tag alone states” “No Sale” in my household.

    Microsoft is no Maytag!

  15. I’m seventy-three years old and not very comptuer savy, but I’ve been using Vista on two computers and haven’t had any real problem, except (occasionally) for too much security local security on my computers. I mean I sometimes can’t delete or change the names of my own folders without mucking about for half an hour. That’s all.

  16. Want to tell all you customers to get a mac?
    You are going to go out of business fast!!

    I worked with windows for a long time and like the majority of comments have stuck with XP.
    Never needed to upgrade to Vista, but have worked on enough Vista base PC’s to know most of the “Issues” with vista lie between the screen and the chair, not the OS.
    I am currently dual booting XP with W7 build 7200, and yes I will be moving to W7 full time in october (Have pre ordered) and have a new i7 based build in the pipeline to accomodate.
    As for linux, I am running open suse on a spare PC, while I like it, it does not work out of the box as stated by a previous poster!!
    I think W7 is the best OS from MS to date, and will be advising customers and friends to upgrade.

  17. Me being skeptical of Microsoft’s new OS is not unwarranted. Maybe it’s me, but Vista and I do not get along. I took part in the Vista Beta Testing program and I told Microsoft in their final questionaire that the OS still needed a lot of work. I have three computers that I use regularly on a daily basis. One is used for video editing, one is used for just entertainment; playback of movies and downloading movies from Net Flix and Amazon.Com. The third is used for general day to day computing, word processing, emails, etc. Each of these computers is considered High End, each has top of the line motherboard and Intel Extreme Quad Core Processors, with top of the line gaming video and sound cards; in other words, there is not a cheap piece of hardware in any of these machines. To be honest, I expected more from Vista Ultimate, but instead, I got a litany of headaches and problems; dropped files, programs that mysteriously vanished, programs like Win DVD 9 that won’t work, not all channels are available on the Win TV Tuner Card (an OS bug), and trying to work with a wireless keyboard and mouse is very difficult. Other problems include installation of new programs is extremely slow, boot times are very long, and command response times is very slow and sometimes freezes. Crashes are frequent. Microsoft tells me that I have hardware compatibilty issues that are causing the problems, but all my hardware is Vista certified. I was having similar problems on my other computers as well. At one point, I had Vista installed on all three computers, but now only one; it works okay but not any better than XP. With all the trouble that I have had with Vista, I feel that Microsoft should give me a hefty discount on Windows 7 because I refuse to pay full retail price for what they’re asking. Microsoft has been so focused on piracy, they have made it difficult on those of use who have to uninstall and reinstall their software which I am forced to do at least twice a year. I want to be completely honest here; my wife has a very inexpensive computer with an all in one motherboard and it came with Vista Home Basic installed. It works fine. Go figure.

  18. I have used Microsoft Windows for many years. I have XP desktop and Vista on my laptop. I have had no problems with any Windows product since ME which was a joke. I teach health care and know nothing about computers other than what I taught myself. If I had listened to everyone I would never buy another PC. So, it is best to try it and make up your own mind. There are a lot of people who just do not like Microsoft and try to get us to dump them. I have pre-ordered the Windows 7. The tech manager at our school did the trial and says it made his oldest laptop run like a new one. I am anxious to try it and will then give “MY” opinion and not that of someone else. It comes out in October and I cannot wait to try it.

  19. I haven’t read or paid any attention to any articles/ stories about windows 7. I needed a new computer about 1.25 years ago. After reading all the stories about Vista, and remembering what I went through with windows ME: My 1st new computer came with ME. I made an appt. with the apple store, talked to a tech and got a imac. I just bought another imac. Wintel isn’t worth the time, money or aggravation.

  20. I have read both the pros and cons of micro$oft OS’s I have used nearly all of the OS’s with the exception of ME and win2000. I am presently running dual boot with Ubuntu and Win7, I have used Vista also but soon after running and dealing with the crashes, I went back to XP until I found Ubuntu, then I heard about the beta of win7 and tried it. All I can say is that Win7 is everything that Vista isn’t, like user friendly, reliable, stable…. In fact I find myself not even using Ubuntu as much. I do however have an issue with internet explorer 8, it is probably the worst IE that MS ever came out with, I presently use google chrome and have no issues with it, it is so much faster and more reliable. If you don’t like Vista, you might not like Win7, but don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it. It is so far the best beta I have ever tried. very few updates so far. I am using a intel core 2 duo and have 4gigs of memory.

    One word to people about upgrading hardware, how many of your old windows 3.1 systems would be able to run XP? Upgrading hardware is something I do all the time, only difference is I wait until something new comes out and buy the older hardware, it is an upgrade for me at a much lower price than the newest hardware. I call it computing on a budget. LOL Peace to everyone, enjoy the OS of your choice.

  21. Oh my god! You bunch of cry baby’s! I cant tell how many people have Vista and if you ask them they enjoy it and have no idea what people are talking about with “problems”. There’s a lot of Apple people that have become freaks. They are so freaky they cant be objective. I know too many Apple people that have their share of problems with their Macs. As a matter of fact I know a guy who has a Mac that crashes every year and has to have the hard drive replaced. He just had his 3rd hard drive installed. Machines are machines. Nothing is perfect. You choose one over the other all you are doing is trading in one set of issues for others. If Apple was such a miracle it would be much more popular than what it is after 3 decades. Microsoft is still 90% of the world market despite Apples every attempt at smearing it on a daily basis. Let it go. And, Windows 7 has had rave reviews in every corner (in the real world, not cyber world).

  22. Far too many negatives with regard to Vista. Albeit, I agree as to the 32bit version…Vista 64 has never afforded me even the slightest headache. I’ve been using the Win7 RC for almost 6 months and am greatly impressed with how it performs, ease of use and about all else, stability. It is faster in every respect, simple and built upon a solid core/kernel. XP was the only other OS which I found to be worthy (from Microsoft) but it IS pretty much dated and useless with the newest bloom of hardware, games and applications. For the power user that does not fathom (or care to learn) Linux (and yes, I love Linux) Windows 7 IS the way to migrate. Anyone who should like, email me with questions and HONEST responses to Windows 7. Aside from it’s price (and many versions) it is a great OS.

  23. Bruce McMurtry Canada

    I bought a new Computer a while ago and it came with Vista On it .I found it harder to use and I had more problems with it , and when I talked to some PC Repair people that I know and are friends of mine about Vista they all seem to say the same thing , Vista sucks big time .I went back to Xp Pro that I bought about 6 years ago and I am very happy with it .I am like a lot of others that have comented on this site , they like XP .I have a high end Video card with TV out and right off the bat Windows 7 says it will not work with windows 7 .not a good start if you ask me .That is the first thing that came back when you run a scan to see about upgrading to windows 7

  24. Bought a new PC two years ago with VISTA. It run for
    about two months then crached’s. No help from DELL no help from anybody. I fought it for about a year then bought and put XP in it. It has run good sence then.
    I don’t think I will pay Bill Gates the third time for
    an operating system. I am going to an apple, also I am
    wondering why all the young collage ked’s all buy Mack’s
    are they on to something?

  25. Just got a new SSD and it’s ready for my copy of W7 Pro when the OS is released next month. I intend to run W7 Pro 64, dual boot to Ubuntu Linux and run XP when necessary in “XP Mode”. As far as I can see, I’m getting the best of all worlds.

  26. Why all that headache about the new OS??
    You want a great performance for your OS.
    Just choose the right hardware for it and you’ll have it.
    Your budget is not good enough now, just wait for a while and you’ll have it,but always choose the best hardware.
    very simple….

  27. I bought a new Dell laptop about 6 months ago- came with Vista, and I was expecting problems. Well, there have been absolutely NO problems. The computer runs faster than the quad core system that I built with XP Pro and top of the line components.

    I might upgrade the laptop to W7, but with Vista running so well, I really don’t know if it is worth the trouble of moving my files, reinstalling software, etc. I know, you can do an inplace upgrade, but I have never found those to be as stable as starting from scratch.

  28. Wow , I can’t believe all the problems that some people are having with Vista , It leaves me wondering what the Hell they are doing ? As far as Mac , I can get the same memory for a PC at 1/4 the Price , just to start with , and I also think that Mac is crap anyway . I have used Vista 64 bit for over 2 years with no problems , as far as running programs , try the Auto Run feature in the control panel , there are many things that I could mention , but won’t … as far as malware and spyware , It really boils down to your surfing habits , and Linux , what a pain in the butt …

  29. I’ve been using W7 for about 3 months now and I can honestly say, “What The Heck!” Folks, if you’re used to XP, you’ve got a steep learning curve ahead of you if you’re a tweaker. Or, if you’re trying to find something, the Search feature is pretty useless. You can’t use a wildcard search (*.*, e.g.), or if you’re not sure where the file is nor which partition, you have to type in the drive path — unlike XP where a separate window comes up and you can search from there — for each partition and hope what you want comes up. When ever I need to find something, I reboot to XP to search the W7 drive. Try it. Search in W7 for “Chess” and you won’t get much. However, if you search for “Chess” using XP to search your W7 drive, you’ll get every instance of “Chess” there is on the W7 drive. And, Windows Explorer is a bad joke if you’re used to the XP style. Remembering Folder Views? Forget it.

    Plus, if you’ve got an AGP video card and 1GB of RAM, you absolutely have to upgrade your card and RAM (I know whereof I speak as I dual-boot W7 and XP).

    Those extolling the virtues of W7 are in a completely different category IMNSHO.

    There’s over a dozen things that are very off putting to me and my style of computing. So, I’m going to let everyone else go through the brain damage of figuring out the tips, tricks and tweaks before I upgrade. Who knows, maybe W10 wSP3 will be out by then 🙂

  30. Bought a new Compaq Laptop. Preloaded with vista (a dog). Downloaded Win7. Love it! Been with MS since win 2.0. Heard about Ubuntu. Downloaded it. Now have Dual boot (Win7/Ubuntu). Ubunta rocks. Everything works (as it does in Win7 Beta). But I’m tired of subsidising Billy Gate’s disgustingly opulent lifestyle and providing the means to assuage his guilt for charging so much for his products by donating to charity. I already donate to charity. I’m NOT going to pay huge bucks to buy the final release of Win7. Bye Bye Bill Gates and your resource hogging wares.

  31. Any one that can’t use vista probably should not have a computer. I do a lot of graphics and have never had a problem. Keep your PC clean and that will help eliminate some of the problems that are self made……….

  32. I’m a MS user dating back to Windows 2.1. Along the way the highlights were Win95 which was the first true windows OS, Win2000 which made a pc actually want to be part of a network and actively seek the network, and XP was a good development. In the trash bin are WindowsME and Vista/Vista64…the former being the worst issue they’ve ever had — until Vista came out. I’ve lost my hard drive three times now on two different Vista machines, twice on the new Vista64 desktop, each time losing the boot sector when the OS mysteriously disappeared. I’m ready for Linux. I used UNIX a long time ago and found it to be a rich operating system and a major-league solid platform. I hear that Nokia’s newest phone/web browswer uses Linux, too, even though they will still run MS apps on the phone, so they’re also on the Linux bandwagon.

    All that said, I’m still likely to use Win7 for now, if only for my Media Center, which at this point is very much dependent on a Microsoft product. Macs are definitely looking good to me, too. Their cost is minimal compared to the cost of downtime and recovery from the lost HDs in recent months. Vista is simply so incredibly bad that MS ought to be offering it for free along with a huge apology, at that point they’d have some credibility with me which they now do not. It offends me to send them another dime based on the damage done by their last issue.

  33. Um… Does Bill even know what he’s talking about?

    “While x64 CPU’s are gaining in popularity the technology of cheap multiple core processors still dominates the market. MultiCore processors give you the power of multiple CPU’s within a single chip. Windows 7 doubles the number of your CPU’s.”

    All multi-core processors, apart from the old Pentium Duo, are 64-bit. To present multi-core and 64-bit as though they are mutually exclusive, is merely to betray ones ignorance. Vista ‘sees’ multiple cores, and schedules accordingly – no need to get Windows-7 to get this.

    Bill also seems to think that Windows-7 will ‘magically’ do Hyper Threading on any multi core processor – what garbage! If a processor doesn’t support Hyper Threading, no amount of OS jiggery-pokery will change that. Again, if presented with a Hyper Threading processor, Vista (And, indeed, XP) will see them as separate processors (XP, apart from the Home edition, will recognise up to 2 physical cores – but if they support Hyper Threading, then XP will see 4 cores in total.)

    I have Vista 64-bit, on a reasonably new (2 years old now) PC with a quad-core, non Hyper Threading processor, and it works perfectly well – no crashes –ever–! It sees all my memory, and all my cores. Windows-7 looks pretty, and appears to have tweaked several bits of the kernel, so I may upgrade sometime, but I have no pressing reason to do so straight away.

    If you are having stability problems with Vista, then you may well have some faulty hardware.

  34. sure wish these articles were using bigger fonts. the comments are fine but your article assumes all of us have 20-20 vision. i wish i did but age has caught up to me.

  35. Who was the brilliant person at Microsoft that hid the “Run” in the “Start” menu? That was one of the most irritating things, having to research to find a way to just run and exe file from a CD. Worst documentation I have ever seen!

  36. Dang, and just when I was getting used to XP and finally figuring it out. Didn’t even go for the Vi$ta thing.

    All most people want to be able to do is to turn on a system and use it….not have to figure out where stuff is or how to change such and such to make it work.

    We are getting way to involved with tweaking systems to get them to work. Seems like everyday something new comes out that changes stuff and you have to figure out what changed and why and is it gonna work with what you have and if not what are ya gonna have to do to get it to work. NO TIME FOR THE GOOD LIFE.

    I’ll stick with the KISS principal….Keep It Simple Stupid…..quit confusing me with all these different settings and services and tweaks and enumerable things I have to read up on or ask questions about just to get a system to function properly.

    I’ll stick with what I’ve got as long as I can…..then…..probably stuff it all in a box and go fishing.

    Now go have a great day.

  37. Mr. Penman,
    I’ve been using the Win7 RC for several months now on as many as 5 different systems. I’ve tested it against XP, XP Pro and Vista and Win7,Performance-wise, wins hands down. It has a lot of the Vista Look but have found that, if you in fact have windows experience, you will have few problems adapting.

    From what I understand, the Win7 Pro version is the one that you will need to run your older programs. The Home Basic version seems to be for the newer computers with a target market of people that don’t have programs from years ago. As far as the Ultimate Edition, I didn’t see enough of a difference to justify the expense. ( go here for comparison )

    So far I haven’t had any older Program Compatability issues with the Release candidate(Ultimate Edition).
    My wife has been using it on her machine and, though she is used to XP, she has not complained at all and would rather use her’s mine when I’m running XP Pro, if that’s any indication.

    Just be aware that the Home Basic isn’t the version to get for running older programs. You might check to see if that’s the problem that you are having with Vista, also. I believe there is a comparison chart for Vista somewhere on the MS site.

  38. Well. I like Vista just fine. Never been a problem nor has it ever created problems for me. So I will definitely be staying with Vista.

  39. I use my PC for writing long illustrated documents and have done for decades. That means that I have a very large library of text, photos and CAD files. To my dismay my new machine (twelve months old now) had Vista and cannot handle my CAD or my Wordprocessor – and it has got slower and slower on start up, frequently locks up after switching into sleeping mode. So I changed back to my old XP.

    Now I am moving to the UK and need to buy a new PC. How can I tell if Win 7 is compatible with my CAD and Wordprocessor? Or can I safely assume that MS have fouled up again?

  40. I think its all about money just like new cars change each year and older cars parts are getting hard to find, just like windows 98 which microsoft has stopped the updates on and xp will be on the list next but I would think in the next year after windows 7 is in all the new laptops and desktop that microsoft will stop xp support updates or make you pay again for a update licence at 150.00 to 300.00 just to keep getting update. As it will be vista and windows 7 in laptops and desktop and then only windows 7, I have vista and xp in a laptop and will never stop using xp but I use vista too and I found out it is just eye candy for kids and heard all the kids wanting vista upgrade for there xp computers they have , most got the update from parents as gifts which most payed 300.00 for the best full version for the kids, I seen the way kids liked the eye candy it looked kind of like a cartoon which will catch the eye of younger people. I found that I really don’t care xp or vista and yes vista gave me a pain in the neck trying to find things they moved to make it look new. They can have windows 7 will never upgrade and the computers I have right now will last me 7 more years. Microsoft needs to stop the money thing as with each change of a operation system they make the user has to replace all the software to work with windows 7 and that is more money for software makers and Microsoft too as they will start making software which willn’t and cann’t be used on vista and only window 7 in the future and I see the end user trying to activate the new windows 7 it will be a nightmare. A lot of people don’t know but Microsoft knows what computer XP or Vista is in by product software # and board ser# and The IP address and city and when you use the call to activate they log your phone # too, I know this as a activation tech told me one night I guess he was didn’t care to tell me, so basic word is all they have to do is call the maker of your computer give them the ser # which was used for warranty whe you called acer ETC. and they know all about you. That is why I buy used computers and anonyimizer web SSI service.

  41. I have a desktop on XP, a laptop on Vista, and an OLD laptop trialing windows7. I use my old laptop most. I found vista disjoined, and a devil to use, and would rather use my very old slow desktop than my shinny new dual core laptop. BUT windows 7 made my old intel 1.6mhz processor hum. It uses far less and leaves the conputer to do its thing. It is far far easier to use than vista, and there is no compassison and only one clear winner!

  42. What Bob said REALLY hit the nail on the head. I am pretty much in the same boat as him…

    I wouldn’t know where to get Linux OR how it works…I currently have Win XP with an oldish Desktop PC… I can’t afford to go to Apple as I have so many MS products that I don’t want to not be able to keep using.

    I want to look into buying a whole new system some time in mid to late 2010. I am in Australia so I guess as usual, we will get Win 7 well after the USA but with the advantage that you guys from the States can teach us Aussies what to look out for. 🙂

    Cheers and thanks for the opportunity to comment PC Pitstop ROCKS BTW!

  43. @ Bob; Don’t get stuck in the trap of buying something “to make do” until that new technology comes out next year – there is always something better and if you keep waiting you will often not be able to get done what is needed. My advice is get the best you can afford. If at all possible, I definitely recommend building your own (you don’t have to assemble it yourself, the local computer shop can do it for you), that way you will save lots of money and get better equipment at the same time. You will find most newer systems you can build will support far more than 8 gb of ram, further future proofing what you make today.

  44. Useing vista 64bit had no problames. Works great
    can’t see why poeple go on a highnote win7 it’s vista
    with less. What ever os you go with don’t get 32bit no point
    the driver are there for 64bit and it works 100% for.
    On a short note I am a gamer I play old and new games and happy
    with vista 64bit. Even cheaper now

  45. @Bob: Well really it depends on how long you want the pc to last. If you want the machine to last a long time, go for a desktop that will be upgradeable. There are some good deals with some desktops out there (but they will come with vista and a free upgrade to win7). About the hardware…if you game and video edit, dont go for the low level dual core (pentium or atom), consider a core2 duo. Quad core will give you much faster performance, and i’ve only seen core2 quad and higher.

    For the video card, look for a PCI x16 videocard, that has dedicated RAM (if it says integrated or shared, just walk away from that machine). Sound cards are mostly PCI which is on every motherboard.

    In terms of longevity… Most x64 machines will come with 4gb RAM or more. So that will be enough, but if you do want to upgrade, make sure you have an x64 copy of Win running and the mobo doesnt limit you.

    Will windows xp still work? Sure, but dont expect it to run the latest programs. As long as you keep the hardware updated, you will be okay when or if you want to change to a newer windows.

    sorry for the long post but i think i covered everything.

  46. Well.. I have been in the MS Win World since Win 3.1
    I’m now running XP, Good OS, but for me there is one glaring problem with it, It only supports 3 Gigs of Ram, even though the BIOS says 4 Gigs. I believe that is a pretty limiting factor for anyone or business that is doing digital photography, video, game development or Music. These are computing markets that currently drive the technology in the PC world. ” I Feel the Need for Speed” (Top Gun) I will be upgrading to a new desktop the first quarter of 2010, Lot’s of Ram and I will go with Win 7, maybe by then the first service pack will be out.

  47. The screaming headline on my newsletter promised a lot of “secrets” that would convince me that the Vista debacle is past and I can safely embrace Windows 7.
    What a disappointing, shallow blurb this article turns out to be. The analogy of SUV’s, Cadillacs, etc only serves to emphasize that the approach MS has chosen is the usual one of bloat instead of efficiency.
    Who’s going to feed the multi-multi-cores with watts of wasted power?
    I still have XP-home and Pro on all systems, and Bill’s poorly disguised MS pitch cannot get me to upgrade.

  48. This makes me feel really good,(NOT) having spent a small fortune on a P.C. Quad Core Intel processor 2 years ago which included Windows Vista operating system,with the expectation that i would get the most out of both items, but alas no it seems i have to spend even more money upgrading to a new fangle dangle bells and whistles money spinner for Microsoft!!

    I dont think so,

    Yours faithfully, yet another ripped off Microsoft Customer(Formerly)

  49. ok people… i’ve read the posts and i am completely confused. you got a guy here singinging the praises of win 7 in his article yet the posts rip it a new blankhole. i am NOT a pc guru,have never even SEEN linux in action,and my pc experience started with win 98. i have found xp (home and pro ) to be easily worked with. especially with a little help from win xp home for dummies.
    yeah.. i actually bought and read the whole thing. so here’s the problem. i need another pc. never used a mac. too exspensive. so do i go shopping for a duo/quad core intel whos ram is updatable to 8 gigs and whos video/sound cards can be updated so i can keep it for ten years? will it still be viable in ten yrs? will xp still be viable even 5 yrs from now? or do i buy as cheap as possible because something new will be on the block next year.. by the way, i use my pc for gaming and home photo/video stuff. yeah and to pay the bills.

  50. Honestly, I can’t see why (or how) people can complain about the ease of use of Vista/W7. The layout is perfectly logical, everything is where you’d expect it to be, can’t find something? Maybe you should try the search feature – it works really well.
    Hey Rick, if you really need “to take more classes and get retrained”, then you should seriously consider a new job, I feel sorry for the customers who happen to get suckered in by neanderthals recommendations.
    Had a bit of a laugh when I read “[Microsoft] it is all about greed. i’m switching to a mac and recommending to all my customers that mac is the place”, “at least mac does not change os’s every other year” – Check out the OSX version history – , and in regards to greed, hmmm I think I’ll have to avoid the temptation to query how they can justify their hardware prices.

  51. I have normally embraced each MS upgrade and I agree that Vista was/is better than XP (I have a nice fast laptop that could handle it) and now I moved to Windows 7 64-bit which is the best yet. Runs faster and fewer problems.

  52. Up until the release of Vi$ta, I was a M$ user and enjoyed XP. Then came Vi$ta. Networking of 900kB/s in Vi$ta compared with upwards of 17MB/s in XP. Constant lock-ups requiring hard boots. File transfers from HD to HD taking over 30 minutes for a 500MB file. Unavailable or inoperable drivers. No downgrade available on the new $2500 laptop means I now have to live with Vi$ta whether I like it or not. Thanks to Miro$$$$$$$soft and their slap-dash approach to honoring Enterprise Agreements at the expanse of their other users, I will never purchase another M$ product.

  53. I purchased a new LARGE laptop with Vista 64 installed. After many days of trial and error learning I finally can navigate the OS pretty well. It still has the usual Microsoft “Crash Fobia” and runs out in the weeds. One thing the new Vista has taught me is I do not want an upgrade of the same OS. My next laptop will definitely be a top of the line MAC. I have a question, why does Microsoft put an upgrade on the market before it is fully beta tested and expect it’s buyers do the testing for them?

  54. I absolutely hate Vista. The constant freezes, crashes, and nothing works when I want it to. I will give 7 a try, but am giving SERIOUS thought to using Linux ONLY. I have been toying with Linux through a virtual machine, and I have to say, it’s much better than any Windows OS. I will give Microsoft one more chance, but no more…

  55. I have used the windows 7 beta from the first build to trying the rtm. Prior to trying it out, I stuck with XP in a dual boot environment, since Vista screwed up and was retarded so often, I occasionally just wanted to boot XP and play a game and watch everything work flawlessly, or burn a cd or dvd without everlasting headaches. Windows 7 is the crossover. Vista drivers work, XP drivers work, everything WORKS! never had a bit of a problem with finding drivers from the day they released the os for trial. I did the beta testing with Vista and it was a nightmare. I have used many versions of linux, modded them to my tastes, given every windows os from 3.1 a chance, and I gotta tell ya, W764 is an amazing os. I use 16 gb of readyboost and an AMD X2 unlocked to quad core, with 8gb of ram and it is FREAKIN’ FAST- ran faster than some phenom’s and even I7’s! and runs circles around my previous builds. The flexibility of W7 is going to be what sells it, and I will buy it.

  56. When my old pc died, I bought a new one, with Vista os.
    I find it very puzzling why the names of everything in Control Panel (and other places) had to be changed,,, absolutely had to be changed.
    And,,, “Search” changed so much I can no longer find anything by using Search.
    XP was just fine,,, why fix something that isn’t broke.

    I am still re-learning how to use Vista.
    With no Outlook/Outlook Express…

    Windows Live Mail actually sucks. So, I don’t use it.

    So,,, am I to expect Windows 7 will actually be an improvement?
    Improve what?
    Will I have to take a course of study in order to use it?
    Right now, if I can still buy one, I will return to XP.

    Or,,, maybe go for a Mac.


  57. I’ve used MS software and OSs for 17 years. I’m running XP and Office 2003 currently – Office 2007 is a joke in terms of its contents – hell some versions don’t even have Outlook, the best reason ever, aside from Word, for buying Office.

    I have no intention of replacing either of those in the foreseeable future, so the cost doesn’t matter (and the prices of XP Home and Office 2003 were quite reasonable, compared, say, to Vista and Office 2007.

    True, MS software can be expensive, but hell, it’s not as if you have to buy it every year. Or even every 10 years. If you want more performance improve your PC, especially memory, and don’t get sucked into the hype – you do not need to replace your OS and software every couple of years, just as there’s no need to replace your car just because the new version has, say, satnav and, oh joy! – a 30p socket to plug in your mp3 player.

    If I have to buy a new PC for any reason, I’ll try whatever OS it comes with, but if I don’t like it, or it won’t run my apps or peripherals then screw it, out it comes and in goes XP.

    XP does what I want it to do, and does it with alacrity. I don’t care that Vista might do all those things faster – who the hell cares about saving a few fractions of a second, or even entire seconds, here and there? It’s not as if it matters.

  58. When I saw the title of the article I wondered, “better than what?” I was happy with 98SE, XP works fine for me, and I recently worked with a Linux OS that did pretty much all I ever need to do. I noticed, when buying a netbook earlier this year, that either XP or Linux were the choices. These are basic machines, designed for basic tasks. Doesn’t that tell you something about Vista? I can’t imagine that Win7 will be any more svelte.

  59. I am switching to dual boot with PCLinuxOS and XP (when absolutely needed).

    Microsoft’s ceo and other high ranking followers live much too a lavish lifestyle off my hard earned cash.

    My family needs to go hungry and struggle to pay what I can, and Microsoft wants MORE of my money for another insecure and resource hogging OS? I don’t think so.

    I don’t care how nice or whatever Windows is. Microsoft charges far too much for what you get.

    Now, if they want to charge me $29.95 for their top of the line fully loaded version of whatever OS they want to peddle that year, then I will consider it. $100 or $300, that’s a LOT of food for my family, or a lot of caviar and maid service for the higher ups.

    I call for a boycott of all Microsoft products until they can offer their products at a significantly lower price where people can actually afford to buy it and not choose between Microsoft products and feeding my 6 year old kid.

    At lease Linux just plain works, right out of the box, and best of all, I can afford it because it’s FREE . . .

  60. microsoft sent me a working beta copy of windows7 and i used it for 5 months. during these five months, i wrote microsoft the pros and cons of windows7. i never heard from microsoft. to me, windows7 is vista all over again but with a new face and a new name. windows7 still has the same control panel of vista and the more i used windows7, the more confused i became. it was hard to find settings and hard to get adjusted to finding settings in a different name. if i use windows7, i will then have to take more classes and get retrained on something that i feel is crap. if i am going to get any retraining, i would just as soon get a mac. at least mac does not change os’s every other year and then cry when no one buys it. microsoft is all about greed. and i wouldn’t be a bit surprised if microsoft and the other manufacturers excluding mac/apple are all in cahoots together creating viruses. again…it is all about greed. i’m switching to a mac and recommending to all my customers that mac is the place to go.

  61. Seeing as how Vista is much faster than XP in doing some things, I have to say that the disses that I heard against Vista were mostly unfounded.

    In fact, in my testing I found that:
    1. Vista is faster at networking than XP.
    2. Vista is faster at accessing hard drives than XP.
    3. Vista is just plain faster are running programs than XP.

    I could keep on going with things that I found that were faster than XP, but you get the point.

    Now, is 7 better than Vista? OH YES! That’s an emphatic yes…. but it is better than Vista because Vista took risks, ironed out some problems, and tried new things.

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