Dodge Retort: McAfee Hassles


By John Dodge

When three of your computers start acting up, you look for the common culprit. By acting up, I mean slow to a crawl or shut you out of key applications.

I know my way around a PC, but am no match for diagnosing the myriad problems that afflicts PCs. However, I suspect the culprit in this case was McAfee and possibly a new version.

Here’s what’s been happening:

My notebook stopped running videos a week ago and kept asking me to install Flash or in the case of games and animations, Shockwave. Well, both were already installed. So I un-installed them and reinstalled them. No luck, but today, miraculously, the problems have disappeared and all of a sudden, McAfee is asking me to allow or not allow files all the time.

So maybe it was McAfee barring certain files and and not the fault of Flash or Shockwave after all. We’ll see how long my notebook (Win7) stays healthy. The last McAfee AntiVirus Plus update was on Oct. 26 which I assume to be a new version.

Concurrently, Chrome on my wife’s notebook stopped allowing Internet access (don’t you love how PCs just start doing stuff you did not initiate?). It must be McAfee, I thought. Indeed, it was. I shut off the firewall and Internet access was restored.

Of course, that’s not safe, so…

John’s post continued here

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8 thoughts on “Dodge Retort: McAfee Hassles”

  1. Of all the computers I have worked on I’d have to say around 90% of them have MacaFee on them.1st thing I do is fight with MacaFee to uninstall it then install 1 of 3 different free AV’s and a few other tools and usually find atleast 100 different problems that Crapafee has let into their systems.My personal favorite is AVG but I also use 2 other AV’s.Usually when CrapaFeee is uninstalled the problems cease to exist.Sometimes the best things are Free.

  2. I have lost all faith in McAfee. I have that “special edition from AOL” and it updates 2-3 times a day thereby slowing my computer to a crawl. I have a scheduled scan set up but it seems to scan whenever it wants to, sometimes scanning and updating at the same time which effectively renders my computer useless until finished. Of course the scans never find anything and I am constantly getting “script stopped responding” or “firefox not responding” messages, so I know there is a problem. Because AOL offers it free I believe it is just for appearances only.

  3. Naturally, as the company name implies, I am proud to be a “Old Fart”. Along with that comes two things ….. experience and knowledge. I have seen even the best of Anti-Virus programs “Hiccup” from time to time. After all nobody’s perfect, right? After doing our own testing of Anti-Virus software we have come to two solid conclusions. First the obvious, you get what you pay for. Free software IS free, but not without issues. Just how much is your time worth to rebuild your Operating System and install all the software programs? Even if you back up “My Documents” you spend a lot of time doing it. Secondly, our testing has found that only one Anti-Virus product is consistent. Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 on the home user side, and Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Workstations on the business side. Databases are updated every hour or so and the real beauty is that the software is smart enough to know that when you first turn on your computer you have something to do. Software updates are free as long as your license is current. Therefore it waits until it sees some idle time to run an update. Norton and McAfee are always giving annoying pop up’s telling you what has already been done. Internet Security 2011 comes licensed for three computers. The choice is yous ….. after all I am just an “Old Fart”!

  4. I got rid of McAfee over 10 years ago & never looked back. It’s almost as bad as having a virus or trojan – it is so bloated.

  5. I dont understand people spending their hard earned money on these worthless programs…mcaffe,norton & so on…the best & free & by the manufacture of windows is microsoft security essentials…those other guys also use sooooooooooooooo much memory to run it is terrible….go to microsoft & get the best & free program….

  6. I had an issue with McAfee a few months ago when they had that corrupt download that messed up PC’s worldwide. Now my PC restarts instead of turning off. So I have to turn it off manually by holding the botton on the desktop. I have not been able to find a solution and of course McAfee wants $$ to fix. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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