TechBite: Oh, Bass, What Did You Do?


By Steve Bass

Oh, Bass, What Did You Do?

On March 21, 1991, I stopped using Norton’s security programs.

But I like to see what the dark side is up to, so I recently switched back to Norton. And I’m really happy I did.
Of course, knowing how you always like to hear the dirt, I’ll tell you the back story.

Oh, Norton, What Did You Do?

It was at the March 21, 1991 user group meeting that a Norton rep was showing off the company’s latest antivirus program. “Give these a spin,” I said, handing the guy doing the demo a floppy disk filled with live viruses.
Not an unreasonable request, I thought. But that’s just me.
He avoided making eye contact, wouldn’t look at the floppy, and said “no.” That’s it. To a roomful of 350 computer users. “No.”

And it was downhill from there.

Over the years, Symantec’s Norton products grew popular; they also became bigger. They leapfrogged over Microsoft Office to obtain, and keep, the bloatware award. Norton products hobbled PCs by hogging computer resources and hard disk space. Like it or not, you got stuck with Live Update, a separate, massive, tool used to keep every Norton program in the world up-to-date — even if you only owned one product.
And when you’d had enough of Norton, you needed special software and a small backhoe to uninstall it. Live Update stayed with you forever.
Symantec shot itself in the foot over and over–and what really fascinates me, is when it had spare time, it did it again.

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2 thoughts on “TechBite: Oh, Bass, What Did You Do?”

  1. Looks like vicki misread Steve’s article. I did too and then re-read it. Steve has SWITCHED BACK to Norton. I had encountered the same history with Norton and McAffee, so I was dubious when Comcast offered me seven licenses free with my online account. The New Norton is well-behaved, does not hog resources, and seems to be keeping all manner of spyware and malware out of my system. I’m now a fan.
    Vicki – take another look!

  2. Thanks, Steve. I sooo agree with you. I’ve been telling my clients for years that Norton is a terrible resource hog on their pc’s (I love your phrase: bloatware!) I have somewhat the same opinion of McAfee, and usually recommend against both of them because of that, and their overwhelming popularity, and therefore, the huge bullseye they provide for the despicable malware developers. Now that I have it in print from an expert (what am I, chopped liver??), maybe I can get some of them to forego the 90-day free tidbit that comes bundled on their new computers. Nevermind that their old pc’s are now deemed unusable by them, thanks to Norton or McAfee being shut down, either by malware or be the end of the “trial” period.

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