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Guest Columnists

online backup
How Good is Online Backup?
by Rob Cheng

All hard drives crash…protect yourself and your data now.

Dangers of Registry Cleaners
by Steve Hogan

Registry wreckers are everywhere. What should you avoid and what is better?

keep pc safe online
Keep Your PC Safe Online
by Leo Notenboom

“Internet Safety” seems like an oxymoron. How to stay safe online.

registry cleaners
When PC Clean Up Goes Bad
by Bill Pytlovany

Why are these utilities arbitrarily deleting programs and registry values?

eliminate corrupt files messages
Windows – Corrupt File
by Steve Bass

Don’t repeat my beginner’s mistake. How to avoid this error.

mcafee problems
McAfee Hassles
by John Dodge

When 3 of your PCs start acting up, you look for the common culprit.

free satellite tv on pc
The Free Satellite TV on PC Scam
by Bob Rankin

“Digital TV 4 PC” or anything similar…ALL THE SAME type of scamware.

Switching Browsers
Switching Browsers
by Chris Pirillo

How can you convince someone to stop using Internet Explorer? The answer is…

Please ‘Like’ Us on Facebook
by Pit Crew

Connect with us on Facebook and stay plugged into the latest PC tips & news.

Tech Tips

tekzilla tip
Malware Minute: Search Poison
by GFI/Sunbelt

Newly discovered rogue security threats, search engine poison, and more.

tip 1
Windows Parental Controls

Use Windows to lock down your PC and control access for your kids. Thanks, patrick-kan.

tip 2
Caps Lock Warning Flash

How To make Windows 7 screen flash when Caps Lock Key is on. Thanks,IntelGuy.

tip 3
Guide to Proper Case Airflow

Is your PC having heat related issues…could be bad airflow. Thanks, Tx Redneck.

PC Pitstop Research

File Extensions Library
File Extensions Library

Our All New! File Extension Library is the internet’s most complete source for file extension information.

PC Reviews
Top 25 Best Loved PCs

Netbook, laptop, desktop, and custom builds each have their own top 25 list in our satisfaction library.

Driver Library
Top Drivers Library

The newest drivers are presented to you in all their detailed glory. Make sure your PC is up to date.

Process Library
Process Library

Check your PC against our running processes library to identify potential malicious processes and shut them down.

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