Smart Planet: iPad? I’m passing


By John Dodge

I’ve had several opportunities to play with the iPad and like millions of others, I love it. But I’m not going to buy one for the main reason I don’t buy Apple. That’s because it’s Jobs’ way or the highway.

Specifically with the iPad, it does not have a USB port, meaning I can’t connect it to my Blackberry which doubles as a broadband modem. I pay Verizon $30 a month for that service and the Blackberry works with all my PC notebooks and netbooks.

Is John’s Verizon Blackberry – a better deal?

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5 thoughts on “Smart Planet: iPad? I’m passing

  1. Battery secenario: very busy student… I have lots of important docs on my iPad. I have failed to backup stuff to my USB hard drive… no wait… I mean the Mac portable I can’t afford. The battery on my iPad just failed and Apple says to send my iPad to them and I’ll get a brand new iPad.

    Super! Wait! What about all my docs stored on the iPad? Will Apple somehow get them off the iPad they are gonna keep? Will they send the files to me?


  2. My friend wants to use a mouse with the iPad. For him the dealbreaker was no USB. I was trying to tell him about wireless mice. Is that bluetooth?

  3. BlackBerry does bluetooth, Ipad does bluetooth.

    The BlackBerry can be used as a Modem via bluetooth. There ya go, the only reason you had is now gone, go get your new Igadget lol

    But I must admit the it’s Jobs way or the highway is a funny statement coming from a Microsoft windows user.

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