Google Chrome OS to be Released Next Week?


So, have you heard anything about Google’s Chrome Operating System being released next week?

It’s open source. It’s free. It’s going to have limited drivers available. It has fewer partners than expected. It’s supposed to be quick and lean, designed for today’s computing. First commercial availability will be on netbooks

I hope it’s as innovative and exciting as Google want’s it to be but, somewhere in the back of my mind I worry about The Cost of Free.

Grab some speculation here.




PC World

Here’s a little hype.

Google Blog

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3 thoughts on “Google Chrome OS to be Released Next Week?”

  1. I’ve been using Chrome for about 3 months.It seems to be pretty easy to use, but it also lacks a few features.
    You can’t send a link to a web page, unless you save it, then send it. Whatever site you go to automatically goes to your favorites, so your favorites becomes a very long list to look through when you go to it.
    As far as general ease of use, I actually prefer it to IE-8.
    It loads faster & basically has all the same features.

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