9 thoughts on “Tekzilla Tip: Windows 7 – 4 Hacks to Make Typing Easier

  1. I agree the speech is way too fast – the argument that you can simply replay the video is a poor one really – much better to make it intelligible in the first place.

    But why have it as video at all? Reading the tips would be much easier, and wouldn’t hog bandwidth.

  2. Initial TIP: If the subject sound like something you want to inspect. Don’t try to write it all down. Bring up the screen on your own computer where you can follow the options and maybe find more help text for the details.
    I do have my own dislike when the help does not explain why I should consider a setting. Also, why I should not use a setting. Examples please, when you use new terminology.

  3. “Skickykey” and “Mousekeys” (to which these so-called “typing tips” refer)have been around since the DOS – pre Windows! Windowsh as incorporated them into their Operating Sistems as “Accessibility” tools for people who have disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy (like myself). If one really wants some “tips” on how to make typing easier, one should ask people who have a physical disability or go to such sites as NovitaTech.org.au.

  4. I would have to say that is the reason it’s recorded. You have the ability to rewind, pause or watch the whole thing over again. Thanks so much for the tweaks!

  5. The information given in the videos available on this site is spoken much too fast. About one third of the speed would be about right.
    Also, the email address is flashed on and off the screen much too quickly to be noted down.
    Gerald Myers

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