Bits from Bill Pytlovany: The Great 99 Cent Software Experiment


By Bill Pytlovany

Have you noticed that most of the software you’re buying these days is only 99 cents?

The traditional software industry, like many, has been hit hard by slumping economic times. At least that’s what appears to be happening. I can’t help but notice traditional software distribution is in a state of flux not unlike the media and publishing industries.

The music industry which dealt with the downloading of free music has created a successful 99 cent per song model. Using mobile devices we’re now downloading decent software for as low as 99 cents. Who can’t afford an impulse purchase of $0.99. The Apple App Store made many new millionaires almost overnight at 99 cents a pop.

What about the rest of us who have spent years developing fully featured software on the Mac or Windows platform. Are customers going to revolt against prices which range from $30 like my own WinPatrol PLUS to programs like Photoshop which retails for $700?

I’m curious and thinking a crazy single day experiment could be fun and may be worth the risk. So what the hell. If you want to upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS on January 29th, I’ll give you a lifetime WinPatrol membership for less than a dollar. Instead of the regular price of $29.95 I’ll provide a coupon on that brings the price down to $0.99 USD. That comes out to approx. .70 € to our international friends


This will be a one-day only “experiment” starting at midnight EST on Jan 29th and will last 24 hours. Will over 30 times the normal number customers upgrade to WinPatrol PLUS? If so, will other software developers notice?

Like our current $30 plan, the 99¢ license will be good for life. Like sales in the App Store or Droid Market however, this license is only valid for a single computer. Sales are also limited to one per customer. Sound fair enough? If you’ve been someday planning on upgrading to WinPatrol PLUS, January 29th is the day to remember. Just go to this Friday and you may be a part of history.

Do you think the traditional software industry is in danger? If you think 99 cent software is coming or I’m just crazy than write about this on your blog. I will need enough people to know about this experiment to make it valid. That’s also why I had to pre-announce a special offer which may kill sales between now and Friday.

Contact for questions or confirmation this is real. To all our fans who paid $29.95 I hope you’ll understand that this is just a crazy experiment and does not diminish the value of WinPatrol PLUS or how much I appreciate all your past support. This weekend I’ll evaluate the experiment and post the results.

If you’ve forgotten why WinPatrol fans are so loyal see “Top Ten Reasons to Try WinPatrol Again”.

This post is excerpted with Bill’s permission from his blog

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22 thoughts on “Bits from Bill Pytlovany: The Great 99 Cent Software Experiment”

  1. I can’t beleive I missed one of the best computer fixes on the internet for 99 cents while I was busy with my taxes. I did not check my e-mail and missed this great deal! Well at least I got my, my girlfriend’s and her sister’s taxes done. Major Bummer Man!

  2. Thank you, Bill, for such a great offer.
    I felt compelled to share with others that
    my experience of filling out the form (not
    using PayPal) went very smoothly and with
    no delays. No indication of anything
    against PayPal but just to share how my
    order was processed.
    Thanks, again, Bill; it looks like a
    great program!!

  3. Just had my email returned due to the support mailbox being full. I would really appreciate Bill Pytlovany addressing the code problem in this forum to assure any of us who have been waiting all day that this is a legitimate offer and that those of us who can’t get through to him today will still receive their update.

  4. I’d like to try to counterbalance the timeout problems.
    1st, I’m sorry to those who are having problems with it.
    I took advantage of this 24 hr .99 cent offer & ordered. It went through just fine & it immediately went through & gave me the registration code on the next page after ordering. No need to wait for E-mail.
    I assumed the reg key would come through E-mail. That wasn’t so with me. Hope this clarifies things.

    Thanks Bill for this assume offer! I work on all my friends PC’s for free to set them up with security & tweaking for speed. WinPatrol is a must have on every machine.
    Thanks again, MM

  5. Almost 3 hours have gone by since I sent an email for my code…still no reply. Has anyone else received theirs??

  6. Hi Bill, thanks for the 99cent license! This is a huge help to me as $30 for software is expensive. A reason why i don’t have all of PC Pitstop’s products. You ought to encourage them to try this to. Thanks so much. I’m glad this works on Windows 7.

  7. I would get Plus also. But if I can’t get the code like others have not, I don’t think I will bother. Sounds like a good deal though. Maybe you can fix the glitch.

  8. I ordered the .99 Plus upgrade and all went well until I was to get my Activation Code. At that point I got the message “Web page cannot be displayed”.
    How do I get my Activation code for WinPatrol Plus?

  9. Paid with Discover a few minutes ago, no code either. I emailed them, I hope they get back to me soon and fix this problem or their “experiment” will fail due to all these complaints.

  10. oops, was going to do it anyway, but the servers are down–overloaded. Guess that gives you results for your “experiment”. Will try again later.

  11. This sounds like a great deal, and I was ready to jump on it, until I read the posts above. On my income, even 99 cents is not worth gambling. I have used the free version of winpatrol practically since I started on a computer, and really appreciate it.

    The cost of most software, especially stuff like photoshop and corel painter (which I’d love to have) is so prohibitive that it’s no wonder a people “steal” or pirate or whatever. I even have a program that I paid a lot of money for (and love) that wanted me to “upgrade” to a newer version for twice what I paid for it originally. Mostly I look for free or really inexpensive, supersale stuff.

    Hope you get this little snafu fixed before the end of the “experiment”, because I’d love to have winpatrol plus.

  12. I have the same problem – have paid the $0.99 via Paypal, but the transfer back to your site was timed out, so I did not receive the PLUS activation code.
    Can you please e-mail the appropriate code to me?

  13. After paying the .99 on PayPal – the transfer back to your website to get the PLUS Activation Code was timed out.
    Can you please e-mail that Code to me.

  14. David A. Foltz, Sr. and I have the same problem. I was times out, too. Can you resend? I love your program, and find it to be essential!

    Hi Bill. Thanks for the 99 cent offer for WinPatrol Plus. After purchasing, I “failed” to “Click Continue button below to create PLUS Activation code: USPS” before I was “timed out”. Would you please forward the code to me. Thanks.

  15. David A. Foltz, Sr.

    Hi Bill. I have another question. Can my wife purchase the WinPatrol Plus for her computer for 99 cents? If not, at least you know that I was just wondering. Thank you. I hope you have a great response to your offer from many others who have the “free” program. Thanks Bill.

  16. David A. Foltz, Sr.

    Hi Bill. Thanks for the 99 cent offer for WinPatrol Plus. After purchasing, I “failed” to “Click Continue button below to create PLUS Activation code: USPS” before I was “timed out”. Would you please forward the code to me. Thanks.

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