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First I want to thank everyone for all the suggestions we’re getting for Ask The Pros. Your input tells me you’re enjoying this part of our newsletter.

The questions have been coming in a steady stream and we’ve been answering some here and some through the Chris Pirillo videos. We really appreciate your questions and try to get to as many as possible. Keep em coming and we will too.

Sidney asks:
I just installed Windows 7 How do I enable “single click” instead of “double click”

Answer: Opening links while browsing the web can be done with a single click but to open a program on your desktop, or when browsing your own computer, requires a single click to select and a double click to open the file or folder. Changing your settings to allow programs to open with a single click is an easy way to save some time. Just follow the instructions below. It’s basically the same for XP, Vista, or Windows 7. The only difference being that in XP you will click Start/My Computer instead of Start/Computer

1. Click Start/ My (Computer)/

2. Tools/Folder Options/

3. Single Click/Apply/OK

**Remember that to just select the folder now, you need only to hover your mouse over the file or folder for a few seconds.

Thank you folks, see you next time!


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3 thoughts on “Ask The Pros April 2010”

  1. The problem is that by default Windows 7 hides the menu bar, so you can’t go to Tools because it’s not there. For Windows 7 the easy way to change to single click is to go to Control Panel, Folder Options, and select it on the General tab. For getting the menu bar to show up go to Control Panel, Folder Options, View tab and check “Always show menu’s”

  2. I’ve been using single click for the past 5 or 6 years. You’ll never convince me double click nuisance serves any purpose. An elderly neighbor, 60ish, got a computer for Xmas and wasn’t able to cope with the mouse until I set it up for single click. He developed an aversion to the computer due to this minor issue.

    All righties should try setting up the mouse in the left hand configuration. WHY? Give your index finger a break and use your middle finger to operate the (single click) right button. You will then be able to position your forearm and hand at a slight (natural) angle, rather than the awkward palm down position.

    I have made physical modifications to my mouse which make it more user friendly.

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