TechBite: JDownloader -Open Source, Free, and Terrific


By Steve Bass

For years I used FlashGet to download freebie tools and legitimate movies and TV shows. FlashGet works fine, but it just hasn’t kept up with a few innovative — and downright lovely — features in my new favorite, JDownloader.

It’s free (and Open Source) and it remembers download passwords, checks for valid links before downloading, and automatically unarchives the file with a built-in WinRAR plug-in. It also does those simple things you ordinarily have to do, like removing the dots and underscores between words in file names. And built in is an online, real-time chat window to help you get support from other users.

I use JDownloader in Firefox; read the Install and use JDownloader with Firefox blurb to help you with the installation. Chances are good you won’t have any problem with JDownloader, but I’ve put together a few JDownloader Tech Tips just in case you do.

JDownloader is a first-class downloading
with features galore. It’s free and Open Source, too.

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2 thoughts on “TechBite: JDownloader -Open Source, Free, and Terrific”

  1. Dear Steve: Sorry to rock your boat but JDownloder isn,t free. Everytime I tried to access the download I was made to pay.If you can direct me to the correct page,I gladly try again.Thank you

  2. OK, Mr Steve Bass was very persuasive, so I’ve installed the JDownloader, even it seemed to be too “fat” for just a download manager ( portable version is about 48Mb, containing more than 12500 files …)and
    I gave it a try. It’s slow, compared to FlashGet 140 and DAP 43 – the download manager I use and shall continue to use, because they are small, fast, reliable and also portable.

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