The Migration to Windows 7

The long awaited official launch of Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system has come and gone. On October 22, 2009, Windows 7 hit the retail shelves. The initial media blitz and the launch parties are now just a fading memory. The early reports appear that folks are generally very positive concerning Microsoft’s newest operating system.

PC Pitstop took a look at the PCs running our on-line diagnostic scans since the October launch to try to quantify just how well folks are embracing the migration to Windows 7. After just three weeks, Windows 7 appears to be a winner. Unless, the unforeseen happens, Microsoft and PC manufacturers in general will likely experience a very good holiday season.

Windows 7 Weekly Adoption Ramp

Windows 7 has shown significant adoption rates since its official October 22 launch date. On Saturday, November 7, 2009, Windows 7 was found on just over 18% of the PCs which ran our on-line diagnostic scans. The average weekly operating system mix as shown in the chart below reveal that Windows 7 are taking share away from both XP and Vista. Since the launch, XP has given up 6% to Vista’s 5% of the overall operating system mix to Windows 7. Obviously, XP’s 6% represents a much larger raw number of PCs based on its 59% pre-launch market share.

Windows 7 Weekly Ramp

Comparison of XP, Vista and Windows 7 Launch Ramp

Although, it has only been about 3 weeks since the launch, Windows 7’s percent of the operation system market has already exceeded 2x the rate of acceptance of either XP and Vista for their respective one month post launch rates. One month after XP was launched in the Fall of 2001, its percent of the operating system mix was just under 8%. Likewise, one month following Vista’s January 30, 2007 launch, it was found on almost 7% of the PCs running the PC Pitstop diagnostic scans.

Comparison of XP, Vista and Windows 7 Launch Ramp

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25 thoughts on “The Migration to Windows 7”

  1. I’ve worked on computers for 42 years (since 1968) and I’ve pre-tested every windows system made before they were released (including 3.1). Windows 7 is a great leap forward. I have now upgrade over 60 computers to the Windows 7 operating system, and have had absolutely no complaints, although a few have had to call to get some tips to help them. I’ve taught them all how to properly run an XP program on the system, and how to migrate their old settings and such. So far, 100% satisfaction.

    The problem with many people upgrading to the newest operating system is that few take the time to learn the system before taking the plunge. Read the tech letters, and tips and tricks documents, and write down (or print) parts of interest that may help you adjust. If you need help, find me online, send me your computer and I’ll do the upgrade for you, including making your software work (if it’s possible). Send me an email with your questions – or do as I do – run Ubuntu for regular usage, and Windows when you have to.

  2. Windows 7, heck Windows in general, is and will continue to be a great operating system. What other company besides Microsoft lets you easily create applications for free. Sure, you can’t sell your Visual Studio 2008 Express apps but you sure can give them away for free.

    Neither MAC or Linux can provide really easy application development like Microsoft can for Windows.

    Windows will continue to dominate because it simply provides more.

  3. I have been using the RC version of win 7 since it’s inception, and can say that for the first time in a very long time I am happy booting my computer. I do not have to wait forever for it to boot, and using pc pitstop tools I am running faster and faster everyday, I do not use ie though, I use google chrome to browse the net. faster, safer and easier to use. If all of you think back to the os of the day all of them were “better” than the last except for a few, ME, vista just to name two. So give Win7 some time and you will see the naysayers drop by the wayside and happy users gain more and more momentum. btw, I came back to windows with version 7, I was booting up to linux.

  4. I installed windows 7 on an acer m5800 with Vista. Install took a while but so far love 7, a definite cut above vista, no problems.

  5. Dumb Apple spies… I loaded 7 on an old Dell D505 and it runs beautifully. Also loaded it on my HP a6660t custom and I love it. MUCH smoother than Vista. And hasnt crashed once yet. And hey… guess what Apples morons… I can change parts myself and have tons of options where I dont have to go to a Applpe store to have them do it. Apple… gamers nightmare.

  6. People, if you are complaining about vistas problems get over it! It’s been 3 years and vista was’nt a bad operating system to real pc people like myself! I liked vista sp 1&2 much better than xp. without the service packs vista did suck but who cares win 7 is out and its awesome! Also if you have problems installing ( which i don’t see how) my 2 yr old son did mine u just pretty much sit there. The only con i have is that win 7 will pause from time to time when you first log-on, probably due to the delayed services being ran! TRUST ME WIN 7 is GREAT

  7. I have been running Vista on one of my laptops for about two years. I was having increasing problems, not least of which was a most infuriating slow-down of every program that was installed – and there are a lot of them necessary for the kind of work I do. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate. Very easy installation, it took its time, but I was expecting that. It went as smooth as silk and everything now works with blinding speed. I am incredibly impressed. My other computers all use XP and I have no intention of changing them to Windows 7. Why would I? XP is good solid program. Windows 7 was introduced essentially to correct Vista and Vista users should certainly upgrade (and I would recommend the Ultimate version to get the best out of it.) XP users will almost assuredly run into difficulties, so unless you very computer savvy, I wouldn’t attempt it.

  8. Received my pre-ordered copy of Windows 7 Home Premium (for the bargain price of £45 delivered)on the launch date, consisting of two DVDs, one for 32-bit and one for 64-bit. I was running a dualboot PC with XP, rarely used, and Vista, in need of a re-install. I upgraded the XP HDD with no problems and was so impressed with Win 7 that I decided within a couple of days to format my Vista HDD and do a clean install of 7 x64. Again no problems so I turned my attention to my Vista laptop only to find from the manufacturer’s website that it was unsuitable for Win 7. It was ready for replacement anyway so I bought a new laptop with Win 7 x64 pre-installed. I had some problems there, but not with Win 7. The machine is so full of manufacturer’s so-called software ‘Assistants’ that kept getting in the way until I found out how to disable them. So, three weeks from launch, I am very happily using two 64-bit systems for the first time – and loving getting full value from my 4GB RAM. I have a number of printers and other attached devices and have had a couple of issues, one with a printer driver expected to be resolved next week and one with an ancient, but much loved piece of software, which runs only in the 32-bit system. Having been around computers for nigh on 50 years I have plenty experience of disappointments, but I feel in my bones that Microsoft have got it more or less right this time and software and hardware manufacturers have ‘got the message’. One sour note: I am not thrilled with the Library idea. Based on the Windows Media Player concept I fear my libraries will endup like my Media Player with duplicated and triplicated items all over the place so I would warn readers of this to beware creating confusion for themselves by using a library as a central index. The new Homegroup concept makes file and printer sharing so easy that there really is no need to depend heavily on libraries.

  9. I’ve been around so long, I remember loading Windows 3.1 onto a 60MB (yea, megabyte) hard drive and thought, WOW! I’ve installed or bought a computer with every version of Windows ever since(including Millennium). I found Windows 7 upgrade pleasing. I went all out, LCD HD TV, i7 motherboard & processor, 6GB ram, 1GB video card, took all the best components from my other 2 quadcores computers and have a supercomputer. With vista, I bought a blu ray burner and it would lock up when starting a movie (it was ok with cd’s and dvd’s and burning them) I put the blu ray in my Window’s 7 upgrade (from Vista) and I watched a blu ray movie in my computer for the first time. Windows 7 found all the drivers because I had my upgrade to do a fresh install. Take the plunge, you won’t be disappointed. Keep in mind, they do have an upgrade version (comes with 32 and 64 bit dvd’s) for 3 computers for about $150; $50 a computer is not bad 🙂 – not all retail stores sale it. I got mine at Office Depot.

  10. I’ve installed 7 after using XP. I see little difference, gaming seems to be off a little. Had a x fi sound card that would not work. All in all, I see no reason for a XP user to switch. But, I’m still playing with it.

  11. I bought win 7 Ultimate, done a clean install and worked on first go and I love it! A few programs wouldn’t work for me but when I used “Run programs made for previous versions of windows” found in Control Panel, they work just fine!!! So all my stuff I had before is working great!!! So people stop your moaning Windows 7 and give it a chance!!!!

  12. I think that Windows 7 will be really good after sevice Pack 3 or thereabouts. I find it a big buggy, slow and not as stable as XP

  13. We’ve installed Win 7 (32 bit and 64 bit) on dozens of systems so far. Not a single problem with installation, and other than a single sound card (Auzen X-Fi Prelude), all hardware drivers were found and installed automatically by Windows. Watch out for the hardware driver updates though, as they bricked both my network adapter and video. Best to leave what is already working alone and hide those updates IMO.

    I’ve tested this OS extensively on my own system and its by far more stable and bullet proof than Vista, and about the same as XP. I think the networking utilities are a bit harder to use and find than XP, but otherwise I have very few complaints with Win 7. Customers are asking for it too (which they never did with Vista) so it would seem the reviews are helping MS’s bottom line as well. 🙂

  14. Mel Ford, you need to understand that you cannot install Version 7 from XP directly. You need an empty and fresh hard drive, plus you need to know how to install Windows 7 or any version. Version 7 does not suck, your knowledge of the process surely does.

  15. I will say it again, regardless of what people think: each version of Windows is also a necessary security update, just like people who spend thousands on new cars, only much more important. So Vista was version 6 and version 7 is next. I had Vista and then when version 7 came out, I upgraded. WHat SOME people said about Vista was not only never justified, it was all missing the point and pure ignorance. Also users of XP have way more viruses and security breaches, because it is OUTDATED, OLD, OUT-OF-SYNC, and NOT UPDATED compared to new versions. They don’t release versions just for the money, but more so for NECESSITY AND IMPORTANCE. Stay up to date people with Windows and Internet Explorer and Office. And NO security updates are unnecessary. You should ALWAYS keep your computer up to date, use Norton Internet Security (up-to-date), a separate anti-malware program from Iobit and a good utility software from Iobit (Advanced Systemcare)

  16. Have installed Windows 7 on my 2 computers plus Brother in Law and Son in law. No problems runs just great. Recommend it to anyone.

  17. Installed Win 7 on a Gateway MT6705 Laptop. Win 7 Advisor had detected 2 problems Canon Printer Program must be removed and computer de-authorized form Itunes store. Installed Win 7 very smoothly but Sigmatel audio controller was not working. Gateway and Microsoft no help. Sigmatel had no driver for Gateway computers, so I tried a new Dell driver. Presto, sound.

    One software problem: Corel Painter Photo Essentials 4 would not load. Corel kept giving me links to Painter Essentials 4, missing the word Photo 3 times in support e-mails. Now running program just fine in XP mode.

  18. Installed Win 7 on a Gateway MT6705 Laptop. Win 7 Advisor had detected 2 problems Canon Printer Program must be removed and computer de-authorized form Itunes store. Installed Win 7 very smoothly but Sigmatel audio controller was not working. Gateway and Microsoft no help. Sigmatel had no driver for Gateway computers, si I tried a new Dell driver. Presto, sound. One software problem Corel Painter Photo Essentials 4 would not load. Corel kept giving me links to Painter Essentials 4, missing the word Photo 3 times in support e-mails. Running program just fine in XP mode.

  19. If you don’t have any experience installing new operating systems then you should get help from someone who does. Windows 7 has been nothing but amazing.

  20. I completed updating two HP laptops, dv3510nr and g60-235dx. The first had to be a clean install, as I mispurchased the Professional Win7 which would not update from my Vista Home Premium. The second was an in-place upgrade to Win7 Home Premium. The HP website had all the delivered software in both 32 and 64 bit versions, so the clean install and the upgrade were both without problems, but did take significant time to install all the updated software. Both laptops required a BIOS update first. Performance is much better than Vista. It’s similar to WinXP in speed. And most of those irritating, useless security questions are gone.

  21. Generally, one can tell somewhat the direction of the future by the ability and reputation of forward promises by the past. Looks like this is another “Buyer Beware With Windows 7. Well, I hope not, but I’m not making the plunge just yet!!

  22. My install of win 7 was a nightmare. I had to install 3 times to get a clean install. I had to use a win 98 start up disk to remove the win xp partition to achieve this. After a few days installing I thought everything was going to go well.
    Well, I tryed to install a game I play all the time and it would not install. Needless to say I unstalled Win 7 and reinstalled Win Xp. Win 7 sucks.

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