TechBite: Got Duplicate Files? Dump Them


By Steve Bass

No matter how neat you are, I guarantee your drive has duplicate files. Find them with Easy Duplicate Finder. The freebie lets you compare and preview graphics, HTML, text, and other types of files.
No worries–the program automatically protects system files and folders. Nonetheless, if you’re new to PCs, be careful what you delete. I remember one unhappy reader who deleted every duplicate file he discovered, including those lovely DLLs in the Windows directory.
My strategy is simple (and relatively risk free): stick with removing duplicate video and image files. And if any are located in the Windows folder or subfolders, leave ’em alone.

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19 thoughts on “TechBite: Got Duplicate Files? Dump Them”

  1. Free for the first 10 times. Then it is not free. Advice like this is causing me to lose faith in PCPS.

    As soon as I post this, I am uninstalling it. It found TWO duplicates.

  2. I also used it free on XP, than tried to use it after a fresh download to a new pc running W7. It insissted on payment!

  3. Nelson Marshall

    I use xp, downloaded it for free, ignored the purchase option, worked great and removed hundreds of duplicate pix, love it!!

  4. This duplicate finder is a $40 freebie….
    Why promote this as a freebee??
    The demo lets you delete 10 files…

  5. How is it freeware? It let me delete 10 files then demanded cash. That’s not free. Did I miss something?

    It seemed to work fine, but unless I’m willing to pay for it, it wasn’t worth the time it took to download it, and now I have to take the time to uninstall it.

  6. I used Easy Duplicate Finder and it worked great! I was able to save over 1.3GB in storage, and it seems to have improved my PC performance. I don’t know what some other users are complaining about, I love it and tell everyone about it!

  7. Worked fine for me, but pretty slow. I still prefer CloneSpy, which is also free, much faster, and provides more options (EG: file name, size, name and size, etc.).

  8. I was surprised to read all the negative statements. I ran this application on XP and I can’t speak highly enough of it. Great program, thanks.

  9. Been using it for over a year. Never froze on me that I can recall. Lately I’ve been trying a couple of alternatives, but this one seems to be the most powerful of the freeware.

  10. Clicked on link; downloaded/ran scan; got an offer to SELL me a $48 ONE TIME fix (multiple fix options also offered… at an even higher cost) instead of the “free” comparison and preview promised in the article. No freebie; no breakout of findings, and no details of what was fixed offered after buying and running repair key. Smoke and mirror time, if you ask me.

  11. rather pay for a profecional Duplicate finder then for a free a Duplicate Finder free ware to to take chances.And why advertise a freeware that would are could mess the p/c up anyway.

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