Introducing PC Matic


What is PC Matic?

PC Matic is the collection of all of PC Pitstop’s technologies under one hood and one integrated architecture.

With PC Matic, computer users can finally have security, speed, stability and performance all in one product.


PC Matic includes:

  • Our world renowned OverDrive scanning technology with well over 200 million scans under its belt since we opened our doors in March 2000.
  • PC Pitstop’s Optimize – one of the world’s best selling PC performance utilities. Optimize has reached its lofty status with the winning combination of junk file removal, internet optimization, registry cleaner, and removing unwanted programs. We are really proud of Optimize, but believe you me, we are not resting on its laurels.
  • PC Matic integrates Driver Alert 2.0. This introduces a new feature to the world which we call Driver Matic. Driver Matic installs the latest drivers with the click of a button. No more downloading a package (exe, zip, dll), and then uninstalling, Driver Matic creates a unified architecture for easy and seamless driver installation. We can now install a driver without any user intervention.
  • On top of all that we included Disk MD’s functionality, PC Pitstop’s venerable disk health product.
  • And finally, a brand new Anti-Malware scan and clean engine has been integrated into PC Matic.
  • A suite of benchmarks are run to make absolutly certain that the performance of your system is 100% tweaked. The results are then tabulated and compared to all of the other computers in the world to create the system’s World Rank.
  • Simple and holistic approach to maintenance. Unlike any other product on the market, all of these technologies can be accessed through the click of one button.
  • With the amazing PC Matic Scheduler you can schedule a scan and clean from any PC, too. Meaning you don’t have to be at the PC to fix or diagnose it.
  • View scan and clean results from any computer – not just the computer on which the functions were performed.
  • Have scan and clean results emailed to your inbox – manage all of your computers from one place.
  • PC Matic is fluid. New features are added to PC Matic on the fly – not accumulated for a new version. As we identify new ways to improve the perfromance of your PC – we deliver them directly to you through PC Matic. Just like a web page gets updated automaticaly, same with PC Matic.

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    9 thoughts on “Introducing PC Matic

    1. What am I missing? Is there a place on your website which describes pricing? Is it one-time or an annual subscription for the various products – e.g. PCMatic or RMM?

      Same question about the business versions for multiple computers.


      • @Bob Gilson:

        A PC Matic Home subscription for up to 5 PCs is $49.99 annually. Simply begin with the Free Donwload and diagnostic scan at

        If you need more information about the RMM pricing – please provide details regarding your needs to – and we will contact you directly.

    2. I am over 65 years of age. Can you make this easier? I don’t how to install, what is the price?

      Judith Bull
      Newaygo, Michigan 49337

    3. I purchased PC Optimize and PC Drive Alert and now PC-Matic. You describe PC Matic as including the other two. Does that mean I can unistall them? Is there any advantage to keeping each of the other utilites (Optimize and Drive Alert)?

    4. I have three computers and use pitstop on two of them and another product on the other laptop,My question is if I purchase this pcmatic for $9.95 can I install it on all 3 computers for the one price?I have two of them here and the other one is at my second home,if I can install on all three,how do I get it for the third computer to install at the other remote location?Thank you all for the good work keeping our computers running smoothly with just a click of a button,you guys are such a relief,by saving me countless hour’s in finding problems,updates,and lot’s of money in repairs!Happy Holidays to all of you with a wonderful,prosperous,healthy,perfect computer running New Year 2010.Thank’s again Sincerely Robb Weasel

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