Windows 8 is Coming Soon

Just like a leaky faucet, after a while you get accustomed to the constant drip, drip, drip and forget it’s there. Even before the release of Windows 7 we were all aware that work was underway for Windows 8. There were rumblings and leaks of a possible 128 bit Windows 8 and certainly a 128 bit Windows 9 even when Windows 7 64 bit had barely hit the streets.

To be sure no one forgets, another leak has popped out, again suggesting, that Windows 8 will be released in 2 years. That would match the original leak of last year and serve to get Windows back in the news. You can read the cnet article here.

Between this and the excellent presentation of a leak this past June, one can confidently say that Microsoft would like to create some excitement and let people know about things to come. What’s coming? Well, Windows8 will have an App Store which would be very similar to the ones offered by Apple and Droid, certainly not a big surprise. Other speculations have included facial recognition, secure password storage, more touch screen, and even external temp sensors.

Competition has definitely heated up with the increasing success of everything i. The iPad and its obvious tie in with mobility, the iPhone and i Computing, is keeping Microsoft in search of some wind for it’s large but not so billowing sails, pun intended. Whether The Cloud will help push a favorable wind is yet to be determined but you can bet that MS would like to steal some wind from Apple’s soon to be released Lion operating system.

Wind From The Clouds

It’s not likely that MS will continue to float lazily in a quiet sea. Recent commercials have attempted to keep the Cloud concept in front of the general public. I’m still surprised at how few people actually understand cloud computing. Cloud computing has been a part of PC Pitstop now for a couple of years. The solutions offered by Cloud Computing are perfect for the huge growth we’re seeing in mobile computing and power conservative devices.

Looking at the changes brought about with the release of Windows 7 and Windows Live it seems obvious that MS is more on the ball than many think. Although subtle in its presentation, Microsoft’s effort is right in line with the current trend to the Cloud and mobility. Helping to continue this push is the vise-like grip Microsoft has on the office application user. While selling iPads and iPhones is making some serious coin for Apple, Windows isn’t going to go away anytime soon. Reading, taking pics, and emailing can be fun but when it comes to serious business, who you gonna call?

Microsoft, that’s who.

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  1. Reuven Ben-Daniel

    I started with a Dragon computer. Then I graduated to Windows 95, then with a new computer to Windows98. to XPsp2 finally to XPsp3.All my non-Microsoft that worked with Windows95 work with XPsp3, without alteration.Even those programs that were designed by individuals not companies. All the original drivers work.Using the MS Windows7 compatible program, none of my programs or drivers work. I will not get a new computer as long as my out of date motherboard works. But however advanced my new computer is, I will continue to use XP,to replace my programs, including CAD programs, would cost several thousand dollars, unless Microsoft suggest I use pirated programs!

  2. The problem with Microsoft is the price of their system. I have used Snow Leopard, Ubuntu 10.09, openSUSE 11.2, XP, Vista and W7. I like OS X and Linux better. Putting the prices of the Mac aside, the operative system is solid, easy to use and powerful. Same applies to Linux and in 3 years of using it I never had a problem or compatibility issue.

    I think it all depends on your needs, Windows is pretty much a standard these days as it comes in every computer you buy. Linux has a lot of room tho but it never will be good at gaming because its opensource and a huge company would never make a badass game if they dont win $$$$$$$. Apple now has a good game line-up a little more polishing and it could be compared to windows.

    I, myself use Linux (openSUSE 11.3) most of the time because it run faster and smoother and I run W7 virtually when I need it. Still I’m always in a mixed enviroment and I can say no OS is better than the other it just depends on your needs and capabilities…

    (About “capabilities” a novice user or someone that just uses the computer to get into FB is not going to like Linux because its a whole new enviroment and options. and because they dont know much about computers and dont take time into learning they will just ditch it for windows. Same applies with Apple, I’ve seen people selling their macs after a week and say its crap… they just didnt take time to learn…)

  3. The only thing that grinds my gears is the fact that after spending huge sums of money buying the new software/OS then finding out a few days/weeks/months later a newer version will be released and to top it off all support for the version you have just bought will cease in a short while. That really p***** me off. If you buy software/OS’s Microsoft should keep supporting it forever instead of forceing us to upgrade from something we have and love. I have XP AND windows 7 and also Cr**** Vista but I WELL PREFER XP but saddly support has gone for XP. I think to myself it is about time to stop buying into Microsoft… they are getting as bad as Plays*****n.

  4. Young(ish) Curmudgeon

    Wow, I’m home sick one day (sleeping like I should be) and look at all the posts I miss.

    Windows 8? even 9? Wasn’t planned obsolescence invented by the first stone tool salesman in 1257BC and elevated to an art form by General Motors in the 1930’s.

    Since everyone had ten years plus to buy XP machines in the economic boom years of the 1990s and 2000’s and it’s still an integral part of Windows 7, (even if XP only runs as a virtual machine) I doubt support for it is going away any time soon in spite of what Microsoft says. Let’s face it, older people like familiar things. I just purchased a copy of XP Home a couple months ago and when copies of XP Pro became available, they sold out in less than half a day. (Did I mention that people like familiar things?)

    There is a large inventory of XP machines out there and with a tough economy, the aging of America, and availability of IT services and repair on every street corner, I have to wish them a lot of luck in developing a new OS software every four years. Of course the under 30 crowd and especially the under 20 crowd who believe that salesmen speak the gospel truth and that every gimmick that comes down the pike is required for survival, they should have no trouble make enough sales – provided these kids can find jobs.

    Me, I’m sticking with XP for as long as the hardware holds out. Don’t get me wrong, I like Windows 7 and the 64 bit version saved my laptop from a long sluggish death. However, with the dramatically sorter life expectancies of portable equipment, facing a limited income during retirement, knowing that theft of small items is much easier, I don’t plan on leaving my desktops anytime soon. With my aging eyes, the small screens are also becoming more frustrating which is also why I’ll not be using my phone as a text editor or gaming machine anytime soon.

    I’m still waiting for computers to live up to the promise of 1960’s SiFi and make the world into a utopian village where people are served by, and not servants to, technology. Make an i-phone app that brews fresh Columbian and serves it up to me steaming hot with just the right amount of cream and artificial sweetener and I’ll stop being such a curmudgeon. Throw in a few glazed doughnuts and I may even buy one 🙂

    Shades of Windows 95, 98, NT, ME and 2000? No wonder we embraced XP so readily. Is there a lesson there?

  5. You’re all complaining about how every 4-5 years there’s a new version of windows? kinda funny to me, considering i use Windows and Mac O/S and i’ll tell you, paying to upgrade the Mac every 2 years is more of a burden. currently we’re on Mac O/S 10 Snow Leopard, and here in another year we’ll be getting a new version. yes, it’s a bit cheaper, and yes, it’s just a few changes overall, but in the end i’m paying more money for the same thing. And despite the obvious advantages (most viruses and malware are programmed for Windows, thus Mac is immune to 9/10 threats on the network)It’s not much of an ‘upgrade’ to the next O/S. But if you don’t upgrade, then you lose a lot of the features that they no longer develop for. So, before you start bashing windows for giving a massive overhaul every few years, just remember : you could be using a Mac, and not seeing any change, not seeing any attempts at progress. Yeah, microsoft has dropped the ball a few times, but every company out there has screwed up at least a few times.

  6. OK, I’ve read quite enough that I feel compelled to chime in here. I agree ALL program writers should do more to put out a working product so patching is not immediately required. To be fair though MS doesn’t control ALL of the applications that are written for it that may break a security hole in the OS due to the new app and some other app colliding either. And to offer support for older software that isn’t being updated by the writer is an unfair expectation for MS don’t you think? Maybe the real problem lies in MS not playing like Apple where you have to follow their morales in order to be allowed to write apps for their OSes. I don’t like how everybody blames MS for all the PC troubles when in fact most is user error, 3rd party app incompatibility and the one that raelly is MS’s fault, it is the most widely used OS so virus writers attack it instead f only 5% share with other OSes. I like Linux and am trying to learn more with it when I can but I don’t have most of the problems others complain are MS problems either so I’m fine with MS. Win8 128bit is a way to MAKE app writers progress, d you really think if MS didn’t move from 16bit OS years ago that we would be at the 64bit door now? JMHO

  7. Lol this is complete bs. I like how all of the comments are taking this seriously? It’s actually pretty strange that this many people would be fooled by this article. btw, Neil, I believe you’re talking about any Mac Os. “restrictive software packages” and “heavy-handed use of anti-pirate software” are the definition of APPLE.

  8. OK already. Whiners! I was working on computers when I had to walk from room to room to work on a single computer, changing vaccum tubes constantly…thios was in the Mid 1970’s. I still work on them, but now I do it to give them away to poor families so their children will have a home computer like the rich kids in their classrooms. ( As for windows, I have been a beta tester for every operating system they have ever made since windows DOS 5.0, I know a little bit about windows. Now for the machine vs. OS question. Right now I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit with everything enabled. The computer I am using is a Toshiba satellite A100-s2311TD (single core 1.7 Ghz)with a ATI Radeon xpress Mobility 200M Integrated video, a 160GB hard drive (upgrade from the original 40GB) and 2 GB of ram. The laptop’s screen is broken so I have it hooked to a CRT monitor. I have done all the Updates for windows 7 from Microsoft, am running Office 2010 with all the goodies enabled, and all other sorts of programs totaling about 75GB of hard disk space total.The computer shipped with 256 MB of ram and Win 7 did run but slow. With 2GB of ram it runs fine. My ISP is Comcast rated at 12MB/s, but I get consistent speeds of well over 25MB/s Using a 10/100 wired ethernet to a cable modem. I have no speed lags even though I run Norton 360 Suite 24/7. My point here is this computer was sold in 2003 and it was designed for XP home. It runs Win 7 Ultimate better than a lot of quad core machines I have seen with 4 GB of ram. The difference is in tweaking the settings, keeping your hard drive defragged and disabling stupid toolbars and other odds and ends you do not really need. I often have up to 30 windows open at once, massive downloads running in the background a lot of the time using Bit torrent, and have no problems at all. Not everyone is a computer geek like me I am well aware, but anything you need to do to improve performance is in the white papers on the Microsoft site or in the help files inside the operating system. Windoes sucks, sure it does, but Apples are way over priced. I procure machines daily for people who do not know what they need. To do this I ask them only two questions: 1) what are you gouing to be doing with the computer (Office apps, DVD collections, Music CDs, Email, Internet surfing, etc. and 2) How much money are you looking to spend on this computer? With these 2 simple questions I can get them into a machine that perfectly suits both their needs as well as their budget. According to Microsoft, to run even Vista which totally sucks, you would need a machine about 10 times as powerful as one that would run XP. The machine I am using proves this is just not true. Fragmented hard drives, Hard drives over half full (which fragment MUCH faster) and registry errors are the 3 main causes of machine slow downs other than viruses, malware, adware, and spyware, all of these issues can be easily corrected with totally free software from, and the like. Quit whining and tune up your machine so it will run well. Increasing ram and hard drive space are the two easiest and cheapest ways to increase performance. Brand new Quad core systems with 2 or 4 GB of ram, are available at for well under $400.00, you can also find great deals on NIB (new in box) systems at Ebay. Computers are getting more powerful and cheaper every month.

  9. I totally agree with everything Barry has said and the only thing I can fault him on is the use of the term Micro-garbage. Should be Micro-shite (mic-ro-shy-t).

    I’m sick of this shoddy company holding people to ransom by having to download their shitty SPx packages before certain types of software can be installed.

    What is more annoying, their use of restrictive software packages and treating people like 5 year olds by taking away choice. Not to mention their heavy-handed use of anti-pirate software which is about as effective as a chocolate fire-guard to the real pirates and an annoyance to everyone else. People are getting tired of the nonsense and the time is ripe for new competition to come onto the scene and then its bye, bye Micro-shite and good riddance to idle rubbish!

  10. Ho hum another OS. Doesn’t make my day. I’m still running XP-SP3 on a Dell Dimension 4100 I purchased in 2000 to beat the Millenium bugs (LOL).

    Only problem I had was with ME that was delivered with the system. I’ll probably keep using it for another decade.

    Money’s in the bank.

  11. For my money it is XP, all of my WORKING peripherals work with XP not 7 Pro and I’m sure they won’t work with 8. My son is an IT tech for a large company in California and they will stay with XP for the same reason. It would cost them 100s of thousands to upgrade all their equipment including computers. With that in mind they are looking a Linux which not only means the company will go that way so will the employees for their home systems. Many companies are doing the same, there are more and more training centers opening up and in house training for Linux, M$ get the hint.

  12. Has beyondtomorrow1 not heard of compatibility mode? If it runs on XP it will run on Vista or Windows 7 in compatibility mode.

  13. For years now we have been plagued with different windows versions. There is nothing wrong with this as each version is an improvement and we do need to move on. But Microsoft should be loyal to each version for life giving the customer the satisfaction that what ever version they purchase it will always be updated – I use Windows XP as it works fine for me, and if the day comes that I FANCY A CHANGE, then I will do what people now are being forced to do only mine will be my choice.

  14. It is interesting to see all these comments, its money that affects the type of computer one has, if you can afford the overpriced O/S then you can afford the computer to go with it.

  15. Like a few others in this forum mentioned, I am still using Win XP in all my computers. I was thinking of upgrading, but now….I don’t think so! Maybe I will just stay with XP without regard to what OS comes down the pike – after all it will become obsolete in about 18 months! No support, I have not needed it from MS with all the forums and websites that offer fixes!

  16. I got my Windows 7 Upgrade for free and it is legit. I will not say were I got it, but I doubt I would of been able to buy it right away like most people I know. But I had WinXP and love it. I have to use XP at work so it is no big deal to me. MS is going to continue to evolve and try to get their next line of BMW, Mercedes, etc…on the line so people will buy it and they can make money. Complaining about it will not make much difference, you are just a email in a box that fills up and is probably stored on a PST on a RAID the size of your house. Shrug it off, and use whatever OS you want and how you want to. Explore your options before you just go directly to complaining.

  17. Microsoft has continued to piss me off in countless ways and continues to increase the number of ways. I like Windows 7 but its my last OS. My new work station is going Linux. Linux has come along way in the last 14 years. I’m constantly find myself using usb copies of linux apps to get some sense of real power while doing tasks. It’s a real learning curve but well whole my time. A PC should work for me and not the other way around. It shouldn’t be cloak and dagger affair as Microsoft would have it. Microsoft is making to many too many versions of the OS, striping features, placing caps on hardware usage, driving up ownership costs, not fixing long term problems, and the list goes on. It bloody blot ware. I’m just fed up. Linux and vitual windows 7 is the way to go. For me slowly moving away from MS Apps over the next 4years is the way to go. I experienced the college movement to switch too Linux 14years ago. It sold me then. I’ve was just watching things mature. It’s time to switch.

  18. You say it will be out in 2 years? I bought a new computer 8 months ago & every time I go into IE a message comes up that says “Get Win 8 now”. Whats up with that?

  19. I bought Windows Vista and used it until I found that some of my new apps and hardware would not work with it, so I went back to Windows XP and have no problem with it. And I don’t need to touch the screen and move objects around, etc. All of this useless technology, such as cell phones with a million extras, has the computing world by the short hairs. The entire thing is getting way out of hand.

  20. it is interesting to note talk of 128 bit OS in windows 8. now that does improve speed, but is that going to require a new computer in order to support it, and to support the memory needed to support it. one needs a mother board that will support the memory needed for 128 bit OS. and 128 bit OS will require enough memory to work right. also at a certian point the processor needs to be fast enough. some expensive up dates for an older computer, possibly will need a new computer.

  21. Micro-garbage will create Windows 8 soon. There is NO need for it; the rationale that technology progresses is not valid as to why a need for Windows 8.

    Micro-garbage must make its current and even its past operating systems function before releasing another flawed system. I want the respective damn operating systems to work and not to require service packs and endless updates. I want Micro-garbage to modify its operating system to preclude much better the spamming, viruses, etc. that destroy the operating systems. I want resident compatibility as a given so that I can run my older programs unlike the scam of having to purchase an upgraded Windows 7 for compatibility. I also have encountered the error message that 32-bit programs cannot run with my 64-bit system. Why cannot Micro-garbage ensure that whatever is the highest processor application for its operating system that lesser processor applications can also function?

    The arrogant developers who think that the public is gullible better realize that people are sick of the nonsense that prior types of programs and equipment cannot function all because the operating system does not allow compatibility with lower processing systems.

    These arrogant developers better grasp that if they continue to create junk, they will be unemployed and the operating software for future systems will come from China, Japan, and or South Korea where their developers will have the brains to make their systems compatible and easy to use.

    If a person’s auto ran as poorly as most operating software created by Micro-garbage runs, people would be up in arms. Enough is enough.

    The time has come to leave the Micro-garbage products not purchased. As some others stated, the upgrade to a new operating system should be offered for a nominal price instead of paying Micro-garbage hundreds of dollars for each operating system license.

  22. My new laptop (a 2.2ghz dual-core with 3GB of RAM, bought January 2010) came with a free upgrade to Windows 7 Professional. It was too slow to suit me, so I swapped to PCLinuxOS 2010. Everything works beautifully, and there’s nothing slow about it.
    It’s the hardware requirements that kill Windows. It’s got to be poor programming, because Linux OSes run just fine on hardware Windows sucks on.
    My desktop is a 2.5ghz quad-core with 4GB of RAM, and WinXP. I love it. I’ll continue to use XP on work computers until I can no longer update it. When that happens, my goal is to have all the programs figured out so that I can make the move to a Linux OS to do all my work-related tasks.

  23. KleenHippie- Comparing new car versions to new OS versions is the same old apples and oranges. In your 2001 minivan, or my 1993 sedan or in even much older vehicles, you can still buy parts, they still run on the available fuel, the oils available today still work to lubricate them, and they are still completely compatible with the road system.
    MS stops making patches and updates available after a few years, which makes using an older version of Windows dangerous. And they claim copyright infringement if anyone else dares to touch Windows code.
    People wouldn’t get their panties in such a bunch if they could still use the apps and hardware that they paid so much for, but every time that MS comes up with a new OS, they break a lot of the old stuff.
    There is no really good reason to treat customers this way, except that is keeps the money coming in. Plenty of people would move to a new OS on their own without complaining if they didn’t feel like they were being gouged.
    And yes, I know that MS spends millions to create a new OS and they deserve to make a profit. But looking at the profit that they make, I think that gouged is not an unfair term.

  24. 128-bit PCs? Few software suppliers support x64. Why would I buy another system before there are applications for x128 processors?

  25. I agree with KleenHippie. Why does no one make a fuss with Apple when they go from version 10.3 to 10.4 and claim it’s a “whole new OS release!”

    Why does no one even fuss when they are on version 10.x to begin with??

  26. I have to agree with others about Linux. I have moved several of our computers to Ubuntu and have not looked back. It automatically updates itself and runs everything I want.

    It costs nothing, loads in 20 minuets and is virus free. v10.10 is less resource hungry then MS windows Vista and runs faster. It even comes with Sun’s Open office which does everything that we need for office use. Again free. Outlook is still more powerful but not necessary. As MS drops support for the OS I have I am moving each computer to Ubuntu. Since it costs nothing and you can live boot it or dual but it you would have to be mad not to try it.

  27. @alur, bravo on your comment, these posts all appear very familiar to the people that moan about apple constantly. Like most have said, if you don’t like it don’t upgrade. You have a lot of choices for your operating system; use your power to choose the one that fits and move on. Granted, it is ass backwards to have to have a faster system to use newer versions of windows, but remember they are trying to utilize every aspect of the newer technology that comes out to stay on game, if they didn’t they would be laughed at.

  28. What’s everyone griping about. Would you use Windows XP all this time including up to two or more years from now? LOL, I like W7 and will like W8 and W9. For tech savy people, there sure are a lot of whiners here.

  29. How many users realy need a so called faster and better os sit back and think of the features that you use and do you need any more features every time a new os comes out from $rosoft most users neeed to upgrade their pc or a new pc more ram biger graphics cards and faster cpu to do the same job with a new os
    I use ubuntu win xp and win 7 all are good the only complaint about $soft is that their programes and os have a lot of scripting to do a simple task taking up valuable resources

    I can do just about every thing I need to do with linux and its faster and more stable also
    regarding security 99.9% security isues are betwean the user and keyboard

    Linux is my first choice of os and win7 second

  30. I have a desk duo core desktop that came with vista on it and had to format it out and put XP on it in order to run a sign program that I felt vista should have ran without changing to an older version of windows to run the program. I do however have windows 7 on my lap top and again the program will not run in windows 7 just like it wouldn’t in vista.. Now it would seem to me that if MS is going to make a newer version of windows they should make sure that the programs for the XP up to that version will run on all the newer versions of windows…. That way so many customers of MS wouldn’t have to complain about their systems not running their business programs. MS could easily make the newer systems run the older programs if they wanted to do that….

  31. I’ve always wondered why businesses use Windows OS’s. When I worked, now retired, we used unix, and when PC’s came available we purchased several, which were used exclusively for playing games. Eventually we had PC’s at every work station, and it remained extremely rare for anything work related to be done with them. I even ran Windows on my home PC, but eventually moved to Linux as I don’t play games.

  32. I’ve been using computers since the Commodore Vic-20 and have used every version of Windows since 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups (I got Windows 7 last week). It’s just like anything else. As time goes by, the product improves to meet new needs and to keep up with competition.
    Thankfully, every version of Windows is better than the last, but all things considered, Windows is ALWAYS more expensive than it should be.

  33. It would be nice for a change to have an OS that automatically updates itself and keep house without the always neede manual interference of the user and software too.

    Wouldn’t be nice, wouldn’t it?

  34. I am running XP on my 10 year old dual PIII machine and it still runs great. I have a new netbook that does Win 7 and I love it… Lets see how they do in another 10 years.

  35. ToPHIL: You gotta be screwing up – EPSON 2450 SCANNER WORKS GREAT ON WIN 7 64 Bit – I know, I have one. Re: Vista vs WIN 7 – I NEVER had a problem with Vista 64 bit & my wife refuses to let me put WIN 7 on her Vista Business system. I think those of you out therethat say MS sucks are envious & create your own set of problems & then love to blame someone else – GROW UP WHINERS ! the world won’t stop for you so catch up

  36. I work for a company that uses some of Dell’s top of the line precision workstations – the T7500. I have 2 systems in my workspace; one with 24GB memory and the other with 8GB memory. Both are dual quad-core XEON processors, so I have 8 physical cores to run with. Granted I’m running a 64-bit OS to take advantage of the available RAM, but I’m stuck using ancient 32-bit software. Even the Office 2007 Professional and Visio 2007 Professional software we run from Microsoft is 32-bit native compiled. Like they made Windows 7 with 2 DVDs (32/64 bit versions), they need to do the same with other software products. And don’t get me started on companies like IBM’s Rational software or Adobe Acrobat. With more powerful and faster computers coming, Software Developers better get their acts together or we’ll find ourselves in a “software gap”; trailing foreign countries like China which now has the world’s fastest computer. How does it feel being #2?

  37. I bought a new computer last year with Vista on it it. I found Vista absolute rubbish so I bought XP professional and used this until windows 7 came out. I am now running windows 7 ultimate which I find really good. My point is that we people who got lumbered with Vista should have been able too purchase windows 7 at a subsidised rate for our incovenience.

  38. I bought a new computer last year with Vista on it it. I found Vista absolute rubbish so I bought XP professional and used this until windows 7 came out. I am now running windows 7 ultimate which I find really good. My point is that we people who got lumbered with Vista should have been able too purchase windows 7 at a susidised rate for our incovenience.

  39. Barry

    If you don’t want Windows 8 don’t buy it. Microsoft isn’t holding a gun to your head. I’m still running XP and loving it.

  40. I’ve been using Fedora on my PC’s at home and for a free OS I don’t need Windows. The world is going UNIX (Mac-OS, IPod, iPhone, iPad) or Linux (eg Google Android, Red Hat and Debian) and with MS having to use Open Source file formats for Office due to EU requirements, Open Office will do everything MS-Office does. MS is playing catchup but the prognosis can’t be good.

  41. OK so I’ve read all the complaints about pricing, versions that don’t work and Microsoft profiteering. And I’m not impressed with vista myself but guess what I’ve never paid for a single Microsoft product so i don’t care. Pirate the stuff and if you happy then buy it. I’m planning on getting Windows 7 myself cause its very good, not excellent though. There are networking troubles (across platforms) Administrator rights issues (which are slightly better than vista) and a few other irritating things that you will prob not get in Windows 8. It took them about a year in and out of beta to get the package polished and in that time I still didn’t pay for a thing. Now it looks like everything is good. So guess what now I will buy a working copy. WOULD YOU BUY A CAR THAT STALLED EVERY FIVE MINUTES. Windows 7 was horrible just after beta. I wouldn’t use it if you gave me a copy.

    If you only need a workstation for email and typing get Ubunto, If you into Design or Film Editing get a Mac, but for Animation, Cad and gaming you need Microsoft and Windows 7.

    For anyone who has tried to use 3d packages on a mac they will tell you its not worth the trouble and that goes for anything with a 3D engine.

    Now if you have the skills to come up with a New operating system that is better and can run all these different apps flawlessly make it and ill buy it.

  42. I don’t understand the logic of “there aren’t any programs that run 64 bit or 128 bit.” If an OS isn’t made to run those then companies would have no reason to make programs that take advantage. If I’m a software developer I’m not going to waste money on making a 128 bit program hoping that one day an OS will be compatible.

  43. I use XP Vista and 7 all OKish.
    I am as happy with XP as with the others mostly. Though vista was very poor intially and a lot of hardware wont work with it.
    I just want something that works. XP does most things for me I’d be happy if thay keep updating for a long time.
    Most people barely use their processing power and have little need for more. This is now about money and a companies need to make it.

  44. Unless there is a big change in people getting jobs and people getting back to work, I don’t see much upgrading. I will not be. I just got W7 up and running and all the other programs up and running after purchasing the upgrades for them to run on W7. Its not the cost of a Windows upgrade that gets me, its all the other software I need to run on it.
    YUCK !
    I have two computers running XP and one on Vista. I can’t upgrade them without new hardware. Double YUCK!

  45. The operating system is supposed to be there to make the hardware work and to run your third-party software. It’s supposed to be like the stagehands at a theatre; They keep the performance running smoothly, but stay out of site.

    Somewhere along the line, Windows went from being a stagehand to being a 300 pound diva who demands a luxury sweet, special food, personal attendants and a huge check. It’s taken center stage and is now regarded as being the main focus of owning a computer.

    I keep hearing about how each new version of Windows is supposedly faster and more efficient, but I can’t help noticing that the minimum system requirements keep doubling, or more. You could run 98 on a 233Mhz system with 64MB of RAM. XP struggles on a 1Ghz system with 512MB of RAM. I’ve read that trying to use Windows 7 without at least a 2Ghz processor and 2-4GB of RAM is a royal pain in the ass. What are the requirements for Windows 8 going to be? A 4Ghz, quad-core processor and 10GB of RAM?

    It used to be that people bought a new OS for their hardware. Now people are buying new hardware for their OS. Am I the only one who thinks this is completely screwed up?

  46. My main problem with the newer and “better” OS that are made available to everyone is that they are not downwardly compatible and, hence, unable to run some of the software that is currently installed on a Win98 machine. With all the expertise needed to come up with a new OS, why can’t they do this? Maybe they don’t want to. I really want to upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8, but I don’t want to have purchase a new program to replace my currently familiar programs. Hence I am forced to stick with my current Win98 machine and MS ends up losing another potential customer.

  47. I think there should be a better way to design an OS that would not render certain printers and scanners useless. For example, after insrtalling Windows 7, my perfectly good Epson Perfection 2450 Photo scanner was rendered useless. Of course, Epson is not blameless for not issuing updated drivers. On another note, Adobe 64 bit flash is not even out of beta for 64 bit IE8 and we’re already talking about a 128 bit OS. By the time companies catch up, Microsoft moves the goal posts.

  48. I’ve used Windows Vista 64 bit Ultimate, and loved it. I never had any problems with it. A little tune up of the boot up services and startup programs, it would be ready to use in 45 seconds.
    I’ve also used XP, a great operating system compared to Windows ME, 98 SE or 98. But I had used Windows ME on several computers, and for its day was to me a vast improvement over Windows 98.
    I think from what I’ve read about the new release of Windows 8, it’s going to be an Apple copycat. I installed Apple’s operating system on my pc, wasn’t impressed at all. But, of course, I’ve had Windows 3.0 to 7 including all versions.
    I firmly believe that Windows 7 will be like Windows XP is today. No one will want to give it up either, and that includes me too. Windows 7 will run all software I use, some of it dates back to Windows 95. Windows 7 will run it without installing Virtual XP too. Vista wouldn’t do the same at all.

  49. I have to agree with S Morris’ comment, why do they keep developing faster more complex programs like 64 bit and now 128 bit when most of the world hasn’t even caught up with 64 bit systems. Hardly any of the programs and “fixes” are able to support 64 bit so when you have a problem there is very little help available. I don’t know where one can really get qualified help if one of the 64 bit systems gives you trouble, always seems to state in the fine print “xyz is for 32 bit os we are working hard to develop a version that will support 64 bit versions” even the adobe and very common programs that most have are not developed to work with 64 bit machines and now they are suggesting 128 bit?

  50. Are you all nuts, Windows Vista was an absolute nightmare. I for one can do without experiences like that and ME. Windows 7 is a phenomenal achievement and personally I cant stand Microsoft but hats of for 7 and I hope Windows 8 is even more fabulous. However the point i think that should be made is,, ye ye its all great 32 bit, 64, 128, and so on and so on Microsoft should really lend a hand to the developers of the programs most are still running 32 bit. what’s going to happen is you wont be able to enjoy the 128 bit experience because nothing will be that far advanced

  51. New O/S every few years is to be expected as technology evolves, All products use this models from cars to clothing, even ‘New and Improved Miracle Whip’. If technology leads us down the 128-bit roadway so be it. Even Ford has moved past the Model-T and dirt roadways. Long live the Information Highway (Give us more lanes!)

  52. It is taking Microsoft 3 to 5 years to produce operating systems, and then they are priced above $100US per machine. I am running several versions of Windows, and, yes, I will grab Win8 when it arrives, but I am also now runnin g, and advocating Ubuntu Linux. This operating system is being released every 6 months, and is doing nothing but improving with each release. With the new WINE implementations, I even don’t miss Windows for most work related efforts. True, there are few high end games being developed for Linux yet, but the majority of businesses can do just fine with Ubuntu 10-10 straight out of the box. And, if you must use Microsoft Terminal Services, Ubuntu now ships with RDP5.2.

  53. Microsoft is trying to sustain a high level of income at customer expense. Other companies sell subscriptions for updates and upgrade and we are glad to pay for these. Microsoft wants a whole new massive increase in their profit every few years by coming out with new versions. It sucks!

  54. I have bought 4 copy of Windows 7 Pro to upgrade all my PC, very happy of the final result and like what I see and I agree with above comment for windows 8 you don’t have to buy it and 64 bits barely has been accepted yet but it is coming fast even with the one that do the upgrade or clean install. 64 bits and above is the way of the future the more lane the better the PC will become multi task. With 64 bits you are not very much limited by memory and my PC run smother also then before and is very stable on a first generation Quad Core I can’t wait to see it on the latest core generation :).

    For me the OS PC experience has been a bless and might become irrelevant in the future but for now it make my PC experience so much better from work to games.

  55. I’m still running Windows XP and my next major OS upgrade will be to Linux. Microsoft has gone off the deep end with their OS pricing. Linux may not be as polished as Windows (yet) but you can’t beat the price.

  56. I agree with Stuart. And I get PC Pitstop’s emails to keep up on what’s happening, so why shouldn’t they let us know “what’s happening”? Vista had some problems,true, but I also enjoyed the experience. Windows 7, of course is much better.

  57. Quite frankly, as a business owner, XP is still more than capable of meeting all of our needs. The last thing I want to do, is start dumping 10s of thousands of dollars into operating systems and training every few years. I want my people working to make me money, not constanting relearning new software. Most of my workforce is not all that computer savvy.

    I was preparing a major workstation & software upgrade to Windows 7, but that is now nixed. Thanks for the heads up MS… Keep leaking information.

  58. firstly i liked vista, yes it had its problems but i still liked it, vista is hardly as bad as the whole “windows me” nightmares.

    secondly nobody is forcing anyone to upgrade, even today theres still support for windows xp and that was released back in 2000 i recall so in 10 years time they will still be supporting windows 7 so my suggestion when the beta comes out download it and see if you like it or not, once you know whats coming you can then make an informed choice as to whether or not your so desperate to get it or not, if you decide its cool but you can live withoiut it then great for you.

    i love windows 7 but at the same time technology is always changing and i love having the latest and greatest of everything and i am sure when windows 8 does eventually arrive it will be really awesome, i personally can’t wait.

  59. If Microsuck was that bloody good, we wouldn’t need PC Pitstop, would we? Please stop pimping for Gates and Co, they can’t make what they sell work as advertised, I don’t need any blasted upgrades.

  60. KleenHippie knows how things work. I just use the operating system I like and when I get a new computer the new system is there. I only changed operating systems once .. from win95 to win98. Otherwise I continues as is. I still have a Dell laptop using Win2000. Runs fine. (Better than the newer Dells. Forget India. Now I do custom built)

  61. I don’t understand why people are complaining that MS would come out with another OS three or four years after the last. I would be pretty dissappointed if they were to come out with one and say, “This is it, this is the last OS you will ever want or ever need. We will never bring out another.” I mean, every car manufacturer, every sneaker manufacturer, every clothing designer any product that you can imagine comes out with new and improved every year or sooner. Nobody says that you have to buy it, I still drive a 2001 mini-van for cryin out loud.

  62. Those cheap B^?”ards! Not only have I bought two version of Windows 7 for both my desktop & Laptop (love it by the way), I now have to fork out for another OS in about 2 years time (due to lack of support for the old OS) and now PC Pitstop are talking about it like it’s completely normal.

    Granted, it is the logical progression for Microsoft in previous versions to do this, but has PC Pitstop forgotten about the Vista fiasco? We have yet to get any sort of apology from Microsoft for its blunder, and now their more or less telling us that Win 7 was a quick fix to get us to shut-up. The least they could of done was grant Windows 7 a longer shelf life of at least 3-4 years.

    Thanks a lot Microsoft, and I do wish PC Pitstop would acknowledge this instead of its blissful stance on the subject, it’s quite irritating.

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