Micron Technology is going AllOut.

One thing that gets me all fired up is hard drive performance. Processors, memory, and chipsets have improved by leaps and bounds, but their performance is being bottle necked by our creaky, slow spinning hard drives.

The initial release of SSD drives changed this and I was fast to jump on the SSD band wagon. I replaced my aging but once fast WD Raptors with raided SSD’s from Samsung, and then OCZ.

I spent a good amount of time comparing all available products but I was somewhat limited by price. Staying on the cutting edge can put a big dent in your wallet. I skipped Intel’s offering strictly because of price. I don’t believe I missed anything but being an old overclocker, I always wondered.

Micron has now announced their new Micron C300 SSD and it is supposed to leave the current speed leader, Intel’s 34nm x25-M SSD, in the dust. Eight times faster than current 7200 RPM drives and half the boot times of current SSD drives is what I’m reading. But it’s what I saw today that makes me happy that I saved a little for future improvements. Check out the clip by Micron.

Micron is getting lots of good press and when I see things like “Native support of SATA 6Gb/s means that the data path between the host computer and the SSD is twice as fast as the previous SATA 3Gb/s interface.”, I get all excited again and immediately start thinking about overclocking and benchmarking. I suddenly glance down at the open side of my system and think about how easy it will be to switch. How much faster is it really than my current very fast SSDs? Well, here are the benchmarks to tell me. It’s similar to the above clip but uses two well known benchmarks for comparison. The first is PC Mark from FutureMark and the second is ATTO. These are exactly the ones I would have chosen for comparison.

Micron says they are sampling now in limited quantities and expect to start production in the first quarter of 2010. You can bet I’ll have one or four. I gotta RAID em.





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  1. The speed of Micron’s SSD is incredibly. I’m an impatient person and get irritated waiting for files to boot. What kind of money is Micron looking at?

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