Man Wins $100.00 Finding PC Matic Easter Egg

Very meticulous people are an asset to any business.They are also the ones that get FREE CASH from PC Pitstop.

Paul J. from Holland-On-Sea, Great Britain was the first to find the PC Matic Easter Egg. Paul does clerical work for a local Clapton-On-Sea hospital. He has used our products for many years and was going through the application when he “noticed a green flash”.

Paul almost overlooked it but it wasn’t long before his clerical roots and curiosity got the best of him. Paul went back and scoured every line until he found the source of the the mysterious flash. At first he didn’t recognize what he was seeing, but after reading a couple of times he sent in a question to our Customer service department. Here’s his question and here’s what he found:

Dear Sir/Madam,
After running a test on PCMatic, I received a message when hovering my mouse over ‘System Specs Report’ > ‘Video Memory’, stating ‘First person to find this easter egg wins $100’. Am I able to claim? I have kept a screen shot.
Many thanks.

Hello Paul.

Congratulations. You are the $100.00 winner of the PC Pitstop, PC Matic Easter Egg.

I’d like to give you a call and get some information so we can announce you as our winner and send your prize.

Please provide me with a time that would be convenient.

Thank you.

Steve Hogan
Technical Support

Our CEO Rob Cheng often includes code like this as a way of rewarding those who are thorough enough to check out every corner of our applications. You will probably remember a previously found Easter egg that was placed in our EULA. It took about 3 months but someone did find it and won $1000.00.

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Remember to keep a keen eye as I’m sure there are more!

Congratulations Paul and Happy Easter.

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