When The Moment Is Right … Will Your System Be Ready?

What is PC Matic?

PC Matic is the collection of all of PC Pitstop’s technologies under one hood and one integrated architecture.

With PC Matic, computer users can finally have security, speed, stability and performance all in one product.


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4 thoughts on “When The Moment Is Right … Will Your System Be Ready?

  1. This looks too close to the Finally Fast BS ad’s on TV now. Not that it is but The Pit has been warning about BS products for years and now their looking like one as well.

  2. Robert, The purpose of the program is to BOOST your computers overall performance. I would trust that PC Pitstop has tested this program. Even if it does run in the background, it is probably a safe bet that it will not net a negative result in performance. I have had good experience with software from PC Pitstop.

  3. Regarding PC Matic. Will PC Matic slow my computer in any way by, for example, always operating in the background? I am a gamer and reduced computer speed is a major concern.

  4. M am using Spare Backup as my online backup system. I see that files show they are backed up, but I am not really sure all my data has really been saved. Do you guys have any articles on this backup program.
    I emailed spare backup to ask some questions and they never responded.

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