Dodge Retort: The Social Network a Good Yarn, but Incomplete


By John Dodge

The movie The Social Network is a worthy and multi-faceted flick. It evoked some thoughts given I have traveled in high tech circles for most of my career as a journalist.

Facebook’s main-founder-maybe Mark Zuckerberg? I know the type. Such individuals are so scary bright, they need not trifle themselves with ethical behavior. They see five steps beyond everyone else so the rules don’t apply. Stealing ideas? That’s fair game, too.

But does Zuckerberg fit that stereotype? The scary bright part is true for sure, but we need to hear his side of the story. It doesn’t help Zuckerberg’s case that The Social Network is a good movie.

Did Zuckerberg steal the equally unlikable Winklevoss twins’ idea for a social network? It’s certainly plausible. Did Zuckerberg trick Facebook co-founder and best friend Eduardo Saverin by diluting his one third share to .03 percent? That would seem hard to make up.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire and the air around Zuckerberg is choked with particulate. But in fairness, we need to hear from Mark, who did not participate in the movie’s story line.

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