7 thoughts on “Tekzilla Tip: How Exposed Are You Online?”

  1. Just checking out the newsletter and came to this page, have to agree with pt and jd. Wrote to a tech last year and said so, but they just keep getting worse, used to be my favourite pc info site, but I rarely visit anymore.

  2. This site gets worse by the day. There’s me wondering why on earth they need to post a video for a tip which is just “Go to this url” and then immediately after the answer becomes clear – it’s nothing but an advert for PC Pitstop software under the guise of a tech tip.

    Seriously PCP, the ratio of ads to content on this site is bad enough as it is, please don’t resort to this sort of nonsense to plug your software even more. The site has turned into nothing more than a vessel to sell your products (when it used to be an informative site with a then excellent Pitstop scan).

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