Steve Bass’s Top 15 Time Wasters of 2010


By Steve Bass

The Very Weirdest, Funniest, And Most Bizarre Images

•Here are many good reasons why men should never baby sit. Here are just five of them.

•I don’t know if these images oughta be titled “Men Who Lack Female Supervision,” or “Women Just Don’t Appreciate Innovation.”

•Men just seem to have a knack when it comes to fixing things. Here are a bunch of “I fixed it” photos to shock and amaze…

•More photos from the “There, I fixed it again” collection, this time celebrating the engineer in all of us. But, of course, mostly men.

Videos to Amaze — and Make You LOL

Just another day at work on the railroad. (Watch it a couple of times and you’ll figure out the gaff.)

•No animals were harmed in the making of Nolan’s Cheddar. Warning for animal lovers: Stick with it. It’s pretty disturbing for a while, but there’s a happy ending (and don’t forget, it’s animated).

•Take a ride through the known universe — and be dazzled.

•If you’re going to take down a tree, you might as well do it with the Patches the Horse is both entertaining and intelligent. This is on my list of top ten best animal videos. BTW, don’t believe the rumor that Patches is computer generated.

•A few videos on the slightly risqué side: CBS4 Miami new anchors did a story on sex injuries and struggled with something that had been fractured. Watch as the co-anchor’s expression seems to be saying OMG, WTF. Finally, “we’ll be back after this commercial break“–and here’s what we do when you’re gone. [Warning: one adult word is used in one of the broadcasts. But oh, is it funny…]

Frustrating, Difficult, and Time Wasting Games

•I know you have some time on your hands. How about spending some of it with Multitask, a seriously difficult game? (Yeah, the balancing one is easy, but wait a while… once you start multitasking, you won’t feel nearly as confident…)

•BrainStrain: The Loops of Zen is neat. Click the line, circles, and symbols until there are no open ends. It’ll take you a little time to get the knack, but once you do, you’ll move up a level — and then it’ll drive you to drink. (You’ll need to download and unarchive a small Zip file.)

The trick is not to have an open lines.

•Don’t go there! That was enough of a warning to ensure I’d ignore everyone’s advice and spend an hour with DesktopTD. It’s not easy, for sure, but it’s great for exercising your synapses. Fair warning, this isn’t a shoot-’em-up. You’ll have to spend some time reading the instructions and warming up to the strategies.

BallDroppings doesn’t look fancy, but the sounds are really cool, and the simple options let you create dozens, no hundreds, of configurations. I promise — you’ll spend way too much time with BallDroppings.

Drop a couple of balls here and there

•Get ready for Hapland. I’m not going to give you any hints, because I ain’t got any–except to say you can get help by clicking the question mark near the bottom left of the screen. The double-arrow icon is for refreshing and starting over, something you’ll do often. One other thing: Click everything.

Hapland is one tough cookie of a game.

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