Bits from Bill Pytlovany: How Apple Failed the Macintosh


By Bill Pytlovany

Yea, I know may get slammed with hate mail for this one but I am open to alternate opinions. The market has been ripe for Apple to pick up a sizable portion of the computer share but it has failed. According to market researchers IDC and Gartner, Macintosh sales are up but their share is still way below 10%. That compares to PC sales by Acer and Toshiba. Why doesn’t the Mac have a larger market share?

Apple Inc has a polished image, high customer satisfaction and its brand identity couldn’t be much better. People who chose Macs have been very happy with their purchase. The only portable music play anyone wants is an iPod. The iPhone has set the bar so high for cell phones that companies are struggling to keep up. The stock value of AAPL is double what it was a year ago and is still climbing.

So, why are people still forking over their hard earned money for Windows 7 machines and not Macs? It doesn’t make sense. Did Apple drop the ball while Steve Jobs was on sick leave? In their efforts to target the cool people did they missed an opportunity to attract the main stream market disappointed with Windows Vista?

In the early days, Apple ruled the education market. When families were deciding on a home computer purchase it was easy. If the kids are learning on an Apple, then we should have an Apple at home. Now, the education market doesn’t hold the same impact. The business community now has computers on every desk and the same logic holds true. If I’m using a Windows PC at work, I’m probably going to want a Windows laptop or PC at home.

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This post is excerpted with Bill’s permission from his blog

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12 thoughts on “Bits from Bill Pytlovany: How Apple Failed the Macintosh

  1. They both have pro’s and cons.

    Whats interesting about Apple is that so long if your in the Apple cult, those computers somehow bypass digital rights management so much easier. Seriously, it would be a music group publishers worst nightmare to see what exactly a bunch of Apple’s in a school library were capable of. Somehow playing something on an Apple with itunes, even when its not part of that computer, automatically backs it up to the itunes folder as soon as you click on it. HOWEVER there seems to be so many video files incompatible with Apple, unless you fix it later. Where as Windows seems to have more codecs. Vista also had a media center where as Mac didn’t. It worked just like a Tivo, plus for a time before the economy tanked, had a bunch of different networks on board, and just like cable TV, there are payperview networks on there as well. It was awesome being able to watch network TV straight from a Vista, and if I wanted, pause and zap through commercials. To do this type of setup on an Apple would be too expensive. Also with Vista, you have similar setups like Apple TV, with Vista’s Media Center you could watch stuff on your TV with the PC in another room.

    The Apple TV on the other hand, is not part of the Apple computer, and you have to pay extra for it. To have a 500gb hard drive, plus an Apple TV in the computer, not to mention having good gaming capabilities from the start, would just be too expensive for an Apple user. If they were not only for the rich, who knows how much more of the market they could of had.

    On Windows, you also have a button on your keyboard that takes a picture of what is on your monitor, which is easier then Apple’s three finger solute. Another con about Apple is no right click. Right click is a lot more convenient then trying to figure out the buttons you need to use.

    While its great some Apples come with a single speaker built in, it makes the sound crap, when you get a model that has stereo sound, it does get better, but those models seem to be more expensive.

    Not to mention, on Vista and Xp, there is a hidden version of MS office with a different name, that even when MS office expires, this other MS suite works and is still free to use, and does not make sense to buy office suite, because it seems to do the same thing, and read office formats. On a Mac you have buy Office, and there is no hidden substitute.

  2. You hit the nail on the head — “If I’m using a Windows PC at work, I’m probably going to want a Windows laptop or PC at home.” That is why I have a Windows PC, and not an Apple PC. Cheers!

  3. Mac is never going to get a larger market share as long as they insist on controlling everything, meaning if they don’t make it, and sell it you go without. And for demanding 5 times as much money. Take all the software out of the equation and what do you find in comparison? You can build one monster computer for less than the lowest priced Mac. And there is a whole world of software out that that is neither MS or Mac based, even if all you’re capable of is point and click there are still lots of choices.

  4. I have used the beta of Windows 7 32 bit and then the release candidate since it came out on a old 3.0 Ghz P4 with 2 Gb of ram and a Nvidia 9800gt, 2 500 Gb Barracuda drives and the machine runs for 8 to 10 hours a day, not one crash of any kind. Have run Vista 64 bit on my new i7 950 and sp2 and not one problem with it either but I did install W7 home prem 64 bit on the other 1.5 Tb Barracuda and can dual boot and again, not one problem. The old P4 dual boots between xp and w7rc 32 bit and could not ask for a more stable machine. New machine is Overclocked to 3.785 Ghz on Asetek Liquid with 6 Gb Corsair XMS3 mem at 1585 Mhz and runs Flight Simulator X at crazy frame rates with all sliders set full right. I will keep my pc’s instead of trading for a mac anyday!

  5. Apple is being foolish with their commercials for not going for the slam dunk! Win 7 (I was a beta tester & launch party participant) has got issues for those doing their own new PC builds. Constant but random BSOD, & also without warning the computer powers off. I have spent weeks with MS prior to launch (with the retail release) to no avail trying to isolate these issues. However, when it works it is very cool. Apple if they were smart would pounce on this info and LISTEN to people (customers) to increase their market share, it can be done!
    MS does have a disadvantage in that they have to make their OS work with a plethora of hardware. Imagine if they built their own machine they would bury Apple! Mac appeals to people (it just works) who basically cannot keep from getting in trouble with windows. It’s not the computers fault you have a 100 viruses. Nobody really writes viruses for Mac’s because they’re not even a blip on the radar. I repair computers and many times Windows users are their own worst enemy then shift the blame.
    I have built very high end PC’s that till this day apple could never keep up with on their best day. I could build you a SMOKIN fast PC for around $1000.00. Yes you can run windows on a Mac now but only in 32 bit and mediocre. I would find myself wondering why I paid out the ying yang for a Mac to run windows. Nonetheless, Apple needs to go beyond adapting or keep walking that fine line. Should Dell start making bad to the bone hardware you will probably see I was a Mac now I’m (home) a PC again…
    MS will fix the issues with Win 7 but Apple should attack when then can. They always seem a day late and a dollar short with their efforts. You cannot argue Apple makes OK stuff, although their stubborn tight controls may put people off (those who get it), mostly I think it is price and Apple unable to seal the deal with the vast consumers’. Perhaps instead of trying to be cool with their consumers who cannot make change for a dollar in their head to save their own life, Apple should listen to those who know a thing or two outside of their corporate (take ownership) power lunches…

  6. There isn’t much games being made for the Mac,so PC will have the upper hand on that.PC gamers like to customize their PC and with a Mac they can’t.And most most of the big selling games that Xbox has came from PC based games, such as Call of Duty.

  7. I will say that Macs are great computers. But I can not bring my self to pay such an overage just for looks. I like being able to upgrade my product. I paid for I want to do to it what I want. Last time I checked you couldn’t even change the hard drive in the MacAir. What good is that Maybe I need more space and Dont want to lug around an external drive or pay whatever it is to have a Mac “genius” to do it for me when I am perfectly capible of doing my self.

    I also did a small experiment. I went to Dell’s web site and to Macs website. I Custom built the best laptop each of them offers and put the best products (most expensive upgrades) I could find in them. They each had the same graphics card, same processer, almost the same screen. I think it was an inch diffrence. Now the Dell had Blueray, and a ton of other options that the Mac did not. It even came with a dell mini. All said and done The dell with a ton of Upgrades still cost $1000 less then the Mac. and I can do upgrades my self on the Dell. So to me at least it seems you get less for your money from Mac. Oh and no your not the only one that has had no problem with Vista. I love it and will be switching as soon as I have the money to go to 7

  8. Well Norman, it maybe that you are not the only one to be satisfied with Vista, but you must be aware of the majority who have been completely dissatisfied with it. I have moved on to Apple Mac which has been faultless so far and I am enjoying my daily computer sessions much more.

  9. Apple is more concerned with being a critical success than being mainstream. Controlling everything stiffles advances and the inability to upgrade is unnerving; this attitude even shows in the Iphone where you can’t change the battery. Although I do pictures and download clips, I also do spreadsheets and data base work. They tell me you can do all this now on a Mac by emulation; but why should I spend more anf get less equipment. BTW, am I the only person in the world who has NOT had a serious problem with Vista?

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