Ask Leo: Are you ready for your house to burn down?


By Leo Notenboom

In a recent podcast entitled “Are you ready for your computer to be stolen” I discussed the needs for not only backing up, but encrypting your sensitive data. Losing it is one thing, but having sensitive personal data in the hands of thief is just as scary if not more so.

So by now you’re all backing up regularly, and keeping those backups in a safe place, right?

A safe place … in your house? In the same structure as your computer?

So what happens to all those backups and those computers should your house burn to the ground? Or a flood damage everything? Or a mudslide bury it in goo?

Backing up isn’t enough. You need to store copies of your backups off-site. Somewhere physically different than your business or computer’s location. That way if the worst happens you still have your data safely backed up.

Somewhere else.

It doesn’t have to be hard. Every so often…

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