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For years I’ve followed the browser wars using NETMARKETSHARE as my main reference. I’ve watched as Firefox has slowly crept up in usage while the chosen one, Internet Explorer, has just as slowly given up half-share after half-share to the field.

During this long and slow competition Firefox has become the favored challenger to IE. Using features like tabbed browsing, speed, and a host of add-ons, Firefox has slowly gained market to put it somewhere in the 20% to 30%, 2nd position. The exact figures change according to whose collecting the stats and how they are collected.

This year the trend of Firefox slowly adding to its share seems to have changed. Just like Internet Explorer, Firefox has lost market share every month this year.

While this decline may not be as entrenched as Microsoft’s nose dive, it’s the first time Firefox has posted declines for three straight months. Speculation has already started that Firefox may have hit its peak.

Chrome is the only browser of the top three to post gains and those gains are coming at the expense of IE and Firefox. Earlier this year I noted that the enthusiasm of once noisy Firefox devotees seemed to have cooled. They seemed less intent on insisting Firefox was the only answer to browser happiness. Now I’m wondering how many Firefox users are slowly switching to chrome.

For the past several years the only trend to watch was how much market share was being gained by Firefox. Today the real race is between the second and third horse, FireFox and Chrome. That’s a big change from just 3 months ago. At the end of 2009, Safari was in the number 3 position, followed closely by Chrome. Now Chrome is in the number three position and has opened up its lead on Safari.

If things continue at the current pace, Chrome could be looking at 10% market share by 2011. Meteoric rise is a phrase that comes to mind to describe this.

Here’s an excerpt from our last Browser Wars Article.

The charts below tell the story. The March 2009 chart is on the left and the November 2009 chart is on the right.


Changes seen this year are substantial, but the rate of change doesn’t seem to be the story here. It’s the fact that two major players allowed for substantial gains by Chrome, Firefox, and even Opera. Safari’s failure to supply a browser that works as well on Windows as it does on Mac, along with Google’s release of Chrome for Mac OS X, put Chrome in the number 3 position over Safari but well behind Firefox.
Internet Explorer and Safari had combined losses of 7.48% while Chrome, Firefox and Opera had combined gains of 7.35%.

Internet Explorer’s loss of 7% in the past year is staggering. When looking at the figures for IE the term Nosedive springs to mind with a visual of a large WWII Bomber plunging to earth in flames.

It seems now more than ever, the shape of the latest devices will change the use of software. Will iPad will push Safari closer to regaining it’s third position. What effect will Smart Phones and Android have on browser share?

What do you think will happen to Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox in the next couple of years? Will the default Android browser get a call in this race? I’d love to hear your opinion and the good thing is that you can’t be wrong because it’s an Opinion.




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85 thoughts on “Browser Wars 2010 – Trends Change”

  1. Saturday, May 29, 2010 = I think someone has been counting their chicks B4 they hatch, with predictions that Chrome is going to take over Firefox or IE! My wife & I + a friend, all tried Chrome for 2 months (3 different PC’s). We only used IE8 or FF3.5 for banking, serious time limited searches or for critical web usages but for everything else, we stuck to Chrome to give it a fair shot. All 3 of us couldn’t wait till the 2nd month was done, so to get back into using browsers we trusted & were very familiar with! As others have pointed out, Chrome doesn’t seem to be a finished product, ready for market or is it just going to be a secret BETA product for years to come, like Gmail was(?). Yes, Chrome is in a very ’embryonic’ stage & shouldn’t be published as ‘Ready to Use’ browser! We found Chromes Help material critically lacking explanations & directions for getting the browser up & running for immediate usage. The info given told you what was there but not really how to use each section easily! I could go on & on but I think a lot of others have stated sufficiently that Chrome does have problems, some worse than IE & FF put together. That is my humble opinion (story) & I’m sticking to it! PL

  2. I use Firefox as my main browser. Recent releases have been very slow in starting up. I tried removing the add-ons and it has helped. OTOH, Chrome is fast starting up and it navigates quickly, more quickly than IE or Firefox. More and more, I’m using Chrome over Firefox due to the frustration it provides in performance. Chrome is for the computer-literate, not the casual typist who is using a computer. Those folks are the fodder for the hackers who use their systems as spam machines.

  3. Curious: does Safari include Safari on the iPod/iPhone/iPad?

    FWIW: I use pretty much a different browser on every system.. my desktop Chrome, my laptop Opera, my netbook Seamonkey, and my iPod Touch Opera Mini. Internet usage wise it’s probably about: Desktop > Netbook > iPod Touch > laptop.

  4. Tried Firefox a few times and kept switching back to IE. Started using Chrome last year but it never seemed to have substances… like it wasn’t a full browser. A few months ago I discovered and switched to Opera and love it… fast, good features, looks good and feels good to use… and now Opera is available for iPhone and it works great… much more responsive then iPhone Safari. Opera gets my vote… and I won’t be surprised if it gains more market share as it becomes known.

  5. I use IE, tried Firefox several times but images don’t load 90% of the time, also, the right click options using Firefox are about 1/4 as much as with IE. I have also found the right click options that Firefox does have are less user friendly. As far as Crome goes, anything having to do with “Google” I’m leary of.

  6. I love my Firefox. I am always on the go with my laptop and therefore I am a captive of public wifi for access. I finally had to quit using my IE due to corruption by spyware/malware and turned to Firefox on the recommendation of a friend who was an IT for IBM. Later on I added Secunia PSI. My Firefox is usually always secure on it reports. IE stays on the insecure browsing list all the time and it has no solution. The only reason I still have IE is in order to do the necessary windows updates which MS has made almost impossible to carry out on Firefox. Otherwise I never touch the thing. I too like the Ad blocker which works so well and I also use No-Script which saves me from all the unnecessary scripts when I am browsing. I also love the password protect which saves me from having to buy a program for that. I have not tried Chrome. I don’t like the intrusiveness of Google and their ad trackers for which I have the cookie to block in firefox. They try to package Chrome with other downloads, just like Safari, which totally annoys me. That is why I have not bothered with Chrome. The only way I would switch at this point would be if Chrome indeed became a “safer” browser than Firefox and Firefox became chronically “unsafe” like IE.

  7. Screw Chrome,Google has their hand in to much stuff anymore like AOL did and Microsh** I’ll stick with my Ffx.Ffx starts a lil slower than IE ,but then Ffx isn’t part of the OS like IE,but once it’s up it’s ALOT better than IE I think will ever be.Also,more and more IE is implementing Ffx’s features to TRY and get as good.

    IE will always be on top till more casual (computer illiterate)users catch up to speed and know there is other choices out there.IE is on top only for the fact it is crammed down our throats cause it’s the only browser shipped with windows.IE is just a total POS end of story.When Ffx finds a loophole or exploit it’ll usually have a fix out in at most a few days…IE MAYBE at he end of the month.Sure Ffx may not be good for these crappy store bought systems with their just barely recommended amount of RAM cause of it’s resource usage but a nice built one for what you’d pay at a store should more suffice.AMD ll X2 215,4GB RAM Win 7 here and have had Ffx with 15 tabs in 1 window possibly 20 in another and 5-10 in another,while I had Yahoo music playing,using messenger,and watching videos and/or a game of WoW here and there up.ATM I have 10 on 1 window and 5 in this 1 and the Task managers performance for Ffx is at 173,000-193,000K,but then I been stuck in youtube land for over an hour now and have all those videos up on this here $300+(109 for OS) system lol

    I’ll stick to Ffx I’ve never had a problem with a site yet with it.I may try Safari or Opera but screw Chrome and Google.

  8. I’ve been using Opera 10.5x for over 6 months now. REALLY LIKE IT.
    IE is so full of errors that it drives me CRAZY. I don’t use it anymore.
    TRY Opera !!! It is fast, versatile, and easy to become accustomed to.
    I’m sure that Opera’s “market share” will continue to grow steadily or perhaps rapidly. It’s GOOD !!!

  9. I believe IE will always hold the top as long as we use windows as our main download,Windows 7 looks real good and Vista has corrected many of the errors it made at first which was alot and now I love Vista and thats saying ALOT!

  10. I have switched over to Opera 90% of the time. Work forces me to use IE but that will come to an end in a couple of years. In addition to speed and the community, Opera works and coordinates all I do between 3 computers – one WINXP and 2 linux. Favorites, history and notes are always available regardless of where I’m at.

  11. At this time I have three browsers installed on my PC. IE 8, Safari and Opera! Opera is by far the fastest and most reliable browser I use. Safari is extremely boring and we all know that IE is extremely slow!!! Try Opera and just see how it is the fastest by far. I do not even consider Google Chrome at this time simply because it crashes way too often. This is my input on browsers in 2010!!

  12. I have used many different browsers over the years and try ones that I stumble upon. Chrome has gotten better since its inception and I find myself using it more and more. It still needs tweaking and polishing and it is more like Safari to me than IE or FF. I have also religiously used Slim Browser for its small footprint, fast speed and IE compatibility. Maxthon works well too. I have found that Firefox has become bloated and much slower release after release and I no longer use it. I use Thunderbird and love mozilla but have fallen out of favor with their browser. Avant browser is fast and effective and gets the job done as well. Opera is decent but like Safari and Chrome takes practice getting used to and has features most of us dont care about. Who would have thought years ago that we could over complicate something like a web browser? It is a tool that gets us where we want to go and we are focusing way too much energy on a mundane piece of software.

  13. I prefer Firefox because of the big 4 (IE, FF, Opera and Safari), it is the only browser that password protects remembered login usernames and passwords. The other three will fill in login and user names without any security check.

  14. Well now Mr Shogun (the Pilot, I assume) I’ve probably tried all the browsers possible, and at one time had as many as 10 or 11 various on my machine.
    Yes, I went over to FF when IE got so bloated, one needed a starting handle to get it fired up. But then, FF did exactly the same, and got so big, it was using up all of my resources – a common error with most of ‘em…
    Back before Chrome was even a twinkle in Google’s eye, I happened across a lesser known browser called Flock, and that stayed on my machine as my browser of choice until Google put out the beta of Chrome, and there I have happily stayed since. Chrome is the most secure browser that I have ever used and blocks (on the odd occasion) crap that happens – wow, I was impressed…!
    One must study Chrome to get the best from it, and I recommend that new users read the comic strip type intro issued on the Chrome pages. Reading this intro prepares one for the way forward…
    I am incredibly surprised that no-one has mentioned Flock, and in the face of the “really don’t like” syndrome, would have thought that this simple browser out of the Gecko stable was the only alternative…
    As far as the sums are concerned, most machines are picked up with IE affixed to it, and thus MS must get the lions share, including the rakes of machines in offices, commerce, schools, civil service and government etc. Take all of those away, and I think you’ll find Chrome shining right at the top of the list. Opera is too geeky, Amaya doesn’t cut it. Maxthon was pretty good until they started getting too clever and changing things. I agree with others above about Avant, but it’s light. Slim Browser was pretty good and uses far less resources than others, and I’ve yet to try LUNASCAPE6…
    Stick with the Acid tested I say…

  15. I believe much of the dissatisfaction with chrome expressed above stems from a misunderstanding of what (I think) google is doing. Google is keeping chrome evolving and evolvable, with functionality and ease of use being the primary goals.

    Chrome allows me to organize my email and my thoughts at the same time. Remember: it’s the search, stupid! I have defined a set of labels along conceptual category lines. Examples of labels I use: Investing, Newsletters, Physics, etcetera. I can apply any set of labels by hand to any given email. A single click of a label button calls up a list of all matching emails.

    Easier than hand-application of labels to emails is Filter-application. Suppose I want to find all newsletters from a given source. I set up a filter to attach an applicable label to all incoming emails from that source. This can be applied to all prior emails from that source, so that all emails from that source are labelled appropriately. From then on, I can call up the list of emails so labelled with a single mouse-click of the corresponding label button.

    The chrome user interface seems to optimize for ease of use along the lines of highest use and most recent use. Whatever it is that the user interface is really doing, I find that it is adapting itself very smoothly to provide an intuitively natural usage experience for me.

    So by now, you might as well count me as a Chromofan, or Chromey (for short.)

  16. I like to play the Games at and if I use IE to go there, and then I run registry Mechanic I will get at least half a dozon registry errors using IE. If I use Google Chrome for any of the games other than Golden Pharoah Slots my registry is clean. For some reason the Golden Pharoah Slots game puts some registry errors on the machine no matter what browser you use.

  17. I use only IE. It does fault often until you make better/safer changes/tweaks to the IE settings/computer services. After I made many changes, I have not had any problems with speed or crashing, etc. I noticed that Firefox cannot be installed independently, but only on top of IE/requires IE. That’s just extra space/processes to use Firefox over a fully-functioning IE. When tweaking your computer, you minimize instead of add-on! Many users talk of Chrome’s speed which is good – that would seem to have the edge in today’s World! Maybe I am just used to IE and have the patience to wait a small matter of only seconds which isn’t bad once you get older and leave your spoiled rotten “I want it now” attitude in the past with your childhood!

  18. Given the choices we now have, I will take Safari anytime. The only browser that allows me to copy and paste whole pages and email them to my friends and to my self as well for archiving. Really neat for me.

    Whenever I have a new computer, I always download a Safari, my preferred browser. I’m sure Apple will address the issues bugging it.

  19. Interesting topic here. 🙂

    And here comes another Opera lover. 😉
    I’ve used Opera since version 7.54 if I’m not mistaken. It’s still ads-supported at that time, and I must say I wasn’t very happy with that. But then, starting the 100% free version (8), I truly became a Opera fan! Now at version 10.5x, I really like the Opera’s new Search/Find (text) feature that mimics Geckos such as Safari – Opera’s one isn’t as great as Safari’s (in terms of focusing) — yet, but good move Opera!

    I don’t know others but I noticed two obvious issues with Opera:
    1) It’s not very friendly with eBay’s JavaScript… I just have to disable JS on eBay to see the full Web page 🙁
    2) There are times when it takes almost forever for Opera to “waiting for DNS confirmation of cookie” esp. when requesting HTTPS Web sites – e.g., several days last week when I tried to log-in to Google.

    And last but not least, I do like Safari. 🙂
    I’m using Safari now…


  20. I’d also like to mention that Chrome is now considered the safer browser, as it was the only one that was not hacked 2 weeks ago in a hack fest somewhere…Sorry, I can’t remember where it took place. 🙂

  21. I moved to Chrome about 6 months ago and currently it’s my only browser. It’s now plenty of good add-ons and it’s ages faster than their counters. Even if a website does not work well with it (e.g. Outlook Web Access) I use IE tab extension as a very good workaround. Right now I don’t need other browser.

  22. timothy Morgan

    I predict that IE will remain the top browser because it comes bundled and is familiar. I like Firefox fine. I dislike Safari. Chrome I am not familiar with, since I refuse to have anything to do with it’s creator, as world grabbing as Microsoft. If IE dropped to 50% that’s still half the world, with the rest divvied up amongst the rest. But who knows? Mac banked on getting Macs into schools and creating a world of Mac users. Didn’t work out very well, did it? iPad is a mess, already dropping connections and various issues. I ran a Mac network for 2 and 1/2 years, you couldn’t give me a Mac. No, IE will stay on top simply because it’s there and familiar.

  23. It doesn’t matter what is more popular, it just matters what is faster, and currently the newest and world fastest, also somewhat hidden, is Opera 10.51. It seems a little different but surprisingly it is faster than all the other browsers, including firefox and chrome. also, it doesnt matter what you like that makes it the best, it matters what has the most user friendly interface and is the fastest and the most secure. firefox does not have most of what Opera has but it does have a good pluggin called WOT (Web of Trust) which is very useful if there is an untrusted website that has a virus on it. mostly i use Opera but if i need to, i play double dribble and do firefox for one thing and Opera 10.51 for the other. It also doesnt matter what is most used because a lot of people don’t know that there is such thing as another browser and don’t know how to operate their computer very well. so be smart, choose Opera 10.51 and Firefox. 🙂

  24. I love Chrome!! It performs better than IE or Firefox.. however I still have to have IE and Firefox on my PC because a LOT of websites still don’t support chrome 🙁 Hope that changes very soon!!

  25. I use the computer as a tool. I have found that major corporations flood you with adware tracking cookies to see what is being done, and Microsoft is the main culprit, and sells their software to other corporations so they can track you too. It all creates registry errors. I removed IE, and can still update my Windows XP every other week automatically. I only use Mozilla Firefox, and it is always being attacked and shut down by the registry errors from Microsoft’s software. Just give Bill Gates all the money in the world and send him to Elba.

  26. Charles Johnson

    I have used all of the web browsers that you mentioned at one time. In my opinion if you want the safest browser stick with firefox. If you want the one that is truly compatible with your computer stick with internet explorer. The rest of them are annoying to get working right and not worth the time.

  27. I have IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Orca, and one called QT Web on my computer. Opera is my first choice then Chrome. I like the speed dial features on both. If I want to play “Double Dribble,” I’ll use IE. Firefox and QT Web, I use whenever I feel like it.

  28. John P. Guckel

    I have been using Chrome since it’s inception and am currently using the Beta version. I find it fast, efficient and very user friendly. Like all new things, especially browsers, it takes a little while to get comfortable with. But the learning cure is worth it. I am forced, unwillingly, to still use IE7. This is used just for the horrendous amounts of patches and security updates necessary to keep my O.S. running smoothly. I use XP Pro, Service Pack 2, because it is the most stable O.S. to use in a business environment. I will migrate to Service Pack 3 when July arrives and support for Service Pack 2 ends. As for Vista, and it’s very large Band-Aid called Windows 7? Well it obviously is doomed also since Microsoft is already talking about Windows 8. It’s pretty smart of them to use numbers for revisions and new releases. Just think what would happen if they used the alphabet. Only 26 possibilities there. Maybe if they want to add some splash they should go to Roman Numerals!
    Meanwhile I will patiently wait for the new Chrome O.S.. If it will be anything like Android I’m for it. I have a Droid Eris and love the functionality!

  29. Bill, do give the latest Opera a go, it really is fast. My default browser is Firefox but it seems to get tangled up in itself and become unresponsive to mouse scrolling at times (maybe it doesn’t get along with Google toolbar), so I use Chrome for a couple of forums, and now I’ve just discovered how fast Opera is and how much better it handles eBay browsing, I’m going to try it as default for a while. I try to keep an open mind and test out browsers following significant updates.

  30. I use Firefox exclusively but am thinking of moving to Chrome. As Larry pointed out earlier, Firefox has developed some problems lately and I am surprised they haven’t fixed them. It uses huge amounts of memory over time and very often has to be killed with task manager. I seldom reboot my laptop and find Firefox taking one of my CPU’s 100%, doing what I do not know. If you try to bring it down gracefully, it often sits there and hangs. Otherwise, I love Firefox. Get it fixed please!

  31. Most PC users fall into the appliance category. They take what is on it and generally will not venture forth. MSIE will keep those. MSIE is not a bad browser but its vulnerabilities keep a frown on my face.

    FFox is a good browser. Dunno but I have heard claims it’s got memory leaks

    Chrome is nice. I use that too, more than Fire Fox, but it will crash if you decide not to save a file and the favorites system is worse than MSIE’s

    The rest I dunno about. I have used ‘off by one’ and it works and is pretty much bullet proof but can’t do the song and dance the other browsers do.

    I’ve been pleased with sea monkey. But I do not use that much.

    Jus’ one guy’s opinion!

  32. As of March 6, 2010, Opera has announced that they are the fastest web browser…I use Opera, Firefox, and Opera is faster. One of the problems with Firefox is their plugins. Some of them have viruses in them I have noticed….

  33. I, like one of the previous individuals, have found Avant to be my browser of choice. Small, fast, reliable, it just keeps on getting better and better. Built on the IE framework, nevertheless it does what it is supposed to do without a massive learning curve which was my experience with Safari, Chrome, and Opera.

  34. I think Chrome will gain ALOT of new users once IE9 comes out and all the people, like me, still on XP find that MS has shut the door on them (IE9 will not run on XP). I’m gradually moving over to Chrome now.

  35. I use all three, Google, Firefox and I.E., in descending order.
    Once I got familiar with Google, it became my 1st choice. It’s faster; I like the tabbing and the toolbar is easy to use once you figure it out.

  36. I use Chrome as my main browser, mainly because Firefox is such a memory hog, and has had some crash problems since version 3.0.10. My only complaint with Chrome is that it is sometimes slow when running Java apps. Other than that, I think it’s the best browser out there.

  37. I use Opera most of the time, and Opera has increased MUCH more that any other (they even separate mini to make it look bad)….Firefox is my #2 browser, and I use IE for updates and some sites that you need to use it (ebay updates etc.).
    I took Chrome off my computer, didn’t like it at all.

  38. It’s Chrome for me. I gave up on IE long ago and switched to Firefox. I watched Firefox get more bloated and slower with every upgrade. Chrome came out and I tried it. It’s fast, uses less memory, and is easy to use. There were occasional issues with sites that would not run on it because the had to have IE or don’t run Netscape, but those are going away and there is an IE extension now for those rare ones. Basically, adopting Chrome early required waiting for it to catch up, but it has been worthwhile as far as getting a good browsing experience. Firefox is now just my backup and IE just sits there unused.

  39. Tried Chrome, Fox and IE 8. I despise IE it constantly crashes, too slow, just a worthless pile of garbage. Fox on the other hand is cool. It’s rather efficent and has some nice features. Is indeed speedy which is nice when you get sick of watching IE freeze up and have to reboot the stupid browser. Chrome is ok. Not much different than Fox. I would love to see the END of IE.

  40. i used firefox and have for a very long time, through all its iterations … love it … just tried chrome and immediately took it off — no control, or not as much as firefox, over the ads … it needs to come a long way in my book to beat firefox … as for ie, well, anything can *beat* that! with all the positive reviews, i might have to have another go at opera … thanks for all the thoughts!

  41. Years ago, I was an Opera user, Opera was the only full feature browser that ran on my 486 Thinkpad with a 40MB drive and 512K (yes, K) memory under Win98 Lite (no IE). I was so happy with them that I became a paid user. Years gone by, and I just revisited Opera a couple weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised how good the browser is. Tried Chrome but not impressed, helped somebody removed some malware recently, and was just shocked with how bad IE8 is. I am now back to Firefox as the problem with using anything other than the “big 2” as primary browser is the browser not fully supported by some of my apps..

  42. IE 8 is incredibly slow. Chrome hogs memory and slows down my overall computer. I have removed Chrome. Firefox does almost everything I want it to do. A few sites do not work well on Firefox regretibly and I must go back to IE for these few. Maybe they soon will see the light and provide full usage for Firefox.

  43. I much prefer FF to IE but lately it has started to crash when I try to use it for banking (worked great for a long time). I believe some highly educated bank software programmers have been replaced by MS Donkeys who work cheaply, and their talent level is slowly being exposed. So for now the only time i use IE is when I visit the bank online. My comment on all of this is “It seems like the more sophisticated computer technology gets the further behind we get because there is no common solution. Think cyber life is difficult now; just wait until the talent level of computer programmers out there today multiply – it can only get worse.” BTW, I am in the energy field.

  44. With me it’s all about speed. Although a lover of Firefox, I’ve been getting frustrated with slow-downs almost to the point of hanging. Tried all the usual fixes to no avail. So have been resorting to Chrome in emergencies. I wonder how many other Firefoxees have been similarly tempted.

  45. What a lot of heat over zero revenue! As usual, Microsoft has its eyes on the prize, while the rest fixate on geek-share.

  46. I`m under the the suspicion that Microsoft will at some point bring back Internet Explorer to it`s number one status.

  47. I tried Chrome it was a no go I tried safari you needed an engineers degree in order to understand it,Have never liked the way BG decided to do away with competing browsers by bundling IE into the OS Loved Mosaic now my favorites are firefox and opera I have removed IE from desktop and and programs bar whoever uses my PC has to settle for my choice of browsers not Bill Gates

  48. I clean about 15 Microsoft operating systems each week of malware, performing new install when possible. Quite often I find internet explorer icon has been removed from the desktop and replaced with a combination of Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. This is a major change, a year ago, the Internet Explorer Icon was always on the desktop.

    I am quite surprised that Internet Explorer usage is still as high on the charts as indicated.


  49. I have used Chrome almost exclusively for a long time now. There are still some compatibility issues on a few sites so I have to use firefox or ie for those sites. Chrome is just so much faster I gradually found myself using it more and more. Just loaded opera mini on my blackberry and am very impressed. May give it a try on my computer.

  50. I like “Wyzo” for playing videos online (ie., YouTube). The other night, Firefox (my default browser; w/Adblock) was dragging so I switched to Wyzo and went back to the same page and ZIP! It’s so much faster on videos than any browser I’ve used. So when I go to YouTube now, I go with Wyzo because I know there won’t be any problems.

  51. I too have loaded Chrome and find it is fast but one quirk disappoints me in that you dont have the “drop down” feature that displays a list visited sites and allows you to scroll down to the one you wish to visit again. Apart from that it is very fast. Based on the other comments I am going to try Opera. I had it on my Archos unit but gave it to my daughter when the novelty wore off. In the meantime it is Firefox. Cannot remember the last time I looked at IE. I had it on my netbook and everytime I connected to the net via the wireless modem it flickered horribly and almost induced an epileptic fit in me. After trying various settings etc I gave up, installed Firefox & Chrome and bingo..flickering gone!!!

  52. As a web developer I praise, suggest and practically force my friends, family and clients to use Firefox. Safer, faster and reliable are words I use to describe Firefox every time the subject comes up. IE, no matter what version, is the only browser that seems to throw problems for every project I do. Tweaking CSS alone to fit it into that retched bit of software wastes so much of my time that I wish I could claim it as a loss on my taxes. Chrome is a great alternative to Firefox, but has nowhere near as many features. Just doesn’t seem done.

  53. I started out as an IE junky, but eventually switched to Firefox because of the added features and at the time, it seemed to be faster.

    Over time, Firefox has grown to be a slow lethargic pig, worse even than IE.

    In my quest to get back speed, I installed Chrome which is hands down the fastest browser of them all.

    At first I didn’t like it but that was only because I needed to take a little time to learn how to option it to my tastes.

    Things like history clearing (Private Browsing for you Firefox folks) were not obvious.

    Firefox takes minutes to startup the first time and if you close it and suddenly decide you forgot something and reopen it, you get error dialogs and have to either wait or use taskmgr to kill the process.

    Chrome is instantaneous! Bam, it is up and ready for your commands. Pages appear blindingly fast. It is no wonder why it is starting to gain in browser share.

  54. I’ve used Chrome to test my websites since it is starting to show market share(so to speak). It gets along with my AJAX stuff as well as firefox, so I have no complaints. I still prefer Firefox because it has all the right addins to make everything work smoothly for me, and the new personas stuff is great. Sadly Firefox quality control seems to be lacking lately as I’ve had more crashes in the past 6 months than in the previous few years with it. Hopefully Google gets it right, and Firefox starts putting out releases after more testing then IE will see a fall below 50% and maybe Microsoft will be forced to stick closer to DOM.

  55. Firefox is my soulmate. No ads and stupendous control over Flash (ads), amongst many other add-ons. My browsing experience is always excellent with Firefox.

    I use the slow IE only to view my other gmail account simultaneously or on the rare occasion where some degenerate web site was only designed for IE. Chrome works even more slowly on my PC and doesn’t remember field history (looked everywhere to change it). I’m not impressed with Chrome at all and only use it when needing to view a third gmail account.

  56. It would be interesting to see the figures for browser usage amongst professional users and the more computer literate users. I saw some like this a year or so ago, but can’t remember where, and Firefox was well ahead of IE. You have to remember that every PC shipped comes with IE and most casual users never bother to replace it or upgrade it when newer versions come along. That’s why MS can’t dump IE6, which causes them as much grief as it does the web designer. I have recently been enhancing my web design capabilities and have lost track of the number of time I have read… ” do it this way for IE and this way for everything else”. As a part-time web designer I have all of the leading browsers to check compatibility but I tend to use Firefox for my own browsing. However, this is mainly because of what I am used to and have not really given the others much of a testing.

  57. I agree with John Bennett.I have tried all the most popular browsers and have found Avant to be the easiest and fastest to use.I have Rx8 also bit do much prefer Avant.Try It!

  58. I use Safari when I can
    I like the organization

    I use IE when Safari doesn’t work

    I used to use Firefox

    Safari’s problem is it crashes sometimes and it tends to be a memory hog
    But, I like the look and the way it organizes “favorites”right on a bookmarks bar

  59. How about Avant? It is still the fastest I have found and it has wonderful features such as personal online storage. I find that is is faster than IE or Firefox, or, indeed, Chrome. I have tried all the others, too; but always come back to Avant.

  60. I alternate between IE, Chrome and Firefox. I like the Firefox plugins, the speed and and simplicity of Chrome. IE doesn’t really do much for me and will continue to slide.

  61. I jumped on the Chrome bandwagon when it first was in beta. It’s very fast and has a clean look. What I don’t enjoy is the fact it stays in your ‘C’ drive and cannot be moved to another drive as Firefox can…hope Google changes this.

  62. I’ve tried using 4 different browsers recently. I used to favour Firefox, but it’s rather unreliable and has recently given up on me totally. I then had to use IE, which I found clunky and slow. I tried out Chrome, but found that certain parts of it didn’t work, and some caused it to crash. I have now settled on Opera, which is very smart, speedy and has some neat features. I think Opera will start catching up to the others soon.

  63. I never liked IE after 5. When there was Netscape and IE, IE was the lesser of the two evils. It was fast and it didn’t have all the bloat that Netscape had. Well, Mozilla solved that problem with Firefox. FF with Web Developer and Firebug have been very helpful in some web dev projects I worked on. NoScript is also a wonderful addition if you prefer a deny-all environment. It can be a pain at times since there are several different scripts that can run on a site. I haven’t tried the Chrome, but I did launch Safari once; I wasn’t impressed but I didn’t give either browser a fair try.

    I take online courses for my certifications, so a browers that handles JavaScript, Flash, and other interactive technologies is a must. IE, Firefox both work okay, with Firefox having some issues because the sites that I log into code for IE primarily (hence quirks mode that Web Developer shows on the toolbar).

    I’m using Lunascape which has three major engines available for use: Trident, Gecko, and WebKit. I like the Lunascape layout and its various settings which makes it a nice compliment to the browser wars. Having multiple engines to switch through is nice. I have yet to move from the trident engine; most of the sites I visit are geared toward IE. However, I have to give Firefox and its team of developers kudos for making a browser what it should be. Outside of the add-ons, which add complexity to the browser system, Firefox does what it is supposed to do. I’m not a fan of the CSS alternatives it has by default (I viewed firebug and found Firefox’s CSS taking priority over what I had on one project). It’s such an easy browser to configure, that’s not a major issue. Of course, there will be some issues with each browser that a person doesn’t like.

    Overall, this is one of the more healthier competitions I will continue to support. Whatever browser is at the top, there is always competition lurking.

    Oh, I can’t forget the Avant Browser. I used that a while back and find it to be a good implementation of the Trident engine as well; it uses the IEAK so there are some issues from IE it had to overcome. I haven’t downloaded the latest yet.

    So, everyone have fun with your favorite browser(s) and let’s be careful out there…the evils that lurk behind those web pages don’t discriminate any longer. 😉


  64. Adina HIrschmann

    I have both IE8 and FIrefox on my computer (OE WIndows XP—SP3). Where Firefox was a bit faster, I had problems getting images to load—important, since I’m a graphic artist. While IE is a bit slower on my older computer, the images render much better without additional plugins (with the exception of Adobe flash). Although curious about Safari and Chrome, I’m still reading up and finding out what people are posting first.

    As for Opera, I use Mini on my cellphone. While it doesn’t show all punctuation, it’s still much faster than Open Wave, which came preloaded as the default, and made the experience like I was back on slow dialup.

  65. Use Firefox, and if forced sometimes IE.
    What your figures show is that from November to 2010 Q1 IE lost 2.19%; Firefox lost 0.32% and Chrome picked up 1.74%. The others picked up 0.77% between them. IE was the big loser.

  66. Damith Wickramanayake

    I use Chrome for almost since it inception. Chrome ‘s utilization of memory is much better than IE or Firefox. In other words Chrome will run with less memory. Chrome will be the Future Browser. Not only that, It will be the FUTURE Operation System too..

  67. I have been happily using SeaMonkey since Netscape’s demise. It is based on Firefox Mozilla, but with the comfort level of dear old Netscape Navigator! I hope that they keep it going!

  68. Chrome is by far faster and cleaner than any of the rest; Opera has an email client that’s as good as any and would be my second choice if it were as fast as Chrome. Firefox is getting stodgy and poky. IE was never in the race. And that’s true both in windows and linux–chrome and opera are even faster in linux.

  69. You SAY that Firefox has been losing share — but your data show a mere 0.6% decline.

    To any professional, that would be well within The Margin Of Error — regardless of how the data were collected.

  70. IE8 I never use. Opera uses the least memory, and has the fastest response. Chrome is OK but does not equal the performance of Opera in the apps that I use.

  71. As an older person, I tried Chrome & found it very confusing. I couldn’t figure out how to do any of the things I do with IE and Firefox-favorites, change home page, etc. I’m not stupid & have no problems with other browsers, just Chrome.

  72. Mensa Grammar Police

    You can do better.

    Now Chrome is in the number three position and has opened up it’s [read its] lead on Safari.
    What affect [read effect] will Smart Phones and Android have on browser share?

  73. My understanding is that Chrome’s boost is mainly due to its product placement on new Windows installations, now MS isn’t allowed to bundle IE. In the list of suggested alternatives, Chrome is right at the top of the list. Go figure.

    I like Opera, but its form-filling ability is pretty crap (I shop online a lot, so that matters), and it’s rubbish at remembering login details.

    Overall – and I have Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE8 installed – Firefox has a substantial edge over all of them.

    And like Rod Walsh, I’ve always felt that Chrome is unfinished – it seem to be somewhat embryonic, with no completion in sight. And despite all the hype, it’s really not that good. And if my Feedjit stats are any indication, Chrome use, as opposed to Chrome downloads, lags way behind IE and Firefox.

  74. I alternate between Firefox and IE. Have repeatedly tried Chrome and Safari. I just don’t see the hype about Chrome. It’s like most of the stuff from Google: drab, uninspiring and never polished.

    Don’t misunderstand me. Google does good work, but they just never seem to get close to completing anything.

    If not for speed, I’d use IE all the time, but I find Firefox to be faster. It’s been a while since I tried Opera; may be time to give it another look.

  75. I think it will be a bit before we have to think about the Android browser. The “Droid” phones still need some tweaking.

  76. I have used Chrome for months now and I find it is gradually taking over from IE. A couple of weeks ago I loaded Opera and its speed surprised me. It has good features too, and I have loaded on all three of my computers. I predict Opera will gain many new users in the coming months.

  77. Thanx for a good piece! I’ ll stick with the ” Fox ” tried Chrome , , it remembers where you have been , in large blocks, Bill Gates wrecked netscape years ago, safari is OK I guess, not impressed, looked at IE 9 scarier than 8, I would HOPE it works better as 8 is pathetic s—-l—-o I could hand erase email faster.. Have a good one . Hey Chris P. Keep up the good work!!!

  78. I use all four top browsers. I prefer Firefox w/ Ad Blocker Pro as ads can really decrease from overall experience (main issue I have is w/ video ads – bandwidth and annoyance). So Firefox w/ABP is a great solution. Sometimes I use Safari, like when I’m borrowing my daughters’ Mac, only rarely use IE32, IE64 or Chrome if Firefox does not work. I mildly prefer Chrome to IE as I like the tab layout better on Chrome and the google search combo w/address bar is a nice feature. Given Google’s ability to advertise Chrome, and it’s marketing of Chrome bundled with various software (like Google Earth etc), I see Chrome continuing to chip away at the rest, but I for one don’t see Firefox loosing as much as IE. Maybe Safari will continue to grow but Safari’s growth depends a lot on Mac sales. As goes Mac so goes Safari.

    Prediction for next quarter: IE in upper 50’s. Firefox almost up to 25, not quite. Chrome up to 7%. Safari steady at just under 5.

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