More Love for PC Pitstop’s OverDrive


Ira Wilsker, host of the Computer Information Hour weekly radio show on KLVI in Beaumont, Texas, recently reviewed PC Pitstop’s OverDrive scan.

“I have run PC PitStop OverDrive on several computers and found it to be a very fast and reliable tool to identify the hardware and software problems on the computer. I have registered as a user so I can track performance degradation over time. PC PitStop Overdrive is free, very fast, and comprehensive. It is an outstanding tool to checkout the condition of any computer, and possibly resolves any hardware and software issues that may degrade security and performance”.

Check out OverDrive for yourself.

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3 thoughts on “More Love for PC Pitstop’s OverDrive

  1. I’m no computer wizz kid by any stretch of the imagination, but this test look’s very good to me, although it’s left me feeling light headed and a bit down because of the state my computer is in at the moment.On top of that, I’m not sure what to tackle first. It looks as though I’m going to have to spend quite an amount to get to a reasonable performance.

  2. The test always hangs in the same spot, while testing the 3D video. Explorer says its encountered a problem and must shut down.

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