Bits from Bill Pytlovany: Forget the DVD & Save on your New Laptop


By Bill Pytlovany

I’ve written before about the coming death of the CD/DVD’s for data storage. While that time hasn’t come yet for desktop there is one realm where CD/DVD players are no longer needed. If you’re getting ready to purchase a new laptop the one place you can really save is by shopping for a machine without a CD/DVD player. Not only will you save cash, but you’ll also save big time on weight and energy consumption.

What about Installing Software?

One of the benefits of a CD/DVD player has been for installing new software that is sold on disc format. In these days of broadband access, it’s more common to install entire applications from the web. If you’re using a home network with any other computer that has a CD/DVD then you already have one. It’s a simple process to set any CD/DVD as a shared device. It can then be mapped to your laptop so it behaves like a local device. Windows 7 makes it even easier.

What about listening to music or watching movies?

My guess is most of you have little devices called iPods, MP3-Players or Smart Phones that store plenty of music and even play movies. Why would you use all the power on your laptop to play a movie off a DVD when you can read it off an alternate digital storage device. If you don’t have one now you’ll be able to afford one by not purchasing a CD/DVD on your new laptop.

Invest the cash you save

This post is excerpted with Bill’s permission from his blog

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9 thoughts on “Bits from Bill Pytlovany: Forget the DVD & Save on your New Laptop”

  1. I don’t have a Smart phone, MP3 player, or Ipod. My laptop is 10 years old–OS, Windows XP, ’cause I can’t afford a new one; so if and when I am able to buy a new laptop, I still want a CD/DVD drive to come with it.

  2. the power you save by not having a cd/dvd player in your laptop is nothing like the power you whould have to use to turn on your network and desktop..sorry just a thourt

  3. Jeff,
    What Bill is saying is you can download the movie to your handheld device and then watch it on your laptop. I don’t understand why people always have to tear up the author for simply making GOOD suggestions. Gotta read the entire post dude.

  4. Bill is half right. True that the lack of a DVD player in the laptop will save energy, but you’re setting yourself up for occasional frustration if you don’t have one. Another compromise is to buy an external USB drive, and use it when you need it. These can be had for as little as $100, $150 if you want to read blu-ray.

    But Bill’s statement about watching movies on an iphone: no way. iPhones are fine for youtube, but you’re asking for a headache looking at that little screen for two hours.

  5. You can still rip a CD off a CD driver that you’ve mapped as a network drive. As long as one other machine on your home network has a CD player you have what you need.

    Just set it as a shared drive and then you can access it from your laptop. Just run your CD ripping program and point it to the CD drive on the network. You can get all your CD’s on your laptop.


  6. What about getting that music on your computer. I know that you can buy it online but when you do it is protected. When you buy it on a cd it is not in most cases. I agree that DVD’s and CD’s will be gone sooner than later. But first we need to be able to down load music and not worry that it may not work on our MP3, And for the person that says that cd has better quality than MP3 he needs to really take a look at how high of a bit rate you can have MP3’s at.

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