Chris Pirillo: How Do You Convince Someone to Switch Web Browsers?

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Chris Pirillo is the founder of the tech blogging network, Lockergnome and previously served as host of TechTV’s Call for Help show. Chris’s insightful and entertaining how to videos will now be featured in the PC Pitstop newsletters and highlighted at and

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5 thoughts on “Chris Pirillo: How Do You Convince Someone to Switch Web Browsers?”

  1. Well, I definitely prefer Firefox over the other ones.
    Namely for its speed, functionality and all the features together.
    As Firefox is endlessly expandable with all the add-ons like themes, security, extended bookmarking, translators, alternate views, name it.
    Those would also be some of the features I’d tell someone that Firefox has or could have.
    The thing that’s also really nice about this is that it’s so easy and quick to install these things.
    And rarely, if ever, I found any compatibility-issues with Firefox and the add-ons.
    The fact that this browser is so “on-the-fly” or “instant”, whatever you can call it, is just the thing that does it for me.
    And, unless the other browsers could do about the same, I wouldn’t recommend anything else.
    So, indeed you should look at what it can do for someone.
    But at least always make sure it’s safe to use on a computer.

  2. I recently switched to Chrome, and am generally very happy. It certainly loads quicker than IE8, and loads pages more quickly as well. I use it all the time for general browsing.

    However …… it does have a minor problem with my online broker. On a page for drawing graphs which (allegedly) can be used for certain prognostications there are several pull down menus – these are fine – but there is one box into which a numeric value must be entered – this doesn’t work at all. And without this numeric value I can’t get my simple moving average (SMA) for the stock. Such a minor thing; but so important!

  3. I just added Chrome. With the Internet Security Suite I use (unmentioned as it is not important), Chrome seems to open pages faster. I still keep IE, Firefox,and IE 64-bit icons on my task bar along with the Chrome icon. For general browsing I use Chrome, but the others open specific news websites. I know I could use tabs, but I like hitting a button, and then the page I want is on the other end. Just my 2 cents.

    I wouldn’t want to “convince” anyone to use a specific browser. Try them all, and see which you like. What do I care which browser someone uses?

  4. chris;
    what would you do if you were a rural american, in the year 2010 with only dial-up internet access?

    who would you contact to save you from this heinous situation?

    the only option for someone like me is satellite, at an exorbitant and out of reach price.

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