Windows 7 SP1 Leaked

A quick peek around the web this morning had me tripping over reports of SP1 Beta for Windows 7. Geeksmack posted the first screen shots of the suspect on April 6th along with the build string:


Keep in mind that this is not confirmed by Microsoft and I’m not suggesting you go looking for this on P2P sites, although apparently that’s exactly what others have done.

In addition to the obvious risks, there’s just not much to fix with the original release.

According to Techsmack, “The install process is much of what you would expect from a service pack installer, but one thing I noticed is that the installation is MUCH faster than the install process for service packs on Vista was, which is a very welcome change,”

Earlier reports from Microsoft indicate the SP1 will contain mostly minor updates and would be nothing like SP1 for XP or recent Vista service packs.

Microsoft confirmed earlier that Remote FX and Dynamic Memory will be new features included with this SP. Both deal with remote desktop and virtualization.

Anytime I see reports of service packs my mind races back to how fast boot times were for Windows XP before any service packs were added.

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2 thoughts on “Windows 7 SP1 Leaked”

  1. Um… so basically you’re admitting that you illegally downloaded and installed Windows 7 SP1. How wise is that?

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