5 Reasons I Hate my iPod

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved music. All types of music. You name it, and I got it. Blues, Jazz, Rock, Easy Listening, Gospel, Country, Soul, Rap, Funk, Latin, Brazilian. At this point in my life, I have a monster music collection. But this is not about my musical tastes, this is about my iPod. Or I should say iPods. I have been through about 10 of them since they were first introduced. That’s right 10! I like having the newest ones that have even more storage and hence more songs. I use my iPod quite a bit but there are a lot of things that annoy me about this small and simple device.


I cannot understand for the life of me why Apple has a strange cable just for iPods. On one end is your standard USB cable. After all, it has to connect to your computer. On the other end is a connector that only works with an iPod. The USB cable and interface are defined standards. For the other end there are two options, USB and mini USB. Both are written in the spec, and I am sure that we have lots of these cables lying around our offices and homes. So why in God’s name do we need another cable just for our iPods? Wouldn’t it be cool if we could use our camera mini USB cable with our iPod too?


In 2008, we went to Barcelona, Spain for a wonderful cruise. We decided to get a bus tour for somewhere around $10 a person. Included in the price of the tour is an audio guide available in multiple languages. When boarding the bus, they give you a pair of orange ear buds for the audio guide. They are also yours to keep. Guess what? The free orange ear buds are identical in every detail to the ear buds that you get with your iPod. The only difference is the iPod’s ear buds are white. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were made by the same company in China. So why does Apple include these cheapo headphones with my $200 iPod? They know that I am going to throw them out. They might as well not even include them in the box. Plus, isn’t Apple supposed to be the high end brand? Here’s an idea. Why doesn’t Apple go into the iBud business? They can compete with Sony and the like. I bet Steve Job’s isn’t using the cheesy white ear buds on his iPod either.


Earlier this year, I downloaded some music (legally BTW), and then the natural next step is to move it to the iPod. I drag and drop and NOTHING. I try it again and again. Hmmm. I download some more music (legally), and no problem. The iPod does not like my music. It won’t tell me why but it won’t let me listen to my music. After fussing with it for an hour, I called a tech friend of mine, Augusto. He figured it out, the bit rate was too high and apparently Apple did not like it. Great, but now what do I do? I don’t think that Windows nor the Mac have a utility that reduces the bit rate of an MP3 file. Started googling around I found a public domain bit rate changer. Awesome, so I start throwing away bits of music so it will play on my iPod. And then, I drag and drop again. NADA. Aaaarrrgggghhh. I guessed the wrong bit rate. I think it was at 228kbps and I changed it to 198kbps. Back to the drawing board, and finally, after about two hours, I was able to listen to my music (legally). During this episode, going through my mind is Why? Higher bit rates are good for Apple. It makes me fill up my iPod faster. Oh well.


I am not nor have I ever been a fan of iTunes. All I want to do is to drag and drop music onto my iPod. Let me say it again. All I want to do is to drag and drop music. I don’t want to buy anything. I don’t want to listen to music on my computer. And I don’t want iTunes playing mw WAV files. For me, using iTunes is like getting a bull dozer for Christmas rather than a bicycle. Yes, it can get you from point A to point B, plus it can also move around a lot of dirt. But all I wanted was a nice shiny new bike.

That brings me to the next point. iTunes is truly a pig. I just checked from their web site and it is 92.3 MB. I just did a quick check. I have a smoking fast computer running a Windows 7 and iTunes takes 18 seconds to bring up on my super fast Sony. Just as a point of comparison. It takes 2 seconds to load Microsoft Excel, and 4 seconds to bring up Google Chrome including the first web page. 18 seconds just seems like an eternity on my computer. Like I said in the beginning, I just want to drag and drop songs onto my iPod.


We’re now hitting the home stretch. Here is the last and final reason why I hate my iPod. Although we like to believe that Apple invented the MP3 player, it is simply not true. When I began working at Gateway in 1991, our #1 graphics card was made by a company called Diamond Graphics. I quickly became friends with the CEO and Director of Marketing. We had some good times together. Later, they introduced in the late 90’s, the industries first MP3 player, the Diamond Rio. Even way back then, it was a run away success. They were flying off the shelves as music enthusiasts grabbed up the Diamond Rio to bring portability to their music collections. The Diamond Rio was destined to replace the venerable Sony Walkman. But it was not to happen.

RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) sued my friends at Diamond. RIAA argued that we did not have the right to repackage our CD music to play on an MP3 player. Furthermore, Diamond did not have the right to make such a copyright infringing device like the Diamond Rio. Diamond is no longer in business, but they were the pioneers that took the arrows from the recording industry so we can now enjoy listening to our iPods today. Given all the flaws in the iPod, I sure wish Diamond was still around today.

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  1. This is the most inferior music device that I have ever brought into my world. And believe me, I have had top notch music equipment all of my life and this piece of junk sucks the big one!

  2. I do Confirm 100%
    I received as gift an ipod nano 7 gen cause i lost my beloved Sony Walkman S series…. my opinion follows
    The ipod is simply ridiculous if compared to the Walkman.
    I cannot drag n drop mp3 using file explorer, even using the scaring itunes the files and directory structure on the device are scrambled. On sony i had the noise suppression system that cut away the engine noise when flying on airplanes even without listening music.
    The earphones were able to completely isolate you from the world outside and sound quality where just AMAZING i remember i cannot stop smile when i put on some good music.
    The music quality is simply impossible to compare, just another world.
    The ipod battery lasts nothing, no standard usb cable, non file system, low quality earphones, touchscreen activates by itself, if outside its humid (rainy) the device starts jumping from one song to another without the possibility to make it stopping and with the text to speech voice that keep on reading the songs title.
    Consider that I stopped listening music because of this device, now saving money to buy the new Sony S, sometimes i try to load some songs but it ends up with me throwing the Ipod against the wall (literally, not a joke). Too frustrating.

    Incredible how overrated this product is over the internet, the most amazing thing about all of this is that i read this comparison


    that’s incredible,
    I couldnt believe the most famous mp3 player lacks the basic functions of an mp3 player. I thought apple stuff to be cool… i know how
    good is the sound quality by Sony and didn’t expect the same, but damn,
    this ipod is a toy.
    Would be happy if someone read this and save its money,
    i know its just my opinion but if you intend to buy, before doing it just go to a shop and try out the device.

  3. Digital Fruit Tech Support

    As to the problem with number three, iTunes is supposed to have a conversion utility that converts anything iTunes can play to a compatible format for an iPod, but I’ve had limited success. And as to the creation of the MP3 player, yeah, Apple is way down on the list of people who could claim that title. I remember the Rio, and several other products that came out right after it from RCA and other device manufacturers. The iPod was a late comer, and people would do well not to jump on the Apple fan-wagon. Or any other fan-wagon for that matter. Judge a product for its actually value, not brand loyalty.

  4. I just got an iPod Classic as a gift. It has bricked three times in less than a week, the tags I carefully created in Musicmatch were changed, some songs won’t play on the device even though they play on iTunes (turns out it has to do with the format being too high for the iPod), and unless I plug in the device before loading iTunes, I get a warning that the device is corrupted. I’m using XP, which may have something to do with those of you not having problems. I’m going to see if I can use a different program such as my original Musicmatch, or Winamp, which was recommended here.

  5. I am so glad I am not the only person who absolutely hates i-tunes. It is not user friendly in my opinion. How about duplicates… It is so easy to have itunes show you all the duplicates you have in your library…why doesn’t if have a simple selection for deleting all duplicates….. agggh!!!

  6. Dude, I am in the same page like most of you. Literarly, I had to create two seperate music libarary one for iTunes with lower 128-192 bmp one with higher quality 320 bmp for everthing else. One suggestion thou, do not convert your music to Itunes format ACC. This is not a good quality codec. Rather live everthing MP3, then you will have more software to edit your music as well as your ID tags. Use your own album art jpgs so that they don’t get confused in IPod. Having said that IPod only can handle 20-20000 hz. Which means make no sense to throw your expensive Stereo and replace with an I-something. Personaly, (some people will love this) I looked really long time to find a good software which can handle all these mambo jambo. How about You? finally, I used for everthing but really for everthing; the unknown software calls MediaMonkey. I love this, I can do everthing. First look it kind of complicated, but when you get use to that you will love it. You can edit, format, convert everthing, music tags, auto playlist. Check out these cool tools like advaced editing, scripting to all your big small letter mistakes automatically. Sorting the stuff, even you can level all your songs with one click with no headache. Before you do that I will suggest create a test directory or back up your music in external hard drive. So that if something goes wrong you can always go back. Away from those cooprate blood suckers. free yourself.


  7. To bad most everyone dislikes their iPod, and I think instead of complaining about it, just don’t use it then if it’s so bad. get something else. I love my one and only one I have. (and I got it slightly used too). I have no trouble transferring music, or anything else I want on it. I have never had any problems with it. It goes everywhere with me. And have no trouble with iTunes either.

  8. I am baffled: I keep hearing about a love-hate relationship with Apple. Who has a relationship with a thing? Why would you want to deal with a company that can do strange emotional things to you?

    Trash the iCrap and buy a product that plays music easily. Then get emotional about the music!

  9. You left out my biggest gripe against itunes. I hate that itunes is a one library for one ipod, and that I can onlt sync my ipod on that library. What if I have two or even three PCs (work, home, laptop) and I want to keep a synced library on all.
    Itunes is like Microsoft and other big brother computer industry players. They want to dominate the market and and your computer for ever and deny us our right as consumers to dare use a competitor.

  10. My main compliant with the iPod is I can’t save a playlist from the iPod to iTunes (or any other player. If I get another iPod I will have to make a new playlist in iTunes then import it to iPod. When I add or remove songs, I will have to change the iTune playlist, delete the iPod playlist then copy the new playlist into the iPod. Why can’t Apple just allow data to be moved in both directions?

  11. I agree on most points. I do like my ipod though. I’m not having the bitrate problem. I keep mine in my car for one purpose: music. It works. Sing with me: “He’s a one trick pony, one trick is all that he can do.”

  12. I will never get an iAnything. I have had a Sansa Fuze 8 GB MP3 player with an additional 8 GB micro card for almost 3 years, and I have never had a problem with it. Cost $49 on sale, with a few dollars for the 8 GB card.

  13. I agree. I once had an iPod that was defective (after 30 days it wouldn’t hold a charge) and it took Apple FOUR returns and many calls to get them to finally replace it. I sold the unopened new one on ebay and bought a Sandisk Sansa MP3 player which has been wonderful. Apple can do whatever they want – so can I and so can you – just buy another brand! Why on earth have you bought 10 of them if you hate them so much?

  14. What about this nonsense of having to “register” the iPod? Then if you register an iTouch on the same machine, the iPod won’t sync anymore because iTunes says the device is registered to another computer. So you lose all your playlists that you spent the past year half creating.

    I am utterly bewildered that Apple can stuff this draconian thuggery down people’s throats and yet people still buy the stuff.

    Not me. I use a SanDisk that appears as a simple disk when I connect it to a computer. I can simply drag any music onto the device and it will play. No DRM, no registering… no bullying.

    Oh, and MediaMonkey is SOOOOO much better than iTunes.

  15. I have never been an Apple fan. The iPod, as well as all Apple products are overpriced. Unfortunately it has become the Kleenex of mp3 players. I have seen a sales person refer to a Creative Labs mp3 player as an iPod. It was one of the clock radios with a slot for the Creative Labs mp3 player to slide in. I felt by refering to the CL mp3 player as an iPod, it was misleading to the customer. He became very defensive when I corrected him and informed me that iPod was an industry term for any mp3 player (ROFLMAO).

    Apple loves saying anything that makes Microsoft look like a monolopizing greedy company. When someone points out that they (Apple) are far more of a monopolizing company than anyone else out there, they and the iSheep don’t want to hear it.

    The Zune is okay, but I don’t understand why it doesn’t work with WMP and you have to download the Zune program. I guess MS did it to avoid being sued by Apple again for being a monolopy.

    I bought the Driod Incredible and use it for everything now. No need to have a seperate mp3 player when I was able to drag my entire music collection onto a mini SD card and insert that into the Droid.

    No matter what I or anyone says, the iSheep will continue to pay for overpriced mp3 players, phones and computers just to be cool. All you have to do is watch TV and you’d swear everyone uses MAC’s.

  16. Maybe you should buy the Zune HD. Its great. I love my ZuneHD and I can drag and drop my music. Do not understand what the deal is with the size of your music, but I have no problems..

  17. It sounds like the reviewer was trying to use the iPod without using itunes or something. My first mp3 player was a SanDisk, and it was drag-n-drop, just like a usb stick that happened to play music. Then I got a 3rd gen nano and while it did take me a while to figure out how to manage music on it, it was easy once I got it and there was tons of support in iTunes and on Apple’s site.

    I think the core of the complaints here are from folks who spent a lot of time getting everything how they wanted in windows media player, and are now trying to hold on to it while using the iPod. If you’re one of these people, just go buy a Zune. You HAVE to give in to iTunes if you want the most from your iPod. There’s no way around it.

  18. While I agree (somewhat) with the points made in this article — my iPhone and iTunes do have their peccadilloes — what really sucks and has been the source of much greater frustration for me is MICROSOFT WINDOWS ANYTHING! My iPhone and even iTunes work, look and feel better than any Microsoft crap I’ve ever had to use (and still have to use at work). MICROSOFT products have always been infinitely more frustrating than any problem I’ve ever had with any Apple products I’ve used, even on or connected to my PC. Also, I’ve had only good experience with Apple/iTunes support when I’ve had a problem. And I’ve been much happier with my PC since I started using only iTunes for music, etc. instead of MediaPlayer, and Safari instead of Internet Explorer.

  19. Damn RIAA, always ruining the future.

    Someone should just go rent a plane, find their building, etc etc.

  20. Yeah it’s me again. I have a better question than why I hate my Ipod. How about reasons why I have Windows 7 64bit!! I have been a PC user for since Radio Shack’s Tandy 1000HX. So after finally deciding to try something different I bought a 24″ Imac in April of 2009. It’s never crashed on me that I can remember. The thing just works. In May of 2010 I replaced my 6 year old Compac with XP on it and got a HP with Windows 7 64 bit. In the 2 months I have had it I had to reload the software once. It still reboots after some program I installed that says it works with Windows 7 but doesn’t play well with iy. So now I have to try and figure out what is causing this because tech support isn’t so great. Oh by the way I also have Vista Home 32 running on my Mac and have not really had any problems with it. My next computer will probably be another Mac just because of the lack of problems with it.

    I suppose hopefully the latest service pack will solve some of these issues but I can see why now I’m glad my main computer is a MAC!!!

  21. You hate YOUR iPod… that is an interesting statement. There are MANY other MP3 music players out there, yet you have an iPod. Obviously there must be more that you like about your iPod than you dislike about it… or at least more that you like about it than any of the many others that are available.

  22. Sounds like someone with a biased view against Apple. Especially reason number 5. All i read was something about his friend’s company being sued for designing an MP3 yet Apple makes an iPod later and doesn’t. Sounds like someone with a 20 year old grudge. All of your reasons are minor negatives things about the iPod. And i love how you have to add “(legally)” when you mention that you download or listen to music…. “(legally)”… It just makes people wonder more about if it really was legal.

  23. I have only had my IPod for a couple of weeks. Spent useless hours on phone with both Apple and my Wireless router technical support before (I) finally figured out why it would not connect to my wireless network.

    Then getting my music onto the Ipod was another exercise in frustration. I have one CD album (Duets) with Barbara Striesand doing duets with various other artists. When I used ITunes to transfer the music to my Ipod, it listed each individual song track as being in a seperate album (all of them named duets) and only on one track does it show the album artwork. Another CD loaded into ITunes showed only track numbers and not the artists name or the Album name. In both of the above cases, I tried loading the music files from my PC to I tunes and then re-tried, loading them directly from the “original” CDs. Same results each time. I don’t have this problem loading them into my Windows Media Library.

  24. I love to hate it, LOL. I too, hate to have to use ITunes, which by the way, is NOT user friendly. I have a hell of a time figuring how to bring the music from Itunes to my player, it’s a nightmare every time, I gotta take notes or something…LOL, so painfully true. The last software upgrade I did was a nightmare, it wouldn’t install it to my IPOD Touch, no matter what I did. In the end I had to wipe it and have Apple walk me through the install process. I ended up having to uninstall all my ITunes files including everything Apple, Quiktime player and Bonjour because these are all part of the ITunes app. Way too much software just to download music, videos and such if you ask me. There’s gotta be a better way.
    Once I get through all that hassle, I love the quality of the music and such, the WiFi but I agree it is a whooooooollllle, lot of hassle just to listen to some tunes, for sure, YIKES!!

  25. The geeks at the geek store where I was working would not let me buy an ipod for all the reasons above. I bought a Sansa and love it after over 3 years of using it. Drag & drops perfectly. No iTunes store to deal with and much cheaper. Note: I hate iTunes because it want attention and memory all the time on any computer where it’s installed. I uninstall it as soon as I get a new computer. Worst nuissance I’ve ever seen — close to being a virus as far as I’m concerned.

  26. I agree with this article as well. When will Apple realize that there “I gotta be different; elitist attitude is not going to fly for much longer”. I-Tunes sucks. All hail the drag an drop and the simplicity it brings with it.

  27. I-pods are well intentioned pieces of crap. Anybody who says hey lay off I never have a drama with any of my i-products well lets just say you’ve been lucky. I wouldn’t wish the garbage I went through with my lemon ( I don’t call it an apple anymore )on my worst enemy… So yes Mr Jobs you ripped me off once but i’ll be stuffed on a wall before I give you another cent…It does make a nice paper weight though

  28. PS…I often listen to music at home using my iPod. I store the music on my computers and iPods using the Apple lossless format. I play them through a Bryston SP-2 preamp, a pair of Bryston 7B monoblock amps driving a pair of B&W 803 Diamond speakers and a B&W DB1 sub. The music is indistinguishable from the CDs I’ve ripped the music from.

  29. Rob,

    Just read your iPod/iTunes piece. Here are my reactions, but take them with a grain of salt. As you know, I’ve had many iPods, have three right now, and love and use them all.

    Point 1: Strange Cable: my cameras all have strange cables. The one that works with my Panasonic doesn’t work with my Canon and the one that works for my Nikon fits neither of the others, yet they all connect to the USB input on my computer. I don’t lose any sleep over it. Cables happen.

    Point 2: Cheesy headphones: Yep. Just throw ’em away. I have a pair of $300 Shure in-ear phones I use. They cost more than my iPod. As they should. You always expect to pay more for the “transducers” (speakers, headphones) than any other piece of equipment in a music system, since they are the most critical element. Apple can’t include a $300 set of ear cans, but people bitch if they don’t get anything (Apple experimented with that), so you get the shitty ones. The amazing part? You see thousands of people using those shitty things. Most people who listen to compressed mp3s on iPods (or any other portable) seem to care very little about sound quality, or they wouldn’t be listening to compressed music on shitty earphones. See how many people use a lossless format on their players…not many.

    Point 3: Weird bit rates: All portable music players are limited to playing only a small number of compression formats. The fault, it would seem, is with the site that sold you music compressed at a weird bit rate. Little processors like those in portable music players can’t be expected to handle any and all bit rates. The iPod handles more formats than any other portable player: AAC, AIFF, Apple Lossless, mp3 (all standard bit rates), etc.

    Point 4: iTunes: Well, first, you don’t have to use iTunes, so it seems a rather moot point. The iPod and iTunes work well together, but neither requires the other. Second, while 92.3 mb is large, it is irrelevant to me. I have 500G of storage on my laptop and 2T for my desktop. As far as loading time? There must be something wrong with your computer. I have an underpowered, 3-year-old Mac Powerbook (not even a Powerbook Pro). It loads in less than 3 seconds.

    Point 5: Well, I never believed Apple invented the portable mp3 player, so I don’t really see the relevance of this point as a critique of the iPod. Diamond Rio got screwed by the RIAA (as many have been). It was, in a way, their misfortune that they appeared first and lost some early legal battles. As it turned out, the RIAA eventually lost. Apple came in with a new product, and if you believe in the power of the marketplace, the market has very clearly spoken.

    All that said, there are things that bother me about various iPod models, but I’ve tried many other players, and alway return to the iPod. When someone invents a better player, I’ll buy it.

  30. To Ron, I have no idea if you are being honest or not and I kind doubt that you are because I have about 5,000 songs on my Ipod all ripped at 320 AAC and play the ones that I need for our church services through a rather sophisticated sound system. The sound system consists of a Yamaha M7Cl 48 channel digital board with 16 Crest amplifiers that put out about 500+ watts. Granted at 60 years old my ears ain’t what they used to be but it sure sounds good to me. My home system is a stereo with 2 Boston Acoustics VR750 and a 100 watt per channel McIntosh 4300v receiver. Again it sounds good to me and I’ve A/B’d between the CD and Ipod and to me at least they sound the same.

  31. Here’s another one..the sync function on itunes is a mess. Half the time it erases all the files and then you have to go and check those tiny little boxes for the files you want to sync. Am i suppose to check all 8,000 of them? And the internet connectivity on my ipod touch is one of the poorest working features. It’s constantly disconnecting. They should come out with a flat, thin square device that doesn’t make or receive phone calls and connects tot he internet. Oh, they already did. It’s called the iphone. I’ll never buy anything made by Apple again.

  32. iTunes is too aggravating and big in bites to even consider using. Apple is to aggressive in attempting to push their offerings at download that I don’t want. I have gotten along very well over the past five years without any Apply stuff. Just look at their new offering. More bugs than Win 95.

  33. As system builders, we love iPods. They keep us busy every Christmas, fixing computers with iTunes installed. I’d never use an iPod because they sound terrible on a good system.

    We listen to music on the computer in 5.1 surround sound @ 500w RMS (via KMPlayer, in WAV and flac lossless formats), and in our cars (Alpine Car stereos with MTX subs, also in WAV (lossless) format). For that reason, hard drive mp3 players have always been a better solution for us. When our 10 year old Creative Zen Nomad Jukebox (came with 60GB, replaced right away with 160GB drive) started to act up, we researched heavily the latest mp3 players. Basically, they’re all lost the plot and concentrating more on flash drives and videos now – rather than music, size of hard drives, and sound quality. The Cowons and Archos are decent, but still not as good for storage and quality as the old Creative players. So we ended up buying 2 more used Creative Zens off eBay, and couldn’t be happier. Spent all of 30 mins putting in a 160GB hard drive again and loading my music back onto it. 🙂

  34. I have an iPod that plays MP3s at 320kbps bit rates, as well as WAVs at 1536kbps. Your techie doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  35. I have a Cowon D2, and I absolutely love it. It has a great sound and I simply plug it in using a regular USB cable (like the one I got with my camera) and slide my MP3s to it. Also my OGGs, my FLACs, and my WAVs. Easy peasy. You can set up a Cowon to act like another flash drive when you plug it into your computer, or if you really like Windows Media Player, you can set it up so it syncs automatically with it. (It’s an either/or thing.)

    I used to have a Mac, and my Cowon worked great with it, too, as a USB flash drive. Of course, Cowon doesn’t play AACs but I have no heartbreak over that.

    My Mac had iTunes on it, and I agree that it is a hideous piece of bloatware. I loathed using it because it was such a complicated application when all I needed was a bunch of folders. I used it only to buy songs on iTunes. And of course, it took more work to get around the iTunes DRM so I could get the songs I purchased to work with my Cowon.

    As for the lady who hates Windows and smugly chastises us for being stupid for using it, she can go pound sand. I can’t speak for why Windows doesn’t work for her or her husband, but that’s actually not what most Windows users experience. If your husband was running XP, Vista, or Win7 and they all keep crashing, it ain’t the operating system; there’s a hardware problem. All three operating systems are very stable. (And for me, XP has been way more stable than my Mac running OSX ever was.)

  36. ipoduser&hater

    Damn I hate Apple! All they do is make their products look good and cost a fortune.
    If Microsoft made their own ipod, I’d get one of those and throw my Apple ipod touch in the river.

  37. 1) Ipods should have a feature so you can partially “rewind” music, instead of having to restart track play from the beginning of the track.

    2) Itunes should have a battery-state-of-charge indicator for Ipods. (A percent indicator for charge)

  38. Your friend was wrong about the bit rate being to high. I have put (dragged and dropped) all of my mp3’s of 320kb into iTunes and also uplaod all my music at 320kb’s. My guess is that your music was in a .wav format or something…that it does not like.

    Another person posted the fact that the files are all converted to .aac files. You have to go to your preferences and set these standards. All my music files copied into iTunes are in mp3 and tagged appropriately by iTunes.

    I’m shocked to see a blog from a tech position complaining like a un-researched amateur as opposed to giving advice and solutions.

  39. I bought a Cowon J9. I’ll never buy another ipod. EVER.

    The Cowon sounds way better (I’m a musician, I know), loads via drop and drag, works on mac or pc flawlessly, costs less and NO iTUNES.

    Goodbye ipod


  41. I had an Archos XS202 MP3 player and that was one of the main reasons I went and tried an Ipod after the battery started to die on it. It was a pain to update the software to it and it was slower to find songs. My Ipod is great. Software updates? Does it automatically. It’s has a few issues but overall I would rather have it than the Archos. Now I have a Windows 7 HP laptop and just checked it and Itunes loads in 9 seconds. According to Itunes you can drag and drop files but I’ve never had the reason to do it yet. What else is cool about Itunes? My other PC is an Imac and to tranfer my 50 gigs of music from my Imac to my laptop all I had to do is turn on sharing and it all transferred over my wireless and didn’t have one problem. Now granted it took a few hours but it did it. It has an AMD turion ultra 2.5 ghz processor in it so either you have issues with your Sony or it’s not as fast as you think it is. My next player will be the 64 gig Itouch. Refurbished of course. I’m not paying full retail!!

    I was one of those Apple haters for whatever reason but after trying one and it was so easy to use I doubt I will every have a reason to try any other player.

  42. So why keep buying ipods? Why not buy a creative zen which can do a better job allows dropping and dragging of files supports more files and costs the same or less? Why continue to suffer with an ipod when there are so many other mp3 players that do more and usually cost less. They work as you want not as apple dictates.

    I love how all mp3 players are now called ipods by uneducated people who think that the ipod is the only device capable of playing digital music…

  43. i bought a Bose ipod system for my 30gb ipod which is great so i then invested in a ipod touch 64gb and guess what it won’t charge on the Bose so i have to turn on my computer just to charge it up this is really annoying that i spent all that money on a decenct ipod dock and it won’t charge my new ipod. what’s that all about????

  44. erm .
    reasons six to ten

    6) the poor quality of the earphones supplied is because it matches the relatively poor bit rate quality of the music

    7) I WAS LUCKY , my brother bought me an ipod for a milestone birthday.he preloaded some of my favourite albums on there for me.plus all digital photos we had of my son who had died the previous year
    brilliant , loved it ……… till i tried to add any more music or any thing else.
    My brother uses a Mac , i used a pc , apple wouldnt let me add MY pc to the appproved list of suppliers for MY ipod without me having to wipe it ……..
    unless of course i paid them $40 for the privilage of using their software to recognise and convert the files to PC ism

    8) the case – i use my pod everywhere – including work; why supply a case NOT FIT for the job of protecting it from NORMAL day to day use ?

    9) apple should be an acronym meaning style over substance – the principle of the ipod is great,technology for the 21st century .Their vision of usability entrenches it in the ninteenth.

    10) their stupid bull$h1t ads – not just for the ipod but ipad and iphone 4 are bordering on lies.
    ipad – powerful , magical ? in yer dreams Jobs .
    iphone 4 already has , less than a month after release, three major flaws highlighted with it to do with use ( god help you if your left handed), robustness and connectivity

  45. My first reaction to the author’s article and comments posted by other readers:

    If you hate iTunes, the iPod, and other Apple devices so much then WHY DID YOU BUY THEM??

    There are dozens of other options on the market *besides* Crapple’s electronics. I bought a Creative Zen for around $175 on Newegg over 4 years ago. It still works great and I love it. I’d never buy Apple anything and laugh at you sheep that do, then complain about it.

  46. I did a side by side comparison of the 80Gb Ipod I got for my Ex GF and the 120 Gb Zune I got for myself. the Itunes software converted all the music she had so it would work with the Ipod, good show. Although I found the Itunes software clunky and unforgiving as to importing and storage of music and the interface is atrocious. Anyway, I digress, the Ipod loaded the music and played it and worked well with the extra devises I purchased to go along with it. However, I then purchased my Zune, don’t get it delivered by UPS they have a policy that all packages must be able to survive a 6 ft. drop,I installed the software on my PC, WOW. I plugged it in it automaticaly updated and the Setting tab allowed me to tell my software where to look for my music, movies and podcasts etc … I was up and running in about 20 min, I had alot of music I wanted to put on my Zune. but the ultimate test came when we played each device through a top flight sound system while the Ipod output broke up and sounded terrible at high volume the Zune’s Output was stellar bright, crisp highs and rich lows. Could it be that it’s because the Zune is able to play a lossless format could be , But I put the music on at 320 kbps which is another nice thing you can tell it what format and density to sync the files . I also like the Wifi connectivity and built in Radoi in the Zune … none of which comes on a standard Ipod . Guess what ? The Ipod lost by a mile . the message in this long winded reply ? Don’t succumb to marketing Hype. Compare and get what works better. I got a Zune, I’m very Happy 🙂

  47. Also, I purchased an ipod nano worked good with itunes, then itunes suggested downloading their newest ver. now the ipod will not sync with itunes. Went through their correction procedures three times still not functioning, BLAH!!!

  48. Creatively yours

    I have never owned an ipod, and never will. I own a Creative Labs mp3 player the Vision:M 30 gb. I have only occasionally had a problem with it freezing up but all I have to do is hit the reset and that goes away. Since it is not a flash player, it has a hard drive, I can also put computer programs on it but I haven’t done that in the 3-4 yrs I have had it. My 30 gb player is at least $100 less than the comparable ipod and I can use just about any program, including itunes if I have the right software to convert, and any bitrate. I love my mp3 player.

  49. Valerie Whately

    Oh dear oh dear! What sad people. Until 2 years ago I too struggled with Windows – bought Pitstop – but still experienced all the problems that came with Windows. Then I bought a Mac.

    Miracle! It doesn’t crash. It works – always! I never have to struggle with registries, or stare at the blue screen of death! My Ipod worked in perfect harmony – doing exactly what I wanted it to do thanks to Senuti. When I upgraded to the latest operating system it cost around £50.

    On the other hand my husband still struggles with his PC, and recently had to spend a fortune upgrading from the appalling Vista to Windows 7.

    Because Pitstop still has my email address I still get communications like this from them. It’s worth reading them sometimes if I need a good laugh.

    I have just bought an Iphone. All I had to do was plug it in – start itunes and everything synchronised like magic. Adding Mobile Me means that all is kept in harmony. Everything up to date and accessible.

    Could it be that Windows is a greater problem than the ipod?

    Anyone who has bought 10 ipods and hates them because they will not work as he wants them to has a serious problem. One may have been unfortunate, two should mean ” I cannot get on with this item so I shall try something else!” ……10????? Triumph of optimism over experience or sheer idiocy!

    Personally I am saving up for an ipad.

  50. only got 1 iPod Classic 160Gb,, never had a problem with it.. thanks to the naviplay bluetooth adapter its the bomb..
    wireless is the way to go!
    opened it up a few times and have also changed the housing to a see-through one..

  51. I can add a few more to this list but the most important one is BATTERY! You cannot replace the battery!! How messed up is that? I bought a nano for a friend about 3 years ago because she was getting into the fitness industry and I thought she could use it for music to go with her classes. She just took it out of the box a month ago (for the first time-she’s not much of a gadget person, it turns out) and it won’t hold a charge. Apple refused to fix it even though it was OBVIOUS that it had never even been used. I would NEVER buy another Apple product based on the lousy service I got. I did get them to (finally) give me a 10% discount so I could get her another one. (WHOOPIE I saved $14) I use my phone (Moto Droid) as an mp3 player and my $400. iPod Touch is gathering dust. Not only is it EXTREMELY compatible with my existing computer and software, the sound quality is 10x better than the ipod. The Mp3 Store is cheaper than iTunes. I’ll NEVER go back! I can’t believe you bought 10 ipods!! LMAO! Didn’t you learn after the first one?

  52. I like the people who say “I think ipod sounds great!”…..geez, compared to what?
    Why does everyone act like ipod is the only choice? APPLE is greedy and trying to monopolize the entire industry.
    Believe me, they are giving you as little as possible for as much $$$$ as you are dumb enough to hand them.
    There are MANY players FAR superior to this overpriced garbage. Many now play FLAC files with no gaps. (a NON lossy compression…unlike mp3 which degrades your music noticeably)
    Doubt me? Compare cymbals from a wav or FLAC file then an mp3. Also, why would you want to buy music a song at a time from an overpriced monopoly?
    A better example? Sansa Clip Plus. up to 8 GB native, $30-$60, review after review blows away icrap in sound quality and takes up to 16GB camera chip for 24 GB total. This is just one example.
    I could trash a stack of these and on my 8th one still come in under the $400 behemoth mentioned in a post above.
    No moving parts (like disk drive) to crash either.
    Sansa has a model with screen for movies etc. too, at about $79 (Fuze)
    Personally, I don’t need 10,000 poorly encoded songs at my fingertips when swapping inexpensive memory cards is a 30 second process. Even uploading to replace the internal memory is drag & drop.
    Oh yeah, Apple lossless codec….another fine proprietary item like the cable. D’oh!

  53. And here is reason nr. 6 to hate an Iwhaterer or any other MPx player. People (mostly young ones) use the damn things everywhere! And they seem to believe that should be at an ear shattering (to them) annoying (to everyone in their neihgbourhood) volume.

  54. LoveHateRelationship

    Yes there is no doubt there are things that we all hate about our iPods but you must admit it is very nice to look at. Sleek anodized aluminum. Very sexy design. Nice to look at but you wouldn’t want to own one?

  55. “Mike Says:
    July 15th, 2010 at 2:58 am

    Rocketmouse, I believe Copy Trans works with Mac.”

    Thank you, nice of you to respond, but: “CopyTrans is a Windows-only program that…” and “Designed for Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7.” I also searched at CNET (again) and while I found a few “Trans”es none of them do much more than back up what’s already on the iPod touch (in my case *without* the “lost” music.) But none that can substitute for iTunes in general and/or particular.

  56. Dude I’m so there. The whole system is flawed, and ‘Jerry’ who said the cables work the whole range of ipods, WRONG. The ipod shuffle has it’s own special cord that plugs into the audio output, which since mine is missing I can’t even CHARGE my husbands shuffle for him, much less change the music. And we have pod cords for the other three ipods running around the house. Many of the other cords that come with older ipods do not work with newer ones, it’s all about the benjamins, if you lose your cord, you HAVE to buy a new one, cause using an older one can damage your ipod, on purpose!

  57. 1 reason Steve Jobs doesnt care that you hate your iPod…….
    Hes had your money and has it sitting in his bank

  58. Why does everyone act like ipod is the only choice? APPLE is a greedy manufacturer who is trying to monopolize the entire industry.
    Believe me, they are giving you as little as possible for as much $$$$ as you are dumb enough to hand them.
    There are MANY players FAR superior to this overpriced garbage. Many now play FLAC files with no gaps. (a NON lossy compression…unlike mp3 which degrades your music noticeably)
    Doubt me? Compare cymbals from a wav or FLAC file then an mp3. Also, why would you want to buy music a song at a time from an overpriced monopoly?
    A better example? Sansa Clip Plus. up to 8 GB native, $30-$60, review after review blows away icrap in sound quality and takes up to 16GB camera chip for 24 GB total. This is just one example.
    I could trash a stack of these and still come in under the $400 behemoth mentioned in a post above.
    No moving parts (like disk drive) to crash either.
    Sansa has a model with screen for movies etc. too, at about $79 (Fuze)
    Personally, I don’t need 10,000 poorly encoded songs at my fingertips when swapping inexpensive memory cards is a 30 second process. Even uploading to replace the internal memory is drag & drop. No moving parts either.

  59. I have used many MP3’s and their associated software systems and tried to avoid joining the Apple bandwagon. (still think Apple computer users are pretentious prats) However I eventually succumbed and bought a Classic. Yes they have some quirks but overall nothing else comes near to the all round useability of the Ipod. I have upgraded now a couple of times and they just keep on improving. You can do so much with them and can be as creative as you like in building a giant music collection. I think Ipod are a victim of their success, everyone hates a success!

  60. If there’s one thing that’s so annoying it’s when people complain to the point of whining. If you “hate” the iPod so much, then why did you buy it? Perhaps you should have done some research first to find the “Perfect” player just for you! (Not that it exists!)

    1. Seriously? Plug it and and quit whining.

    2. Orange ear buds? Exactly what are you saying here? If you don’t like the ones that Apple provides, then buy some better ones.

    3. Honestly I don’t know how I feel about this one, but if you’ve got a method that works, wasn’t it worth the time invested? If not, go buy a different player and quit whining!

    4. Oh, let me just guess. You didn’t know that the iPod makes use of iTunes when you purchased you iPod, did you? Ever hear of that “r” word, research? Quit whining!

    5. Booh, hooh. I’m sorry that Diamond went out of business, but not because “arrows from the recording industry so we can now enjoy listening to our iPods today”. Be serious, you are talking about business, not some type of revolution against a tyrannical government. Maybe Diamond just couldn’t figure out how to make their MP3 player survive. Maybe if Steve Jobs worked there we’d be listening to the “iRio”? Quit whining.

    When I come to hate something in my life I get rid of it and find something that works the way I like. What I don’t do is post an article an a very good technology web site and offer whiny reasons that really reveal what a bad job of shopping I did for the product in question. How about changing the tone of your article and offering some substance that would suggest how to improve the iPod or at least provide your readers with a product review for a device that does all that you want it to do. (BTW, good luck!)

    P.S. Quit whining.

  61. Guys,
    It’s all nice and dandy but you are barking up the wrong tree. You are just talking to yourselves little girls. If you really want future improvements in the iPod – namely a better iPod going forward (no point of crying about spilled milk) than you need to write a personal letter to the big kahunna = Chairman of the Board of Apple (you surely know who he is. You voice to him your misgivings. The guy is known to be tuned to and responsive to the iPod consumer family crowd. If enough of us do it we will end up with a better iPod. Trust me it works.

  62. I have had both an ipod and the sony equivalant in fact for a long time I was loyal to sony indeed my first MP3 player was a HDW03 it was a very old style silver one, then I moved up. The only reason I changed was because of compatibility issues with my sony and their software (if you thought itunes was bad then artrac was quite a bit worse), also I will admit that it was also because millions of others couldn’t be wrong so yes I suppose I was just jumping on the bandwagon.
    I will admit though if there is one thing I can change on itunes it will be a proper duplicate finder, and be able to delete just the duplicates and not the original as well (if anyone knows a way round this please advise). I would love to go back to sony but as my music collection is now well over 40gig (all legal of course) then sony doesn’t have one big enough.

  63. Agreed. The thing now is, I have so many iPod cables laying around too, from my parents also owning iPods, most of which have no use.

    The iTunes thing is an issue. Although now, after about 3 years of usage, I have a perfect ‘sorting’ system for arranging my music on an external hard drive and I don’t let iTunes manage my music (I can’t stand having each single artist with their own folder.. Just a pain).

    One thing I don’t understand is the fact that yes, iTunes is a large program and yes (same as you, on my super-spec machine running W7, it still takes 20odd seconds to load) but they still don’t have a simple song-queue feature like Windows Media Player has had for(ever?). A simple song queue on the actual device would be perfect though.

    What I can say in Apple’s praise though is that the hardware has improved drasticallly! My first iPod was a 4th gen 20GB one. It lasted well for about a year before it started freezing and the battery life became about half hour. I even bought a replacement battery in despair (also butchering the case a little bit) and that only lasted a few months.

    So in 2007 I invested in the 80GB ‘iPod Classic’ and this has been incredible. Still has easily 12 hours battery life after nearly 3 years of usage, still runs quick, its never frozen either. I’m just coming towards the end of the capacity then I’ll buy a 160GB classic.

    I don’t need any iPod touch or anything though. I find making it touch screen makes it less functional. The click wheel is perfection!.

    Nice article.

  64. I SO agree with you! I bought the pricy 160gb iPod, because I need some serious storage. My husband has the 80gb. I could go on all day about how I hate iTunes! First, when I upload books to my device, it often has differently labeled versions of the SAME book I’m uploading, so it makes me choose which version I want to go with–without giving me info about what the different versions are. If it’s a long book, I can end up with 20 different labels, which makes it nearly impossible to organize the material into a playlist that is in order.
    2. Periodically the iPod informs me that it can’t find the original file on my computer, so I can no longer play something I’ve uploaded. This recently happened for an entire Audiobook I purchased through another site for lots o’ money. Words cannot express the frustration.
    3. My husband and I use the same computer for our different devices. I’ve had to contact iTunes for assistance on trying to separate our libraries so my husband can sync his device. They can’t help me.
    I have a million more reasons… but this is already too long. So I will leave it there. I HATE iTunes!

  65. I’m a pc user and I have resisted useing anything mac or “i”something, I had nothing to do mp3 players either and then came the Creative Zen. It is the best I have found, it plays just about any that drag to it.
    My freinds have ipods and and say they are the best thing to own, then complain that about their short comings.

  66. You hate the iPod because it wasn’t really the first MP3 player and they don’t come with high quality headphones? I am just sorry I spent the five minutes reading it thinking I might learn something

  67. I cannot understand for the life of me why Apple has a strange cable just for iPods – So that all of the docking stations and other sound equipment can work with the iPod. Can’t see a USB connection working. Funny, Sony don’t use standard USB cable or even standard memory SD cards. Don’t hear you all whinging about that. Probably just a bunch of Microsoft loving sheep.

    In 2008, we went to Barcelona, Spain for a wonderful cruise and the ear phones where the same – Your observational skills area amazing. Imagine two sets of ear phones looking the same. I could send you about 50 ear phone sets from years past that all look the same. IT HAS TO FIT IN YOUR EAR – so you really are limited to the design and shape.

    I downloaded some music and the bitty witty rate was too high. Like most software there are limitations and requirements, so get over yourself. Also drag and drop versus selecting the folder. You are right that is a very difficult piece of finger mouse pressing skill, drag and drop is so much easier. The reason you can’t drag and drop is because iTunes wants you to add the folder so that it can updates your iTunes library. This allows iTunes to create multiple playlists without having to copy the file and just copy it’s location on your hard disk. Welcome to the future butt munch.

    When I began working at Gateway in 1991, our #1 graphics card was made by a company called Diamond Graphics. I quickly became friends with the CEO and Director of Marketing. We had some good times together – This is pure gold. I wonder why you quickly became GOOD Friends and what FUN Times you had, lol.


  68. I have a GR mp3 player that works great and only cost $20. It interfaces with my laptop and looks like an extra hard drive, so drag and drop works easily. It also has an SD slot, so I can load as many songs (or other mp3s) as I like simply by dragging them onto an SD card. I use 8GB cards and am not limited by the 2GB internal memory. I’ve never fallen into the Apple trap and do not intend to, so I can’t comment on I tunes, but it sounds like a nightmare. I use a free program called Audacite to rip all my CDs/cassettes/albums (yeah, remember those?) to MP3 and keep them all on my 1TB Freeagent external hard drive. That way, if I get tired of what’s on the MP3 player or on any SD card I can simply “delete all files” and drag something else on there. All wiring is standard USB with the mini plug and it runs for six hours on a rechargable AAA battery. g’day

  69. I have had two ipods, a bit pricy, but great sound. I have had no difficulty at all transferring music from cd’s or my existing mp3 files onto my ipods through the itunes library. I convert them to AAC format simply because I think they sound better, and they show up in the itunes library as such, but the originals in mp3 format are still there in my music directory. You can either delete them if you only have, say, a 1gb hard drive, if one even exists, or leave them there for whatever reason. I like my ipod, but may get something else sometime that utilizes sd cards. Another note. Perhaps the difficulties everyone seems to be having has more to do with using those inferior, virus and crash prone computers running something other than the very stable and virus resistant Mac or for that matter Linux operating systems? The only reason I run windows at all is that some of the communications software I use is not available (yet) for Max or Linux systems. I think it will be soon, though, as their market shares increase.

  70. My wife bought me a Nano 16gb, Jan 1st 2009. I rarely use it, but, if I ever want to, I can. I just use whatever earbuds I have available and, as for the charger, what a pain in the arse to keep track of. But, it means that apple can charge us for a new charger if we lose the old one and don’t have a friend who has one they can loan us now and then.

  71. The iPod cable also carries line-out analogue audio for docks, etc. I’m a professional in the classical music world and use a custom made line-out audio cable going into a portable headphone amplifier that’s about the size of the iPod. That way, I don’t have to listen to music that is compromised by the built-in headphone circuit.
    If you transfer CDs with the Apple lossless codec and use high quality headphones with this set-up, you can get very good sound from an iPod. It’s not inexpensive, but is way better than a stock iPod.

  72. I love my Sandisk Sansa Clip +

    Drag and drop from my music folders. It plays high bit rate. In fact it plays everything I have. Easy and inexpensive. Wife uses Itunes and it is a totaly joke.

  73. Let’s face it, the iPod earbuds are very poor quality, as is the bit rate.

    That is because Apple designed the iPod and iTunes with two goals, music distribution and music portability, high fidelity was never part of the equation.

    There actually are very decent speaker one can purchase for computer listening, and there are sites like HD Tracks.com that offer better than CD quality audio. When you hear this music streamed as a FLAC file at a high bit rate, it is breathtaking.

    However, there is still a prejudice against the computer as an audiophile device, but there are DAC converters which interface to the computer that are audiophile quality.

    As for the iPod, I get complete satisfaction with a portable amplifier and decent headphones like those available through headroom, it takes the brittle sound and warms it up considerably.

    iTunes is clunky, whether you know how to use it or not, personally, I import audio files from iTunes to the free Foobar player.



  74. Your points are well-taken. They have, I believe, a common answer: M-O-N-E-Y! Apple is a high-end manufacturer of multi-media gadgets. They continue to make mucho money even when their products don’t work: people are still buying the defective iPhone4. I bet you if Apple told their fans about the iP4 problem(s) BEFORE it went on sale, the lines to purchase one would not have suffered significantly.
    I with you about the “exclusivity” of the iProducts. Let’s not forget similar purveyors of “snake oil”. Sony wowed no one with Betamax, and Bose continues to monopolize the industry with all of their products!
    I’ve owned six iPods: I’ve passed on my old ones to my kids, and they (the iPods) continue to work well.
    Thanks for a great article!

  75. Point 1 – Well yeah using any cable kicking about would be good, but its not just for transferring songs and charging. The ipod is, as far as i know the only player where you can take a line level output from the bottom connector. Big deal you may say, but it means you don’t have to worry about blowing up your hifi/car stereo etc be plugging it in from the headphone socket. It’s also meant to sound better than using the headphone port, or if you’re really flush you can buy something like the Wadia ipod dock and bypass the inbuilt Digital Analogue Convertor totally making it sound even better.

    Point 2 – Every one else does it why can’t Apple? Not even people like Sony will include their best quality headphones in the box. The only company i’ve seen who does is B&O, but then you’re paying circa £350 for an mp3 payer and really really nice looking headphones, but it didn’t have a screen (or even memory, you have to buy the cards yourself). Oh and they don’t want to manufacture earphones, otherwise they would.

    Point 3 – Bit rate is not the problem, It’ll to everything from 92kbps up to lossless (just the range i have on my ones). Sounds to me like he didn’t have enough space on his ipod, dropping the rate would get round his problem there.

    Point 4 – Don’t like it dont use it. Either buy another player or spend the €20 to buy the software to let you sync with media player (which also means you can use MP playlists).

    Point 5 – Assumptions often go wrong don’t they. All people can say for certain is that Apple make the most popular mp3 player, probably because all the others were apparently more of a pain to use back when they first appeared.

  76. Don’t agree with most of this but the one that really annoys me is the bit rate complaint. 228kbps to high?! Seeing as your hated iTunes will rip cd’s at 320kbps you might want to reconsider calling your tech friend for advice any more, not to mention your own credibility in the tech area. Everything on my ipod is 320kbps and not one bit of trouble with any of the over 7,000 songs. Like others said, use the software that is meant for it and you might know it’s capabilities better. And if you dislike the ipod some much…buy a different kind of mp3 player and quit your bitching.

  77. Having read the above, I was going to get an ipod, but seems I shall end up even more screen bound, so maybe in a few years time when I am retired.

  78. Point 1…The cable is not exclusively for the iPod. The cable fits the entire line of Apple devices; iPhone; iPod; Shuffle; etc.

    Point 2…The headphones are far superior to many headphones you get with other mp3 players. If you want high end…buy Bose.

    Point 3…If you knew how to use iTunes correctly, you would know that there is a media/bit rate converter built in to the iTunes application.

    Your comments make you sound silly. The iPod is by far the most superior mp3 player on the market. If you have such a problem with it, why have you bought so many?

  79. Can’t sort by filename in iTunes? Not true. You can sort by any of the columns in your music or play list windows. If you’ve renamed your file, iTunes may only recognize the file name in the MP3 tag embedded in your file, but it’s not that hard to change that in iTunes either.

    I’ve never had a problem dragging and dropping music into iTunes, and I have thousands of MP3 files of varying bit rates. My music files have come from lots of different places too, including old Napster files and Usenet. No problems loading and playing them in iTunes.

    I don’t listen to music on my computer using iTunes but it’s not that hard to tell your machine not to make iTunes the default audio player on your computer.

    I have an 8 gig iPod touch and it’s the best electronic toy I’ve had yet. Who cares about what kind of cable it uses? I’ve never had two digital cameras that operated with the same cable, and I’ve owned a lot of different cameras. So what?

    Being nostalgic for the old Diamond Rio is like looking longingly back at a Model-T and saying “now THAT was a car.”

  80. I don’t know what everyone’s going on about complaining. You either spent no time getting to understand iTunes, or you have jello for brains. I think it’s a straight forward tool for managing music. Yes, I hate how it stores the media and its horrendous size, but it’s easy to navigate and whatever you need is there. I never had a problem with it.

    That said, I initially had problems with songs cutting out in the middle of playing on the pod. A few restores corrected that. The pod is connected to my Harman Kardon and my place rocks on demand.

    Someone mentioned getting stuck with AAC format. Well, I don’t have a single song in AAC. Everything is added as a MP3 or converted to MPEG via iTunes (and saved at VBR or 320 KBPS).

    Don’t know what the fuss is all about. I’m neither an Apple lover nor a hater. This specific product just happens to work fine for me and my friends.

  81. I bought an iPod for a friend and installed iTunes on my (Windows) PC so I could load it up with music. I found it well-nigh incomprehensible, and what a performance, waiting hours for all the files to convert to .aac. Next thing was I got an invitation to download the latest update of iTunes, which I foolishly did. The trouble is, you don’t just get iTunes – you get QuickTime rolled up in it and various other helper programs that they don’t even mention- and you get Apple’s Safari browser as well unless you specifically opt out of it, which I consider a damned cheek. It took about 2 hours to download and install (an integrated process that it is not possible to separate), using a broadband connection. Makes Windows Updates look like Speedy Gonzalez.

    Worst, though, even though I haven’t used iTunes since, it’s always there in the background, hogging memory and periodically checking in to the Apple website, freezing all other activity on the connection freezes and making any download you might be doing at the time fail.

    I, too, used Revo to unsinstall iTunes and was astonished at the debris left after the regular uninstall. As an afterthought, in view of the fact that I didn’t have any other Apple software on my machine, I did a registry search with jv16 for “Apple” and found 2,800 (that’s two thousand, eight hundred) left-over lines. (Warning: that search will also find anything with the word “applet” in it, so take care). Since I got rid of iTunes, I’ve found my machine and my broadband work a whole lot better.

    For myself I bought a Creative Zen X-Fi2. The touchscreen is maddening, but it is the easiest thing in the world to drag and drop music files in and out of it in Windows. (Lucky, really, because the Creative Central software that comes with it is every bit as unfriendly as iTunes – maybe worse!) You have to make sure the files are properly tagged first, though, otherwise chaos reigns.

  82. The only reason I bought this contraption is because I got fed up changing CDs in my car. I installed a iPOD docking station in my car so that I can listen to the thousands of songs that I transplanted from my CDs.
    This little gadget still sucks, and we idiots make Steve Jobs rich.

  83. Rocketmouse, I believe Copy Trans works with Mac. It basically allows you to use the iPod like the portable hard drive that it is, adding new videos, pictures, songs and you can backup all of your music that’s already on the iPod to a separate hard drive and have it all in one spot. Plus, it doesn’t lose your music or ask you to reformat your iPod like iTunes tends to when it crashes. Still, my favorite part is being able to create a perfect image of the iPod, playlists, pictures and all. The program does cost (I’d recommend the suite, which is $30 for one year, I believe) but check out the reviews on Cnet and even from others on here, it’s well worth it in the frustration it’ll save you from dealing with iTunes. I have around 35,000 music files and need them to DJ events and do my radio show, Copy Trans fixed my nightmare of dealing with iTunes.

    Marcus, iTunes has CDs set to rip to AAC by default, you can change it to mp3 or another format. However, as I said before, people who don’t know this, or find out after they’ve ripped their collections either must convert their music to mp3 or stay with Apple.

    Julie, if his iPod is still working, you could use the iCloner part of Copy Trans to make an image of the iPod (again, all files and playlists organized as they are on his current iPod) and put that image onto a new iPod. I had my old iPod stolen last year, and can attest that creating and installing the backup was easy and worked!

  84. @all

    From what most of you write I must sadly conclude that you are either mentally unfit to properly operate an iPod and iTunes, and/or have lousy configured PCs. What is mankind coming to?

  85. Frankly I just wanted to offend you about your post…but am not going to, I like you to take a moment and understand some of the WHY’s to your top 5…

    1. ONE HOLE TO PLUG’EM ALL…means has one “dock connector” to allow you get more formats, data, raw.. Video audio and also control of certain functions… ONE usb is strait data. you will need more cables to do normal functions… example once done at home take it on the go in your car play a video or music on the rear screens of your car while being on the phone using hands free thru your stereo.. Example radio Pioneer AVIC-110bt… I have it… works great!

    2. Marketing trick…Have you EVER SEEN BOSE HEADPHONES included with their main sales?? A store may give you the headphones as a bonus but BOSE does not…at least I have never seen it … BTW… I have QC2 and in ear mobile media by BOSE

    3. Hehehe You PAID FOR AN APPLE device…YOU MUST USE THEIR SOFTWARE TO USE IT! Windows media player has lots of glitches that still getting fix…and yes there is a way to use it to manage an iPod…(without drm) am not going to explain…

    4. If you don’t want to use iTunes to the fullest… download it and UNZIP IT…(7zip works good) you will see new MSI files ready to install individually use Google and find out with one you will use to make it stream as possible.. About drag and drop…iTunes create a…”index files” to find and play in your iPod… YOU CAN DRAG AND DROP with in iTunes!

    5. Somewhere around 1979 a working group consisting of Leon van de Kerkhof (The Netherlands), Gerhard Stoll (Germany), Leonardo Chiariglione (Italy), Yves-François Dehery (France), Karlheinz Brandenburg (Germany) and James D. Johnston (USA) took ideas from ASPEC, integrated the filter bank from Layer 2, added some of their own ideas and created MP3, which was designed to achieve the same quality at 128 Kbit/s as MP2 at 192 Kbit/s.

    Later, on July 7, 1994, the Fraunhofer Society released the first software MP3 encoder called l3enc. [25] The filename extension .mp3 was chosen by the Fraunhofer team on July 14, 1995 (previously, the files had been named .bit). With the first real-time software MP3 player Winplay3 (released September 9, 1995) many people were able to encode and play back MP3 files on their PCs. Because of the relatively small hard drives back in that time (~ 500-1000 MB) lossy compression was essential to store non-instrument based (see tracker and MIDI) music for playback on computer. (Check any history book…or Wikipedia)



    Blogs like this one will confuse a lot of people out there.

  86. I bought an Apple iPod Nano, iTunes didn’t see it, Windows Explorer didn’t see it. I managed to get 5 mp3’s installed, never could get them to play. Sent it back to Apple for a refund -15%. Stupid me, sucker that I am ordered an iPod Touch. At least it works, but at $200 is an overpriced mp3 player. I bought a mp3 player from eBay in china for $20, works just as well as the iPod Touch. iTunes is a pain in the butt too, put some pictures on the iPod Touch, had to restore it to remove the pictures. I can’t believe some people are actually buying the iPad, it’s just a overweight iPod Touch or iPhone. Same crappy apps, give me a Microsoft Windows 7 app any time.

  87. Ha! I’ve never owned and ipod and I was seriously considering buying one. Why do they have fm radio on one but not on the most expensive one?

    Anyway, after reading this and all the responses, I won’t be buying one. I believe the reason most people own one is the name & peer pressure. Gawd!

  88. I have a pretty large music collection that I have lost a portion of at one time or another due to conflicts between iTunes and WMP. I now use MediaMonkey and forked over the 20 bucks for the Gold edition. No problems so far and have the ability to manage my iPod in any format. I use Sennheiser CX300IIs or Skullcandy earphones on my 5th gen nano. Makes me miss the LP days where you could play an album on any turntable.

  89. I have a Zune. Its the easiest and most compatible player I have ever had. Its got its own software but doesnt run your life… Its as easy as drop and play. I had an Ipod. It really Isucked. Iwont ever Ibuy another. What an Istupid and Igreedy player. Thanks to the Ipood I will never buy one of the Iphones either. What does the I stand for anyway…. Idiots? Up yours Steve….

  90. I got sick of Ipods after my 3rd one broke.

    I have since switched to a Sony Walkman. The sound quality is several times better. The included headphones are noise canceling and retail on their own for around $100+. The screen is also higher quality and I no longer have to deal with itunes.

  91. Hi all, as an iTunes alternative, have any of you tried out something called SharePod (http://www.getsharepod.com/)? The wow thing about this is:

    1. It’s FREE!
    2. It’s a stand-alone Windows based program (also- meaning, no installation, no messing around with the registry, nothing.
    3. It’s small – just a 2 Mb download.
    4. You can easily transfer music between your PC and iPod AND vice-versa.
    5. You can share your iPod music in another PC without any pairing problems.

    Sounds good, doesn’t it? 🙂 Check it out!

  92. i love the ipod touch. however i hate itunes. monkeys could have done better. One thing i hate about my ipod touch is i have to use itunes to delete mp3s. i find that annoying. i listen to audio books as mp3s. it would be nice to delete them after listening, so i can keep track of where i am at.

  93. I agree, and this is why I bought a Zune instead of an iPod. I’m not a Microsoft fanboy or anything…I just think the Zune is the superior device. Plus, the Zune software isn’t nearly as crappy as iTunes. It’s not great, but it’s wayyyy better than iTunes.

    Oh and what’s with iTunes making it so that music you buy off of iTunes can only be played in iTunes or on your iPod? What a rip off. That file encoding they use is extremely restrictive. Zune doesn’t do that, and I would expect Microsoft to pull a cheap move on customers like that before Apple.

  94. Point 1: I agree, why does a company whose CEO is constantly telling the public he believes in open source use a proprietary cable to connect to its devices? I have owned three iPods and two iPhones, and Apple’s own cables will not sync/charge everyone of their own devices in the “i” line. Way to go Steve.

    Point 2: I have never had a problem with the headphones that came with any of my iPods or iPhones. I only complain about the PRICE, those things are way too expensive. So when they break, i pull out the headphones I have owned for over ten years, and move on.

    Point 3: If you are not using the software meant to sync your iPod, than do not expect it to interface with your iPod and tell you exactly what is wrong. Thing about that. You want to know why your iPod is doing something funny with your music, try using the intended software.

    Point 4: I have been in love with iTunes since it came out. And I have learned to adapt to its idiosyncrasies. When I want to drag and drop music to my iPod, I select “Manually manage music and videos” and lo and behold, I can simply drag and drop music to my iPod. But if you are not using the intended software with your device, than do not expect it to work properly.

    Now, about your comment about iTunes being a space hog, yea I agree But I have it loaded on both my PC and my Mac, and it takes 2 seconds and 5 seconds to load respectfully. Maybe you should clean up your computer, or clean up your library. My Mac takes the longest to load because my music library is kept on an external hard drive that I connect to over my wireless network. And I did that because my library was getting too large and bogging down the computer. Have you considered that?

    Point 5: Why do you think Apple invented the MP3 Player? Who do you know thinks Apple invented the MP3 Player? When has Apple ever claimed they invented the MP3 Player? How is that a reason for hating the iPod? You seem to have lost your train of thought there. I used to own a Rio, it was a great little MP3 player, but I do not believe it would have stood the test of time against the iPod.

  95. Another reason to hate Ipod:

    Mine will not charge with anything but a computer running Vista !

    Wall doesn’t work, XP comp. doesn’t work and car doesn’t work and nobody has a clue why.

    iTunes sucks, use Winamp Pro for all your audio needs including managing your Ipod.

  96. I agree wholeheartedly. My response: ZEN ZEN ZEN. I NEVER have any of these problems since I gave my iPod away and got a Creative Zen.

    iPod iSucks.

  97. I really love the Red(tm) color of my Nano. I love it ’cause it has no scratches on it since I don’t carry it or use it. I have it sitting on my desk next to my monitor in an iPod Classic base ’cause that’s the only thing it fits in with it’s armor on. But, it’s not connected to my PC ’cause it causes boot failure – a USB problem I recently found out.

    I love my Nano ’cause I lost the ear buds but they hurt my ears and aren’t Red(tm) like my Nano so I’m cool with it. It has music on it but I don’t know what. It’s the one with the monochrome display and cost $450 with nice and expensive accessories like a $40 plug-in USB charger with neat disappearing prongs.

    Three months later Apple brought out the New Nano with the color display. But the price was only $228. Now I have a valuable Apple retro device which still works, I think. I love showing people how stylish I am now that retro is in. I’m thinking of getting a D&G or LV bag to put the Nano in but it would probably get lost ’cause they don’t have Nano mesh pockets on them. Oh well.

    I just realised now I can buy a new cool looking Mac portable and people will know I’m still in style. I just love that light-up Apple thingy on the cover. When I go to Starbucks I could pretend I’m still in University or something. But no probs ’cause all the students run their MS software on their Macs.

    Who won? Apple lost ’cause style don’t always count. Too bad.

  98. Don’t know what you’re talking about with Point 3. I have plenty of 320kbps files on my iPod. I’ve never had trouble getting them on there.

    Really, if you don’t like the headphones, and you don’t like the adapter, and you don’t like the file management, and you don’t like the process of moving music on or off of the player, then why do you have one? There are other players out there.

    But I can’t think of any that give you headphones that are any better or worse than what comes with the iPod. I think the whole idea there is that if you really care, you probably have a nice set of headphones anyway, so why jack up the price of the iPod (or any other player for that matter) by including something better than a throwaway? Really, now; did you but it for the player or the headphones?

  99. PS: I wanna thank the 15 year old Tech behind the Apple counter, who was of no help to me over this issue… Thank you young scholar.

  100. For you DJ & A/V type: I found out something extra special about I-Pod. I do A/V and I used mine to send test signal down a line or play background music. They should run at ‘Line’ level like a CD player does, but instead run at ‘Mic’ level. If you have ‘Phantom Power’ running through your system (some mics require it), it will send a small about of electricity into the unit. I went through 6 ‘Shuffles’ before figuing out what was going on. I now put a ‘Computer DI’ in between. {& I-Tunes sucks}

  101. Ryykk said:
    >Wouldn’t it be great if we could get a different OS to work on Apple’s products, they would never allow that.

    You can and they do. It’s called Rockbox. Open source jukebox software. It’ll turn any ipod into a proper portable music player. Drop n’drag, multiple formats supported, any bitrate. No need for that aweful itunes

    Personally I wouldn’t touch any apple product with a barge pole. Style over substance and rip off prices. Sound quality isn’t that good either I’m told.

    I am proud to say that I have a Sansa Fuze , running Rockbox OS. Runs rings around an ipod at a very respectable price.

  102. Once I decided to move all my itunes music to my external hard drive. I dragged and dropped them to the external drive. This confused my system. Then I read the itunes directions on how do do this procedure. In order to get my itunes to recognize the new path to the external hard drive, I had to click each and every song and let it start playing…all 3 days worth of music.

  103. LOL I can’t believe that a website dedicated to improving performance of the worlds crappiest operating systems only has listed 5 things to hate about iPods. Seems like a non issue to me. Any of my iPods and iPhone have worked well and I have no issues with utilizing any of the software.
    BTW I am not Steve Jobs.

  104. 10 iPods is 10 votes saying Yes, I like your product so much I bought it 10x, no room for complaining at this point imo. i think $400 dollars for this thing is a terrible waste of money. i bought a “iPod” lookalike for only $40, I cant remeber right now what it GB are, but it holds about 300 songs from my collection, which for me is plenty. I usually change it completely about every 8-10 weeks, or when I get a new song i put it on right away and delete one im sick of hearing. this works great as the longest stretch i have ever used it was on plane trips that have lasted about 6hours. 300 songs is about 25 hours (5mins per song), so this is fine… when i am going to listen to 25 hours of music wihout taking a break? it also allows me to use a generic USB cable that I also use for my digi camera and digi camcorder. one more great thing is it allows me to open it up through the “My Computer” interface and create my own folders for directory and then drag a drop. I have never had a problem with bitrate either…maybe im lucky im not very tech savy so i dunno. it also dubs as a small storage device, which was great in college for my assignments and digital handouts etc. so to me it seems like my generic MP3 player does all the things that you complain your iPod doesnt do, and still bought it 10x… how many thousands $ have you spent while crossing your fingers that it will be better than the last one, and it isnt?

    so come on people stop being sheeps and stop buying into this proprietary crap! use the brain in your head and weigh your pros/cons of your different options!

  105. I hate itunes because they don’t have a wide variety of formats. You have to convert all your music to AAC and it sucks. I have tons of music in different formats and I just want to drag and drop my music and I have to wait like hours just to have my music to be converted. Plus, I hate that you can’t get all of your album work either. You have to go google to find your album and copy and paste in itunes. I don’t have this problem with Zune. It does take forever just to open up. As far as my iPod its cool for me when I at work, but I do not like those white cheap earphones that come with it. I used either JVC or Sony for my headphones.

  106. I *tried* to read all these posts to see if there is something I can use on a Mac besides iTunes – it keeps on losing (some of) my music (probably when updating to a new version) and I’ve gotten tired of trying to re-find it over and over again. I *have* saved my “Previous iTunes Libraries” but most of the time iTunes (or I) can’t find it there either. I have NOT updated to 9.2 on my PPC running Tiger but was “forced” to do so in Snow Leopard on my MacBook if I wanted to continue syncing the iPod Touch with it. So now there’s more of my music missing there… This (using iTunes) is way too complicated these days. Does anybody know if there’s something else (preferably free) to use for music and iPod(s) on a Mac?

  107. Transfer to or from Ipod ? Google for “Floola.exe”. A window left (your Ipod) and a window right (your computer). that’s all … move/copy from and to an Ipod without any troubles.
    When I removed Itunes from my computer with Revo Uninstaller, this program had to remove more than 600 (SIX HUNDRED!!)files before Itunes was completely gone … 600 F***** files !!!
    I’m not gonna say that Apples are worthless… the only problem most “I” programs have is that they TAKE OVER your computer … YOU are not your computer’s master, you become an “I”-slave … That’s why I say NO to any “I” !!!

  108. This post provoked such nostalgie in me 🙂
    I once had a Gateway computer and a Diamond graphics adapter (with it’s “daughter board”)is in my personal museum in it’s original box with the VHS video instruction and all the books and drivers diskettes and CD.
    An iPod I DO NOT have though. Your 5 reasons are only the tip of the iceberg as to why to hate it. Apple are going (in my opinion anyway) the IBM pc/ps2 way. Prestige is nice, but as IBM learned a long time ago, a name is only as good as the character under the laurels. The iPod is like an IBM PS/2. Unique everything and nothing non Apple can be used for it without cheating the system. It is good for as long as other things of Apple’s still get some laurels here and there, but there are so many players today that have ability to play lossless format and have ability to use replaceable media (SD, Memory Stick, even a normal Disk On Key) so you can take with you a player and several cards with whatever you want on each of them, and in the car just take the media out and put it into the car player and …. Oh well… The only way I see of showing a bad politician where to go is: NOT voting for them. Same here. I do have a voice and a vote and I do use them 🙂

    Many thanks for invoking that disk in my brain that has on it my better memories of computer times 🙂


  109. We have 3 iPods at our house and of the 3 we have a constant problem with the 5th generation video iPod. It keeps locking for no apparent reason and this last time we could not get it to unlock. This is after we had sent it in to be repaired and the warranty expired on the repair. (the repair was for a bad battery and broken screen – $250.00) I sure wish we could figure it out because my son loves that iPod.

  110. Rob, I am in agreement with you on this. If you are flying, you can buy a comparable pair of ear buds for $2 on American Airlines, for the price they charge for an iPod, they should be much better. Personally I use a pair of Sennheiser cx300s that go for $15-25 on Amazon, increases sound quality 10 fold and I don’t worry too much about losing them. I absolutely loath iTunes, I don’t even let it load and it is only there for a couple of dll’s I need (too lazy to edit the registry) in order to get the iPod to sync with MediaMonkey. I haven’t run into the bit rate issue, perhaps because of MediaMonkey. The cable is an annoying issue. I do have to say that I like the UI on the iPod, as opposed to other MP3 players I have had. But, after thinking about it, anyone want to buy a well used 4th gen?

  111. i’m not going to get into the specifics of why i dislike Apple but i do.

    but when i had to help my bro-in-law with his iPod, i really fell in love with the look of it.

    but i refused to touch an iPod until i could figure out a way around the bloated software and the missing drag and drop feature.

    so i didn’t buy my own iPod until after i had download the free version of CopyTrans Manager from download.com.

    in my ad to sell my first iPod (i bought another), i mentioned in the sale ad that i wouldn’t even recommend buying my iPod unless the buyer could get CopyTrans Manager.

    do yourself a favor and get it if you’ve got an iPod.

  112. I agree with much of what you wrote. I despise iTunes and got sick of it crashing. Using Cnet I found a great program called Copy Trans: http://www.copytrans.net/ that allows you to replace iTunes and add music to your iPod via drag and drop as well as create a full image of your iPod and backup your mp3’s that are on your iPod. This is good because Apple refuses to do anything to aid police if your iPod is ever stolen or lost, even though they could. Another thing to not like, Apple has iTunes set to rip your CDs into aac files rather than mp3s. If you’re not tech savvy and have a large music collection, you now have a large collection of aac files all of which you must convert to mp3 or be stuck with Apple.

  113. I believe & agree that iTunes is ridiculous & in no way as secure as it should be (many accounts have been hacked), Apple is greedy by making a specific cable for the iPod thus forcing you to spend the extra $ on it for replacement rather than use what you may already have & it is a major pain in the rear to get your music transferred and playing the way it should. Oh, and if you happen to be one of the unfortunate victims whose account gets hacked, Apple is of NO HELP what-so-ever! Their customer service sucks in every way imaginable!

  114. I agree with the writer of the article. Apple is a love hate relationship. ITunes Sucks! Once the music is on the iPhone, it is awsome. Getting the info there is a real challange and work.

    I was upgrading to the 4.0 software, not only did itunes not back up my data as promised, it completely wiped out 1,400 songs, all my email, contacts, and 11 pages of apps. After a re-sync most of my contacts came back, but not anything i entered into my iPhone, just what was in outlook. I did have my apps on the computer, most of them anyway, but now none of them work. So I get to call Apple again, 4th time in 2 days. I have also done this 4 times already trying to recover what was lost. One of the customer support reps, said “great, another issue i have to report”.

    Why don’t I or millions switch, well, I worked my ass off to get this to work, I have loaded everything into iTunes for my phone already, and the number one reason, I have a damn contract and they won’t let me out of it or give me my money back, kind of stuck.

    Apple never has or never will play good with others, and I will not give them any more of my money or time.

    The idea is awsome, thats what the sell, an idea of harmony. What you get, well, frustration and with a tremendous amount of time, a divice that will work.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could get a different OS to work on Apple’s products, they would never allow that.

  115. I have found a use for that funny IPod cable – my experience with IPods is that they “break” about 1 day after the warranty is up – my IPod Touch now has a fault with the air phone jack I can only hear the music not the singing – it seems it is quite a common fault – price to fix is only $350 – uh! – the price of a new IPod. But I have just bought a car stereo which has – you guessed it that funny IPod connector on it so now I can play my broken IPod via my car stereo – but still have to buy another or something else to walk free of car/computer!!! – I also use a 350 bit rate on my IPod – I always manage my music separately to anything Apple as they are too proprietary in all things, and I just copy a selection of my music library onto my IPod to listen to and change it when I need a change. I use media monkey to manage my music or a couple of other tools and I never buy music from ITunes – you guessed it too proprietary, I always buy the CD. However I do like the little app on my IPod touch (which I bought via the apple store) which connects to my ITunes on my PC server in my computer cupboard which lets me sit out on my deck and change the music/volume that is playing from ITunes via my stereo system.

  116. Firstly the most astounding thing to me is that someone in the IT game is using their 10th iPod after having such a list of complaints. It’s called iRiver or Cowon.

    Go on, they sound better, are less money for the same features and you can use them with windows media player if you really like.

    Or do like I do and bin the MP3 player in favour of a phone. For some reason my MP3 player wasn’t as good at reproducing music as my phone… since then I just haven’t been bothered enough to spend £100+ on another device when I can simply use my phone which I have on me anyway.

    As for the other specific complaints,

    Why limit the bitrate – so you can’t try to play music it just isn’t capable of doing justice to.
    Why bundle the headphones – cause Apple products are always flawed with something like that… it’s a style thing.
    Why change the cable – so then you can have iPod only speakers and other such stuff falling off every shelf meaning that other MP3 players get stuck with leftovers.
    Why use iTunes – Well if you haven’t noticed that Apple likes to tell you how to run your life then you probably don’t need decent headphones… you’re deaf!


  117. lol @ Stormy Hunter! Stormy, try a little program called ipod copy. Yes, when you pull your music files off your ipod to your computer, it DOES give the files funny names AND puts them randomly. BUT, if you do a little homework, ipod copy will pull your files back off your ipod, name them correctly, AND put them into folders sorted alphabetically by Artist/Album. Been using it for a couple years and wouldn’t use anything else should my ipod fail!

  118. Michael Fraser

    iTunes has one very large advantage for those of us old enough to remember real high fidelity, Apple Lossless format. MP3 files, even the 128k, simply do not have the information density for true high fidelity. Lossless is vertually indistinguishable from the original CD. Yes, it takes up more room, but so what? HD drives are dirt cheap these days. My real complaint is with the way iTunes handles (or doesn’t handle) files.

  119. I love my iPod once music is on it. But like you, getting it there is a chore – even using a Mac. I’ve found Winamp (on PC) is my easiest bet.

    Perhaps someone will make an Android Media Player – Android minus the bulk of a phone has everything you are asking for!

  120. @Gimpy Not only will the iPod not sort tracks by filename (and this makes keeping all the tracks from one album together and in sequence), iTunes actually renames every file that goes into your iPod to a random four letter combination, just to make things difficult should you decide to transfer your music from the iPod back to your computer. If you browse to the music folders in your ipod, you will see filenames like XZUH.mp3, MEYF.mp3, PBNW.mp3. Fun, huh?

  121. Point one: The mini USB came out about 6 years after the first ipod, if apple had changed it you would be moaning about that.

    Point two: The ear buds do there job fine, especially for many people that use a low bitrate for music and listen to it in noisy public place, and therefore do not need £200 Bose headphones. And if they did not contain buds in the box like you suggest they should not, then you would moan.

    Point four: You maybe one of the few, many people I know use Itunes to organise all there media, I am not one, I only use it for music, but many people will use it as a library for all their media, my dad is one, it is a one stop shop for all his needs, with over complicating the matter. They can they share the library over their home network to other computer, PS3 or xboes, to name a few devices.

    Point five: There are still other mp3 players, maybe you should get a zune and stop using itunes altogether.

    and readying this article make you should silly, I mean these items you have talked about have been present since I got my first ipod 6-7 years ago, so why have you had 10 ipods if you hate them so much.

  122. I am totally with you on the iTunes situation. When I change the music on my iPod I feel like I am committing a sin. I wish they would make it so that you had to go to the store, not have the store come to you un-asked. I have the 80 gig iPod too, but I only paid $240 for it. And guess what? My Motorola droid has taken its place and it just sits up there on that set of speakers looking down at me.

  123. Yo! I bought the 80G Ipod for $400 when they were brand new. WOW! I used it for 3 years, still works great. My brother gave me a 64GB Ipod touch, good for me as I never would have spent the money to get one. I totally agree with this post. Apple would do good to be a little more user friendly. Yo check this out —-> the ipod cable that came with my 80Gig Ipod will charge my Ipod touch but will not sync it. I have a mini usb to ipod adapter that I can use with any mini usb cable that will sync my Ipod touch but will not charge it. What the heck??? Now I have two cables for my Ipod touch or I guess I could go by a replacement for the one I lost???

  124. This is a great post. I too have a love / hate relationship with my iPod and points 1 through 4 are spot on. I wasn’t familiar with the Diamond Rio story but I know of a number of technology companies that received this kind of treatment. It just goes to show you why the music industry is in the shape it’s in.

  125. I TOTALLY agree with the drag and drop and the special cable. We have so many cables that we have to track and store. WhatEVER!
    Apple, are you listening????

  126. All those pale in comparison to the fact that iTunes cannot sort by filename. All my mp3s follow a naming convention that allows for convenient queuing of albums without playlists. Can’t do that on an ipod. As a result it just sits collecting dust. I still use my 12 track disc changer in my car.

  127. Bibiana McArdle

    And another thing is that the iPod does not utilize Windows Media Playlists. I refuse to use iTunes to compile playlists that I already have on Windows Media Player. That’s redundant and time-consuming.

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