Microsoft & HP Get Jump on Apple Tablet

Reports from CES 2010 in Las Vegas – suggest Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will announce a new tablet/slate style PC developed in conjunction with HP – in his keynote speech tonight.

As you may recall, Harry McCracken discussed this rumored project in his Technologizer post – last September.

Images leaked last Fall

leaked courier images


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3 thoughts on “Microsoft & HP Get Jump on Apple Tablet

  1. I watched the whole video, he does indeed show a device, a few in fact, none of which are currently available. In other words not an actual device. 😉

    On the other hand I see that they are keeping up with the windows crashes when doing such huge presentations. It was comical to watch as Windows 7 Media Center crashed and became unresponsive, and had to be restarted.

    As for the device they showed, it looked like a good “concept” but at this point that is all it is, a concept.

  2. Bruce, He was holding the “slate” device which is from HP and uses Windows 7. It looks like there’s more to it than ijunk. Dell is due to produce a similar product using the Android OS and MSI also had examples of their Windows product available.

    Further searching shows that HP is also planning an Android Slate. TechCrunch

    I find it interesting to see where computing is headed and what changes are taking place. Computing is still new enough for me to get excited about new items and how they will change the shape of computing.

  3. This is a non-story.

    Announcing at CES without producing the product to back up the announcement is at best vaporware. That said, it really doesn’t matter who announces that they will create one, it only matters who releases first, the second thing that will matter is reliability, functionality and mass market appeal.

    I don’t use apple products/gimicky gadgets but people seem easily swayed by the iJUNK, so when Apple releases their tablet and shows it off they will have won the hearts of the have to have the latest iJUNK crowd once again.

    Balmer will have to more then stand in front of people and say they are “collaborating” with partners to make something.

    That something more should have been to at least show one of the devices. lol

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