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It’s our best ever and it’s getting better every day. PC Matic is already the most comprehensive PC maintenance and optimization tool available, but were not sitting back to rest. Each day we listen to your requests and start making the changes you want to see.

Your level of support has been surprising. Thank you for each and every suggestion. It’s only been a few weeks since our last PC Matic Blog and already we’ve made more changes and additions.

Originally PC Matic was designed to scan and analyze the first drive found. Defragmentation was required each and every run. You asked for the option to skip defragmentation and we added that as one of our first changes.

Many of the recent suggestions have asked for the option to scan and defragment all the drives in a system. We promised to listen and today that functionality is yours. PC Matic’s Drive Analysis now includes multiple drives, you can scan and defrag all the drives on your system. The analysis provides:

1. Most Fragmented Files Report

2. Frag. Analysis Test

3. Largest Files Report

4. Disk Composition Report

You can choose which drive you want to analyze and whether you want to skip defragmentation, defragment only, or defragment and optimize the drive. Don’t forget, PC Matic gives you the option to not only defrag your drive, but to optimize the file position for best performance.

Each change you request gives PC Matic more depth and increases it’s effectiveness. Our goal is to remain the most comprehensive computing tool available. We are already looking through today’s suggestions to see what’s next. Thank you for your tremendous support.

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25 thoughts on “The PC Matic Blog”

  1. Why are you ignoring the questions re fragmented files from me and Robbie?

    Why is it that we can’t get Total Frag or Data Frag to improve?

  2. Cookie Deletion:

    The malware portion of PC Matic only deletes tracking cookies and not LogIn or other cookies.

  3. I just tried the PC Matic Free scan and twice it ended with Error: Ajax error returned: timeout saveAppTests.asp What do I do next?

  4. Please provide an option where I can increase the size of my PC Matic window and type size.
    The small PC Matic window and type size is starting to wear out the back of neck because I have to lean too close to the small PC Matic disply window…..Joe

  5. I need the same help as Neall, who I copying below.
    I am also a paid subscriber but cannot seem to get PC Matic to improve my volume of fragmented files.
    Thank you.

    # Neall Says:
    March 10th, 2010 at 10:09 am

    My Total Frag is always between 9 and 12 and the Data Frag is always between 25 and and 30. In fact they actually have increased slightly after a fix. By the way, I am a paid subscriber to PCMatic.

  6. You HAVE to provide the choice to opt out of individual actions in PC Matic. I am a subscriber, but I have only scanned and not applied because it keeps wanting to get rid of some things I want to keep and do some things that I don’t want. I just deleted some snide suggestions, but this is EXTREMELY frustrating and it is NOT presented in this way when you sell it.

  7. Thanks so much for making the defrag optional. Even though I use PCMatic very regularly, it always takes ages and does very little, so being able to skip it is a real bonus when I’m in a hurry.

    The ability to scan and optimise other drives is also an excellent feature.

    I love PCmatic. Keep up the good work!

  8. I would like it if the option “shut down” became available after running pc matic so I can run PC matic and not have to wait for it to turn of the PC. It is only feature of McAfee that I actually miss in PC matic.

  9. Hello Robert Robinon.

    To access this new feature: open PC Matic, click Options/ Scan Options/Drives to Scan/ there is also a drop down menu under Type of Disk Optimization.

  10. I like to know, if I have to use defrag in P.C Matic, as I already use for years, Diskeeper 2010. Which does it for me.

  11. I have pc matic on my old computer however I just purchased a new laptop and want to install PCNMatic on the new one, however even though I have the key it wont install can you please send me a new link to my email in order to instal it on my new laptop.

  12. I ditto these comments. I have had PC Matic since Nov and I want easy choices to do all or some or none. I am at a point where I am considering removing the software and moving on to maybe OneCare or just sticking with Microsoft home grown stuff.

  13. I’m just now considering upgrading from PC Optimize to PC Matic. I agree with Janet Walker. I now manage about 30 cookies that repeat each time I scan (using a different program that allows me to retain the cookies). I definitely want that capability in PC Matic.

  14. I’d like to be able to see the internet download speed like the report furnished on the Optimize program. This seems to have dissapeared on PC matic. Also the suggestions about selecting which tests to run each time would be a benefit. The 3D graphics routine is something I don’t really need to run each time.

    Thanks for listening.

  15. I agree with Rolando, I would like to be able to choose which parts I want to run, for example, I don’t always want to run the Performance Tests, and maybe I’d want to run only the defrag….I think having the options to customise would be good.

  16. I would like the ability to choose which cookies are eliminated. It is a pain having to reauthorize my computer at various websites I frequent.

  17. Hello Tony and Randy. Please go to our Help Desk and fill out a ticket on the driver issues. We can check the drivers being recommended.
    I’m assuming you are both aware that you can choose not to install drivers after the scan has been run. The option to not install is available after a driver has been suggested but before installation.


  18. Eberhard schulze

    Let me add to the above as well – using PC Matic yesterday, it downloaded the latest Nvidia driver for my GC. After about an hour it had downloaded 41% when I decided to stop it; I then downloaded the same driver in about 12 min.
    Do something about this option …

  19. My Total Frag is always between 9 and 12 and the Data Frag is always between 25 and and 30. In fact they actually have increased slightly after a fix. However, it is interesting to note that when I recently took a 15 day free trial of “Cyberscrub” these values did fall to less than one but have now returned to the higher values. What is going on here? By the way, I am a paid subscriber to PCMatic.

  20. I too would like to see the ability to turn off driver updates. I have an issue with a Bluetooth driver and I constantly have to reload my outboard software or restore to get my mouse to work again!

  21. One other option I would like to see is the ability to turn off driver updates. One of my computers has an issue with the sound driver, and every time I forget to turn off that update, I have to use system restore to get my sound to work again.

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