Chris Pirillo Video: Should You Apply New Security Updates for Windows?

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Chris Pirillo is the founder of the tech blogging network, Lockergnome and previously served as host of TechTV’s Call for Help show. Chris’s insightful and entertaining how to videos will now be featured in the PC Pitstop newsletters and highlighted at and

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8 thoughts on “Chris Pirillo Video: Should You Apply New Security Updates for Windows?”

  1. I got a new HD and then cloned the original one, that has been sitting in a box for two years, onto it, the sped increase was amazing, but then XP then installed 72 updates, a few weeks later it added a few more dozen, and ever more since then, now it’s slower than my old Vic 20. I’m gong to redo the original clone job and forgo any more updates.

    M$ should be required to send out a whole new copy on disc after 50 updates, one that isn’t 800 band-aides all strung out in 900 different places on the HD.

  2. Screw the updates. I keep two backup laptop drives on hand, as well as a backup laptop. There isn’t any unanticipated event that will inconvenience me for more than than 90 seconds.

    In addition to the replacement drives I maintain two external drives for weekly data backup.

  3. Well you could always read ALL the Microsoft KB publications if you want. These naturally detail specifically what each of the hotfixes actually plug, then you could even write your own Malware, literally to target ONLY the thousands of machines which have NOT had those latest specific hotfixes applied…yes believe me that’s how it’s done….get in the backdoor and you are in. Where to get in is all published in the latest KB’s!!!!

    So why wait for your machines scheduled automatics to tell you it is time. Hell you could even leave the front door (or windows for that matter) completely unlocked in your house or car when you go out. I bet you’d get away with that for years.

  4. Well, red the comments, I’m not impressed. The best way is to know what you are doing, sounds stupid, but it’s the truth. So folks, turn the automatic updates OFF and check at regurly intervals, let’s say once a week or more, what’s new in the MS Block.
    Pick only the ones you ‘ll usefull for your computer and let the rest where it is, yes, at Mikeysoft.

  5. Two Thumbs Up Mike! Two Thumbs Down JB! You’ll need JB Weld to patch all the holes in your system! Don’t believe me? give me your ip address… I’ll show you…

  6. If you dont use the tools givien to you, dont be the first person in line to complain windows is the most vulnerable system, etc, etc. If you actually do what your told, i mean im an it expert, and i use windoews without one attack! but i update religiously, and am very aware of what i download. I also use free ware av/sw protection, without one glitch. OF course windows is going to be hacked, morons who dont update, it is the most popular os!

  7. In 2006 an XP update created an annoying problem by introducing the log-on screen. I NEVER used any log-on procedures and I confirmed this annoyance was produced by the update during a call to MS tech support and a local repair shop.

    I stopped automatic updates for a two year period with no (known) repercussions, although there have been a few malware/virus issues during the past four year.

    BOTTOM LINE: Haven’t had to reformat in 4 years with XP service pack 2 and IE7. Recently ran automatic updates but turned it off again. Did not install IE8 or service pack 3. I might update once a year from now on.

  8. I find it incredible that people just don’t get it. I’ve heard them say is it best to just turn off updates? And that it’s not worth the hassle!

    A computer is just a tool, and like any other tool(spanner, toothbrush etc), it can be either used correctly, or abused at your discretion. Furthermore, even though the most valuable and expensive part of a computer set up is in fact, you, yourself – the human operator, 89% of all computers today are infected with malware and 99% are still running insecure applications!

    It has been estimated that up to one quarter of all personal computers connected to the internet may be part of a botnet. This is the kind of thing that updates would have prevented had they had been applied timely. Always remember that Computers are the most intelligent idiots known to man and require updating just to stay one step behind the threats!

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