Compute $50.00 To Your Pocket-Right Now

Every year prices on gas, food and hobbies rocket up, up, up. There’s only one true defender for the consumer. Computers!

Computers have given us access to information on pricing and availability like nothing before. Sit at your computer, type in what you’re looking for and immediately everything is in front of you.

The ease at which computers can provide availability and price information has changed complete markets. Hard to find memorabilia is now available with a few easy clicks and is no longer hard to find. Because of this, prices have dropped drastically.

I’ve never been a coupon clipper but it pays to pick a few items and google them up. Transportation, food, and hobbies take a major portion of my spendable income. It takes only a few seconds to save hundreds of dollars each month.

Costing over $40.00 a tank, gas can be a major part of your available income. Before leaving your drive, know whether you should make a left or a right to get the best deal.

GasBuddy Simpy pick your state, enter your county, add your zip code and you’re looking at a list of the 12 lowest prices reported in the last 24 hours. Today I’m looking at a spread of .20 per gallon for my zip code. That’s $3.40 in my pocket for the cost of 3 clicks.

Like the rest of the world, my wife and I eat out more often than not. We both work and the thought of cooking after a full day isn’t something we look forward to. Cooking is now a leisure activity. Something to enjoy when time permits. The result is that a major portion of our food budget goes to restaurants.

I can go to a site like TheSavingPost, enter my zip code, click on restaurants to get great printable coupons or I can just type “restaurant coupons naples florida” in my browser and find great deals like this one that we used Friday night.

If you use a credit card, and I know you do, take 2 minutes and go to LowCards to see how your current card stacks up. Don’t let these money munchers get over on you. Cut to the chase using this straight forward site. Get rid of any card that’s stealing your cash. Use your good credit to save you bucks each month.

New times require new strategies. No longer are we stuck with checking the Sunday paper for Sales and good deals. Today it’s much easier. Simply type in what you want and find the best deal instantly.

This time next year we’ll all be using apps from our smart phones to locate the best price on the item we’re looking at. We’ll let our phone scan the UPC on the item and Bingo, I’ll have directions to the store with the best price. The technology is here so it’s just a matter of time before we all adopt it.

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3 thoughts on “Compute $50.00 To Your Pocket-Right Now

  1. Good article to remind people about. Is something I do everyweek. Check out the flyers for my groceries. Saved over $60.00 this week for items on sale and my pantry is now well stocked for the next couple of months.

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