Bits from Bill Pytlovany: Using Internet Explorer 6, Are you Kidding Me?


By Bill Pytlovany

One of the fun reasons of hosting many websites is the information that I can collect from all the visitors.  No, I can’t tell how old you are, what you wearing or other personal information but all web administrators collect information like what browser you’re using, your operating system, language and even your screen size.

Ultimately this information is used by website administrators to make your experience on the website more attractive and more compatible with your machine.  It’s one way of telling how many people are still using Microsoft Windows and how many people are using Internet Explorer versus Firefox or Chrome

Information collected this month indicates that Windows 7 is now installed on more machines than Windows Vista. At least among my readers.

I did find one disturbing trend. Over 15 percent of my visitors who use Internet Explorer are still using version 6 or below. This is very scary.  Using Internet Explorer 6 is like ….

This post is excerpted with Bill’s permission from his blog

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11 thoughts on “Bits from Bill Pytlovany: Using Internet Explorer 6, Are you Kidding Me?”

  1. I am a neighborhood computer janitor, and the last month my business has become almost entirely win7 clean-up.

    I can not believe anyone would use broken at any speed Internet Explorer. I know that a good deal of the malware/blackmail software that is infecting these Win7 units might be social engineering.

    I.E. 6 or I.E. 8 in my opinion it does not matter, Internet Explorer needs to be ripped out of Microsoft’s operating system. The malware is designed to infected operating system via I.E.. Running another browser, helps but I.E. is still in the system.

    Until Americans can get a Win7 without Internet explorer in their operating system this is going to continue to be good for my grocery purchases. Unfortunately for the read my email only computer users it is a disaster, as they do not know how or are afraid to install an alternative web browser.

    I would also bet if you peeled back the secrecy cloak of Internet Explorer coding, security gurus would be appalled that this was on any computer…


  2. Charles Etheridge / Atlanta, GA

    I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate x64bit and of course IE8. I also very contentedly use Windows Security Essentials, and have never had the least trouble with any of it. I look forward to upgrading to IE9 as soon as it is released. I absolutely cannot understand why anyone would still be using XP or any of those earlier IEs, other than that they must just be sort of backward, when the latest systems work so well. I also use Auto Updates and find that it all takes perfectly good care of me.

  3. I upgraded to IE 7 when it came out. My computer went wacky so went back to IE 6. Did the same thing with IE8. Think my computer does NOT like the tabbed browsers. Last fiasco was IE8 changed all my font sizes for web page viewing and in my yahoo emails. Made the print so small I couldn’t SEE it!! I tried all the tricks and tips that they recommended and NOPE, it has messed up my computer but good and probably forever. So I am now using Safari. Not without its faults but at least it works. Next computer….will NOT have ANYTHING from Microsoft on it!!!

  4. Hey …. used IE 6 on my win 98 basement computer that I don’t really use anymore except to print stuff from but got 7 on my vista loaded laptop. Have been having problems with the updates Microsoft sends for it… every time I load them on … I can no longer open up webpages [i get connected to the net easy enough] … whatever it is even stops me from using another browser… so I have to uninstall those updates and service packs. Its been an ongoing problem for over a year … and Microsoft seems to be totally ignoring it.
    Not sure if that has any other security ramifications but being on dialup … I don’t get too worried about attacks. My windows defender keeps getting updated okay and I also use spybot.

    I also use housecalls with some regularity for their freee scans for worms etc.

    On my basement 98 setup … I relied on ZoneAlarm as a firewall and was satisfied with it over those years of use. … Dialup does have some benefits.

  5. Helene Stanford

    I did install IE8, liked all the fun things, but ran into online problems; so after reading many articles, went back to IE6, but still having online problems; using cable cox; maybe 50% of the time I can get into websites, other times that little circle or “loading” can go on for 10-20 minutes, until I give up, and disconnect. Cox said it is not my modem, Linskys, perhaps I need to go to IE7, talked with cox 5hrs in 5 weeks; I at least cana read my mail, but often cannot reply or send. Would any of these problems be due to the IE6 that I am using? Would IE7 just be the trick? Thank you kindly for any assistance, Helene of OKC (ps I am ONE of those seniors, but understand things more than than a noice in this computer world, as I read from many sites and articles, and ask for help.

  6. Just wanted to say I use Win7 Pro & IE8, completely updated “OP” & Security software & malwarebytes-anti-malware pay vs. also use windows media player that came with win7 pro, but it took a little bit of time to get used to but was worth it because of the security of this whole ball game here. Security is no. one for me over any media player. Take it from someone with the experience of being hit. “NEVER AGAIN” if I can help it. Lesson well learned!

  7. Frank Martinoli

    I use IE8 and have had operating issues with it. My service provider, who will be nameless, (Can you hear me now?)says that IE8 is defective and not to use it. They advise to use IE7 instead. Also told me that Microsoft had told them this. I continue to use IE 8 and also Mozilla.
    What’s up with the badmouthing thing?

  8. For all those using IE6, it’s not about what works with the browser, it’s about all those hackers and virus writers that are out to steal all the data they can from any pc they can get into and then use that information to steal, defraud, and scam every little old lady, uninformed user, and honest individual out of as much money as humanly possible, all the while laughing all the way to the bank, at YOUR expense.

    Furthermore, they like to get into your machine through the exploits that are so well documented, and run BOTNETS that ruin the entire Internet experience for ALL.

    Responsible computing involves a pro-active approach to security and anonymity and a secure machine experience that is available to all if they would just practice safe computing habits and SECURE their personal and private data!!

    I was hit this past weekend by FIN FLOOD ATTACKS of a DOS nature that totally shut my internet down for 20-30 minutes each time.

    After performing tracert on the originating IP, I determined that these DOS (Denial of Service) Fin attacks were originating from…wait for it…CHINA!

    Now why would they be interested in my personal information you ask?… Social Security numbers, bank routing information, passwords to the University I work for…beginning to see the picture here??

    SPIES ARE US?? BELIEVE IT, they are knocking on the Door 24/7, 365…
    To continue to run anything with such a well documented history of exploitable security holes as your primary source browser is tantamount to just walking up to a Chinese official and saying here is all my information, use it as you will and by the way my pc is ready to join the botnet and spread all tha spam even further.

    Sorry for that, but from somebody that works in the field of Networking and in the classroom for a Cisco Academy, this is fact, well documented and should be required reading and understanding for ANYBODY who says they have issues with their browsing experience.


    So those denial of service, phishing attacks had ZERO affect on my browsing except for waiting out the duration of the attack and I never lost one single bit of personally identifying information or any of my banking data, or my work passwords and data.

    Responsible computing only works if those having issues heed good advice and utilize a well designed and thought out implementation of a good security policy.

    All information for safe computing, safe security policies, and best practices can ALL be found by searching the internet.

    I have yet to find a program that I can’t manage to run one way or another in any version of Windows as long as there’s virtualization like Microsoft Virtual PC which is free to anyone do download and install. it’s not terribly difficult to follow step-by-step instructions.

    Please look into these ideas put forth here and consider what one multi-media player is worth vs losing your entire identity or just having it borrowed and taken out for a walk then returned to you with all the crimes that ensued during that walk becoming your responsibility.

    The world is wild and wooly so be safe and take responsibility for your actions intelligently by educating yourself for your own self-protection as well as the safety of your family.

  9. I always find articles that “demonize” IE6 interesting. I use IE6 and I am fastidious in updating XP and scanning for nasties. I hide behind a hardware firewall. Granted IE8 and 7 are more secure but neither one is compatible with MusicMatch 7 and my 1st Gen iPod; MM7 only works with IE6. I know ’cause I installed IE7 and MM7 refused to work at all. I’ve tried to quit MM7; I’ve read reviews and tried many other audio players but none of them work as smoothly and as easily as MM7 for me. So I’ll keep humming along with my click-wheel iPod, MM7, and IE6 until I find an audio jukebox that works for me.

  10. I ditched IE a long time ago and have never regretted the decision. Of course it pops up now and then but is never allowed to become my default browser. I’ve tried a lot of alternatives but prefer Avant over the rest. As I have done with WinPatrol, I liked Avast so much that I made a contribution to the developers. It was a relative small one but all I could afford. People who produce a superior product are entitled to at least something from those who use it.

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