PC Matic Update

PC Matic now allows you to customize your scanning and cleaning.

Want a comprehensive diagnostic including a scan for malware – no problem.
Perhaps you prefer an analysis of your disks and an evaluation of your system’s benchbarks – also not a problem.

When scanning with PC Matic, you can now customize your analysis to include or exclude disk health, benchmarking, and malware scanning.

Also note, PC Matic now allows you to customize the application’s cleaning power. For licensed versions of PC Matic Auto Fix is off by default. If checked, the clean will begin automatically, after the scan, without user input. This option streamlines regular maintenance, however, you will not receive an overview before the fixes are completed.

Each time you run PC Matic, it automatically updates with the most recent version. You don’t need to do anything.

Run your FREE PC Matic Scan Now!

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18 thoughts on “PC Matic Update”

  1. Julio J Castillo

    I have Chrome, Google. The words “Click here to make chrome your default” however every time I log in to my PC These words are repeated. “Click to make me your default”

    I already have PC Matic. Tell me what to do, thanks.

  2. Indra-Jeet Seenauth

    PC Matic 3 is running on one computer but I can’t get the earlier version to run and update n this computer. Will appreciate any help.

  3. Just installed PC matic to one computer and am t;rying to figure out what to do next and if I am set up so I don’t have to do anything but check it every so often. Seems like a lot of moving parts ********Little confusing.

    1. @Richard Cherry: Hello Richard, If you need any assistance our support team will be happy to help you! You can find them at pcpitstop.com/support. If you have any issues contacting them please let us know.

  4. Re the above comments about PC Matic being “free”.
    No-where does P.C.Pitstop state that the software is free
    instead it is stated to “run your free PC Matic scan now !” Clearly a one-off offer !”
    For all that PC Matic offers would you honestly expect the software to be free of charge ? It is one fantastic
    program of technical ability.

  5. This is one great program. For older Computers the Tweaks and Driver Updates are Essential. Thank You PC Pitstop!!

  6. Pcpitstop said “Each time you run PC Matic, it automatically updates with the most recent version. You don’t need to do anything.”

    That is one of the scariest things I’ve ever heard of – software that auto-updates before I can virus-scan it? No choice between download & auto-install?

  7. Another misleading ad! what is free about this software, I sorry I don’t understand. Even to download it cost me money in bandwidth, just to run and of course the old buy me and I’ll fix your system.

    Too many good and free tools out there to be fooled by this misleading statement of free.

  8. Joan Dannahower

    I love the new version. It has sure helped me accomplish the maintenance I need, without me having to remember to check back and finish the process. Thank you PC Matic…I like easier!

  9. Each time you run PC Matic, it automatically updates with the most recent version. You don’t need to do anything.

  10. So, does this mean that now I can pick individually which updates to apply? For example, in your Internet analysis, you will make suggestions for changes to various settings. Some I agree with and some I don’t. So I haven’t bought PC Matic because I couldn’t select what changes to apply. So now I can select?

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