Bits from Bill Pytlovany: National ID System Replaced by Facebook


By Bill Pytlovany

I’m always writing about privacy and my recommendations on protecting your personal information. The success of social networks like Facebook has proven that most people really don’t care about privacy. The same people who may have signed a petition against a National ID number now share their info willingly with applications on Facebook.

On July 26th, 2006, the American Civil Liberties Union released a brilliant video on how our sensitive information may be used in the future. I’m certain I laughed my ass off the first time I saw it. Little did I know how close to reality it might be in just a few years. It seemed like a joke at the time but watching it now I have a completely different opinion. Instead of fearing a government, we should watch out for the companies who have partnered with Facebook.

The purpose of this video was to help the ALCU in their fight against a National ID system. While it was designed to be a warning, this video can now be used as an example for creating a great social application interface.

Watch video here

This post is excerpted with Bill’s permission from his blog

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5 thoughts on “Bits from Bill Pytlovany: National ID System Replaced by Facebook”

  1. How can you say that facebook shows that most people don’t care about information security? “Most people” don’t have facebook accounts.

  2. You are correct Bill; the first go around it is funny, but then when you think about it…

    What I do not understand is the ACLU is a liberal organization, and it is the Liberals who want to control our lives, e.g. Obama has nationalized healthcare, Bloomberg is attacking salt and fat in restaurants, and have banned smoking everywhere.

    Yes even ion California there was someone wanted to ban smoking in your own home because somebody ‘out there’ could smell it.

    Food for thought.


  3. The reason that video is coming true is because the mega corporations own all the politicians which is why the are no laws now or planned to prevent the invasions into our lives. As to places like Facebook being used to show people don’t care, there is a huge difference between that and a National ID card you will be required under penalty of fine and or incarceration to carry and produce every time you move all day every day or try to do anything. There was a time all Social Security cards had the words Not to be used for purposes of Identification printed on them, the politicians sold out to the credit [aka personal data collection]agencies. Where we are fast heading is the corporate owned and divided up world portrayed in the original Rollerball with James Cann. Next step will be the mega corporations buying up entire small countries, where the Corporate Board will assume the additional role of government, a safe controlled environment from which to run their global operations, without interference from other countries, especially this one. Won’t be long before they own this one, they already hold some $70 Trillion of the debt the Federal Congress is responsible for, the so called Public Debt of a mere 14 trillion you hear about on the news is just a drop in the bucket of the real total. Maybe 2 years left before just the interest on the debt exceeds the Federal Governments total income from all sources.
    Imagine if you can what will happen after that day finally arrives.

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