2 thoughts on “Ask Leo: Someone has created an account in my name … Now What?”

  1. Hi
    This is one solution that is not new but does still work. Open the address book and insert a new contact called, well anything really, but ‘Virus Stopper’ is OK. For the email address use anything that will NOT work as an email address. If the virus attempts to send out emails using your address book, the system sends out an alert and stops when it reaches the virus stopper because the email address is not correct. You will also become aware that something else is using your address book because you will see the alert.
    Hope that helps.

  2. My advice…?
    Don’t have anything to do with Yahoo apart maybe from Flickr!
    Ask one of the people who receive these mails to install an “IP” tracer programme – you may be able to trace the PC which is responsible – it is possible to trace that from a G-mail account, for example.
    Change your friends, or send (via Outlook and your own e-mail account) a mail to ALL contacts explaining the situation
    Finally – register your complaint with Yahoo, and (if you have a web site or blog etc..) publish the e-mail to yahoo – if they complain, let THEM take YOU to court – it’s cheaper for you!

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