Ask Leo: Are You Ready for Your PC to Be Stolen?


By Leo Notenboom

Anyone who’s worked with computers for any length of time has experienced a disaster of some sort. The crash that happens just before you save your document to disk. The failure that renders a disk unreadable. You know the drill.

You are prepared for that, right?

By prepared, of course, I mean backed up. Consider what you would lose if your hard disk self-destructed. I mean what if it failed so badly that it was totally lost forever. Would you be able to recover important documents and information from other sources?

Why not?

Backing up is so easy to do. Personally, I do it without thinking – it happens automatically every night. Yeah, yeah, I’m a geek, and you certainly don’t need the scripts and programs that backup the 8 machines I have here at home. There are many simple and automated solutions that, once you’ve experienced a failure, you’ll agree are worth every penny you invested.

You say hard disks don’t fail that often? That might, or might not, be true, but it does happen. Regardless, having your computer stolen is just as bad, if not worse. Not only do you not have your data, but some theif might.

Article continued here: That’s where encryption comes in.

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