iPhone4 Complaints Soar

iPhone4 sales and complaints soar!

It seems Apple is intent on keeping users from completing phone calls with an iDevice. Not satisfied with the number of complaints stemming from their limited access provider, Apple has decided to wrap the phones antenna right where one would normally hold the phone. This, as everyone who is old enough to remember “rabbit ears” knows, interrupts reception.

Apple commercials tell us that AppleAdicts are not average. They are fun, artsy, and inventive. They easily bypassed this issue with Tongs and Thongs. These remedies are expected to catch on with all phone users and many are predicting the fall of Mobile Windows and Android based phones as a result.

Cell Tongs keep the phone a safe distance from the user and allow the phone to actually remain connected until the call is dropped by the carrier.

Apple users are pleased because those phones with an actual keyboard might be unable to use the device. It seems that that tongs can’t provide enough resistance to allow depression of the keys. This ensures exclusivity for Apple users.

Cell Thongs, already a big hit with the younger crowd, provide just enough protection between the hand and important receptors.

Suppliers have been hit hard since yesterday’s iPhone4 release. Many suppliers are completely out of stock on popular models.

In larger cities, cab drivers are expressing concern that their regular commuters are being driven away by the savage tactics of iPhone users rushing to get thongs and tongs.

Enjoy your Droid, Samsung, or HTC device while you can. iPhone4 threatens them all.

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12 thoughts on “iPhone4 Complaints Soar”

  1. My wife & I argue enough. All I need is a crappy map system giving me the run around trying to find a freaking movie Threater in a small town day before my daughter gets married. Never did find it & now lots of stress I don’t need from my wife. A truly crappy system. Fire who is responsible for the change!!!!

  2. I’ve had an IP4 for a week now, it replaces a Blackberry which has given me excellent service. I have yet to complete a phone call on the IP4 without being cut off, the battery runs down rapidly, in short it is awful. I have bought a case so that I’m not actually touching the phone at all and it still awful. It has a couple less bars than the blackberry on the same carrier when the phones are side by side, I’ve had to buy a payg sim for the BB so that I actually have a phone I can rely on. The IP4 has loads of amazing apps but as a phone its rubbish. Its either going back or on ebay.

  3. Of course there will be problems with the first run. Anyone buying one of the preorder problems is at much higher risk of having an issue. But apple is good for it, and will fix/replace/update.

    But what PISSES me off is that I have to wait 3 weeks for mine to ship. THAT is what people should really be complaining about, all the people that did not/couldn’t preorder and now have to wait forever to get it. I could wait a week, that is understandable, but 3 weeks is just absurd, and I REALLY hope that they ship mine earlier than that.

    I’m sure the next firmware will fix the antenna issues, I never had dropping problems until I upgraded to IOS4 on my 3Gs actually.

    It really ticks me off how all the companies that make products with such demand know how much demand there is but never have enough of their product so everyone can get one when it comes out. Maybe they do it on purpose, but it definitely makes me less happy to spend 300$ on the iPhone every year.

  4. While I do not assume that my personal experience is universal, I have been an ATT customer for quite some time. I have friends who “hate” ATT. I don’t have a problem with them and I love the iPhone 3GS I have.

  5. I have subscribed to this newsletter for years, and this article confused the hell outta me. “tongs and thongs”? WTF? I was expecting more information, not satire.

  6. i have had all the iphone versions and touch wood they all do what they say no problems with iphone 2g or 3g or 3gs so looking forward to getting the iphone 4

  7. AT&T’s service was bad on the 3G, I can’t imagine the 4G being better. Drive around and look at the people who are standing outside their houses to talk and those are AT&T customers.

  8. I have the iPhone 3G, and of course AT&T with it. I’ve not had a single problem connecting, ever.

    I also have the Blackberry Storm II touch-screen with Verizon. If you want to know the truth, the Blackberry Storm II is horrible. It takes forever to take a command, the battery doesn’t last overnight even if you just leave it in standby, and the downloading of updates can start automatically while you are waiting there for the phone to accept your “unlock” button press. Infuriating phone. My MiFi is also with Verizon. No problems there.

  9. This entire iPhone affair is overblown. If you cover the mic, no one can hear you. If you cover the speaker, the sound won’t work. Now, because of a few sensationalist articles, thousands of people are are walking around *covering the antenna trying to cause a problem* and thinking there is a problem. No one would be doing this BUT for those stories.

    I’m left-handed. When I write, I sometimes smudge words with my hand. Where is the outrage? Where are the recalls on notebooks and pens? What is the solution?

    When the iPad came out, there were stories out wi-fi issues. Now, three million units later, you don’t hear about it anymore. When the 3GS came out, there were stories about connection problems and yellow screens.

    Now, nothing. This is a non-story. Currently, Apple is the big dog, so of course everyone is looking for fleas.

  10. I bought an I-Phone 3GS several months ago and have regretted the change to AT&T ever since!!!! I want my Sprint back. It’s unfortunate that Apple chose one of the worst carriers in the country to attach its product to. I won’t be buying an IP4…in fact I’ll probably go back to Sprint with my tail between my legs and buy a…..DROID…………..

  11. Mary Lynn Kraft

    As a Verizon user, I have been eagerly awaiting the day whe Steve Jobs moves to a larger network of cell phone providers than just AT&T. Now, reading this article, I wonder if I am wrong to look forward to using an i-Phone once it is Verizon-capable.

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