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Hello all PC Matic users! First off, thank you for purchasing PC Matic and the confidence you are placing in us, PC Pitstop, to keep your PC’s running fast, stable, and secure. Thank you.

PC Matic is like no other PC maintenance tool. The key reason is PC Matic’s architecture is based on cloud computing. PC Matic behaves much more like a web site than a typical Windows application. For example, Google is always adding new features into its search application. There is no Google release 2.0. You just go to Google and the latest technology is always at your disposal. Simple.

The same is true with PC Matic. Each time you run PC Matic, it automatically updates with the most recent version. This allows us to add features on the fly. We can also fix bugs and tweak other issues all on the fly. You don’t need to do anything. We have received tremendous feedback on PC Matic, and we have implemented many new features since PC Matic’s launch. Since all of the updates are automatic, and the user doesn’t have to do anything, the only minus is sometimes users aren’t aware of all the new and cool features that have been placed in the product. Also, if you had a problem with PC Matic,most likely the issue has been fixed. Just rerun PC Matic. We’ll try to keep everyone up to date through this blog.

We ran a survey and one comment came back consistently. A lot of users like to run PC Matic, frequently and the user input screen pops up each and every time. It was frustrating and slowing down a lot of users. A very large design specializing in user experience told us to do it that way, but what do they know? Not much. So now the input screen only shows up during the first scan of a new computer, after that, the information is stored and can be updated via the options tab.

A very important feature of PC Matic is that it includes a 100% full blown anti malware engine. When I am diagnosing any new PC, I always want to see if they have any malware, and it is great to have it integrated into one scan. That said, many users already own their own anti malware solution, and the anti malware scan ads at least a minute to the overall scan time. There is now an a new option under scan options to disable to the scan.

Another great feature in PC Maticis an integrated defragmentation process. We believe that keeping your hard drive defragemented on a regular basis is critical for good PC performance. We recommend that your hard drive should be defragmented about once a month. We have learned that many users are running PC Matic far more frequently than that, so there is now an option to disable the defragmentation.

Here’s another new feature that I am really excited about. We call it Auto Fix. PC Matic, is already awesome because it has the industry’s only one-click Fix All, but you still have to click once to initiate the scan. Now with Auto Fix enabled, once you begin the scan, you can go get a cup a coffee and PC Matic will have scanned everything and fixed everything. Basically, we have achieved the holy grail with this new feature, One Fix. Check it out!

PC Pitstop has the best driver update technology in the world. It is a great feeling to keep your drivers up to date with the latest technology without having to constantly check the web or the deal with the multitude of driver installers. PC Matic takes care of all that for you. On the other hand, there are some out there that don’t want their drivers updated every time, and now there is an option for you too.

The PC Matic is anti malware engine is aggressive. That means that it errs on the side of removing potential problems. For the vast majority of people out there, including myself, we are fine. But some people, including some of our developers 😉 , like the risks of using torrents, wire sniffers, and the like. PC Matic now has the ability to configure which malware is removed from each scan. Furthermore, this information is stored in a permanent white list. Once it is on the white list, PC Matic won’t ever remove that program. The way to edit the white list permanently is through Options.

Netbook sales are on the rise. Personally, I would never own one, but my wife has one and she loves it. Since netbooks start off underpowered, they need PC Matic more than many computers. Here’s a tip for netbook users. The screen height of most netbooks is 600 pixels. That is the exact same height as PC Matic,but there is one little gotcha – the taskbar. The taskbar blocks the bottom part of PC Matic. In order to get around this, the taskbar should be hidden before PC Matic is initiated. Just right click on the taskbar and then choose autohide.

In conclusion, the main initial feedback was that users wanted much more control over what PC Matic is doing and also how much time it takes. Keep your eyes on this blog because we are working on many many more enhancements. In fact, we are just beginning. Thanks everyone for your support.

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17 thoughts on “The PC Matic Blog”

  1. Anyone know how to allow pcmatic super shield to allow A free copy of excel viewer? It blocks it from installing. I have tried 2 different sites.

  2. Tom Brandolini

    I just installed PC Matic on my 3rd computer. When I go to scan it hangs at the beginning of the defrag evaluation. Percentage completed stays at zero and the process goes no further. Any ideas??

  3. i purchased pc matic, i have moved to bahrain and used it a few times here, but now it locks up at the final stage and will not go to fix all stage, can you send me a download again and maybe reinstalling it again will fix it

  4. Bought PC Matic 11/09. Worked great until a couple of weeks back. I now get blocked from using it – something about the publisher has blocked me from using it. Tech support had me uninstall & reinstall, disconnect user account controls. Still no access. Now I get a different prohibition’ “ActiveX Components required by the program cannot be loaded and/or updated. If you were prompted to install components but cancelled, please restart the program and select “Install”. If the problem continues, click here and save the script named Remove-All.cmd to your desktop and then run it as administrator to attempt to repair the problem.
    This problem may also occur if a firewall is blocking access to the Internet. Instructions for configuring the CA Firewall are available here. If you need further help, please contact Customer Service.”
    If I could start the program, I wouldn’t have the proble, so how in the heck can I restart it?

  5. Please add an option to permanently turn off device driver updating. I use the ten user version on remote machines and maintain them via teamviewer. Many machines must use only proprietary versions of drivers and pcmatic updating them to the latest generic manufacturers flavor often causes what amounts to catastrophic failures for these remote users. If the driver effects display or especially connection properties, I then have to go to their homes and restore to previous conditions manually.

    In too many instances the auto driver update is more trouble than it’s worth, especially for the typically non technical user.

  6. Have just dowwnloaded and run PC matic and on both occasions I got the message This program has encounered a problem windows will close the program and see if there is a solutio. Have you got one? Dont expext Microsoft to reply.

  7. PC Matic is great for letting me do everyting in one place (particularly now you have made the defrag optional).

    However, I also have items that load on startup that I want to keep but which Pc Matic insists on deleting every time I run it. Can we have a white list like there is for malware?

  8. Greetings! PC Matic is the best thing since sliced bread!! Keep making your improvements. I would to have access within the software, if possible, advising me of the functional upgrades as they are added. Other info: I’m running Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit, with Ad-aware Free and AVG Internet Security. I upgraded from Win XP Pro recently. I love the “new” computer that I now have! Win XP is in the dark ages by comparison! Best regards. Ken Wray

  9. What about digital camera drivers? I have a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT, of which the driver worked fine with XP Prof., but won’t install in Windows 7. The Canon site says, sorry, no longer supported. Know anyone who might have updated the program to work in W7? I would be most grateful to know your thoughts on this. Otherwise, the program is very good.

    Thanks for listening.

  10. On W7 its fine but on XP Pro it keeps changing the visual setup with what I can only guess is out of date or wrong drivers! I have had to use windows restore twice now so I’ve give up on it!

  11. I have been using pc matic for about 4 months now. I have also been using incredimail and pc matic keeps taking it out of my startup saying Here is a list of unnecessary programs that run every time this computer is started……incredimail is the only “problem” it finds,I really need that to run, is there a way I can make it an exception? or does PC PitStop have to make that change?

    I hope that we have the ability…it would just make more since that way.

    Otherwise, it is an outstanding program!!

  12. Greetings ,
    Have been using your site (and some of yer products of late) forr years now just one question in regards to PCMatic.
    with the edvent (and growing popularity) of SSD’s will your defragmentor ever be made compatible with them ?
    I am now using a 60gig SSD as my boot/gaming drive w a larger mass storage drive and have had to disable the defragmentor in the program because of that.
    once again Great Site and i’ll always be comin back 🙂

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