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It’s funny how life just happens to you. Ten years ago my wife and I sold my custom aquarium shop, bought our first “new” house together, and I purchased my very first computer.

Yes, I was a late tech bloomer. While everyone around me was learning and using computers, I was espousing how I’d never own one, who needs them, they’re just goofy toys that never work. But eventually I couldn’t ignore computers any longer. They had crept into my life. All of my purchasing, banking, and accounting, required that I use computers. So in an effort to get with the rest of the world I decided to start reading. Within a few weeks I purchased my first system, an HP AMD850.

At about that same time a good friend of mine told me about a website called PC Pitstop. You could go there and find out how your system scores and see what needed to be done to make it faster. Rick was already into building his own systems and was using benchmarks before I even knew what benchmarks were. It was a sunny June day when I ran my first PC Pitstop Full Test and I’ve been running them ever since.

What started as a fun way to spend my off time had turned into my passion and now my vocation. I’ve moved from member and forum moderator, to part time employee, to employee and along with my changes PC Pitstop has grown with me, keeping pace with rapidly changing computer technology.

Now I get up each morning and do just exactly what I enjoy doing most, playing with computers, testing, writing, answering user questions.
Can it get any better? You wouldn’t think so but it absolutely can.

To mark PC Pitstop’s 10 year anniversary we are interviewing long time members about their experiences and how they came here to this place that we all love so much.

Ed is from the Mt. Washington Valley, a ski resort area of New Hampshire. He first came to PC Pitstop after a bad experience with Norton, which he considers to be resource hog. Being an EverQuest II gamer, he was looking for a program that would give him a quick scan and tune without taking control of his whole system. He found Optimize in October of 2006 and has been using it ever since.

Ed visited our Customer Service Desk recently looking for something to replace the original Optimize 1.5 program that has been working for over four years. I suggested he try PC Matic and also asked him to participate today. He has been using the W7 Release candidate and is ready for a new program that will make the change with him to Windows 7.

In addition to being an investor in income property, Ed is also the local computer go-to-guy in his neighborhood. He’s the guy that everyone calls when their computers need a hand. Ed not only uses Optimize to get an idea of how the systems are shaping up, but he has recommended Optimize to his friends and neighbors.

I can’t wait to talk to Ed after he’s had a chance to use PC Matic. He’s got a FREE lifetime subscription coming his way and I bet his neighbors will love it.

Just like Ed and myself, Robert W from the Springfield area of Illinois has been using PC Pitstop products for years. He first heard of PC Pitstop and our famous PC Pitstop Full Test, OverDrive, in 2003. Like most of us at PC Pitstop, Robert works on his brothers and sons computers. He has 3 computers in his home and they use just about every Windows operating system that has come along.

Robert is now retired from the state of Illinois and does mostly Email, word processing, and Messenger. He’s been very happy with Optimize and the DriverAlert program. Like the rest of us, he is tired of programs that want too much control and use too many resources . Robert is also very familiar with the OverDrive scan and understands the importance of defragmenting his hard drive.

Robert has built two computer of his own now and is looking forward to the complete program that PC Matic offers. You are going to love it Robert and it’s coming you way.

Thanks a bunch to both you guys. I enjoyed talking to each of you. It was a great afternoon with friends.

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6 thoughts on “PC Pitstop Member Interviews

  1. Life goes by Fast??? you sold your fish and bought a new House—– And a New Computer, Well how Nice. Happy 10th.

  2. I also started late with my first computer (1998). I have been using PC PITSTOP since either 2000 or 2001. I had read about in a tech article recommendation. I use PC MATIC and like the regained performance it provides. I especially appreciate the articles with the straight forward no BS format (though there are times I don’t agree with what is written). ANNIVERSARY CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. Hope there are a lot of people there that appreciate what PC Pitstop has done over the last 10 years. Here’s to many more. Enjoy the articles.

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