10 thoughts on “Tekzilla Tip: Windows-Turn Off Your Laptop’s Trackpad While Typing”

  1. Hi

    But what about the cursor having a mind of its own while I type, BUT IM NOT BRUSHING THE TOUCHPAD! I hate the way every forum where I asked this question presumes its me brushing the touchpad. I am definitely not doing this and yet the cursor has a mind of its own at times, and even jumps up to the address bar at the top of the page. Not just the mouse pointer, but the cursor. Help.

  2. My Acer lappy uses fn + f7 to toggle the trackpad. It’s the first thing I do when I boot up for the day. That silly trackpad drives me NUTS at time.

    If in doubt as to which key/s to use, read your documentation for your machine. The info will be there somewhere. Remember the old adage — “When all else fails, read the instructions.” :o)

  3. Will the Function + f9 also work on a Dell Desktop? Or only on laptops……..I purchased a Microsoft laser keyboard and mouse and my cursor does the same thing. It just takes off and does whatever it wants………crazy!

  4. The ‘synaptic device’ or pad controls are under the icon of the same name in the Control Panel on my HP. Turning off this feature is a must, if you are using a program such as Photoshop! Great idea!

  5. I’m delighted to learn that I’m not the only person who is frustrated by the cursor jumping to some apparently random location when I’m typing. I just now tried the Function + F9 and the tip appears to be working. Thanks!

  6. “…just deactivate the the feature that simulates a mouse click when the pad is touched.” — could you please share the details of how to do this?

  7. David Leavenworth

    You don’t have to turn off the touch pad to stop the cursor moving while typing, just deactivate the the feature that simulates a mouse click when the pad is touched. It works for me! The pad is still active for mouse manipulation and scrolling, but you need to press the keys adjacent to your pad for left or right clicks.

  8. “Fn + f9 will turn off your trackpad manually on most laptops.” This does NOT work with my Dell Latitude D620. Does anyone know what will?

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