6 thoughts on “Ask Leo: That Email Looks Like Its From Me”

  1. How unfortunate that the long winded response did not answer the need to know how this happenned nor how to prevent it.

  2. Hi Leo
    I had an e-mail from a lady, and added at the top of the page was an advertisement from a Canadian Pharmacy selling Viagra, &c.
    I sent her a copy of your solution and and she sent me back an email. Your answer cleaned her system.

  3. Hi. The same thing has happened to me. The first thing i knew was an email from my main account to my secondary account. It did not have my secondary account as the delivery address there was no address but had my main accout as sender. It told how great the iphone i had supposedly just received was, badly spelt with several gramatical errors. I looked in my main account sent box, it had not been sent from there. So i opened a folder sent that email into it. I checked with my friend and he had received the same email but he realised that it was not from me by the errors. He contacted others who we knew and i texted by phone to warn the rest. It appears to download the sent box addresses as they were the only ones that received mails. It is strange because this is a new HP Pavilion DV3-2310ea Windows 7 x 64 bit. I am having problems with Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard, i cannot transfer files and compatability will not cure it, Samsung Mobile have said there is no drivers for 64bit yet. I have tried to point his out to microsoft but there is no way i can. So i contacted HP technical assistance by email to see if they counld help or put it to whoever could cure the Bluetooth prob. I received an email badly written with spelling and gramatical errors giving me website addresses to go to and get the drivers from, so i tried but there was none. It wasn’t untill after i received the strange email that and had the probs that i realise it may have not been from HP or the websites are false as there is strange similarities to the problem mail.. I have changed all my passwords and it seems to have cured it. Now that i see more people have suffered from this i will point my fears out to HP by landline hopefully to their customer services in the uk. As soon as possible.

  4. this also happened to me with windows live mail and when I went to their support site,it appeared that it was happening to a lot of hotmail clients. I removed my hotmail account from windows live mail,only logged into hotmail from web site and changed password. I waited a month and added hotmail account back to windows live mail and have not had a similar occurance.

  5. I had a friend that this happened to. We were all getting emails from her with strange people’s names in the subject line. We would not open them. They were very suspicious. She finally just changed her email server. What a pain for her.

  6. This happened to me once when I opened a PowerPoint chain-mail from a friend. Some code in that presentation must have bypassed security and gone right to my Outlook Addressbook. Most embarassing for an IT retiree to send junk mail to his ex!

    Needless to say, I NEVER open PowerPoint stuff anymore.

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