AVG Bug kills 64 bit computers

AVG has withdrawn their recent update after reports that it caused an infinite loop on Windows7 64 bit systems. Windows7 32 bit systems were not affected.

This is not the first time AVG has had this sort of problem and it probably won’t be the last.

Here is the exact error message that is received:

“AVG – Installer Error” “A system restart is required in order to continue with the installation. Please restart your system and try again.” Rebooting gets another error message, round and round.

The issue caused a backup on the AVG Official Forums where the following message was issued: “Please be informed that due to the high forum traffic following the release of AVG 2011 and the limited capacity of our moderators, our responses to your posts may be delayed. We are doing our best to answer all posts as quickly as possible.” “We offer our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this situation. “

Here’s a link to some actual AVG forum action. If you arrive at the general forum from above link , add this to the URL and hit enter:


What better way to start your day.

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136 thoughts on “AVG Bug kills 64 bit computers

  1. I was having problems with AVG and decided to uninstall it. I can't get rid of it completely. Its like a bad penny.. The laptop I have was given to me after my desktop finally gave in and some unscrupulous IT guys not only screwed it up worse (it now barely runs) but stole 2 GB.. I couldn't believe it. My son then gave me 2 GB to replace the 2 stolen. And they had also told me the sound card was dead.. funny it worked before I took it in. the on in it is fried but I couldn't prove anything becaus'tte I lost the paperwork for it. A year down the road if found the paperwork but they denied changing the board out. So that is how I ended up with this laptop. Anyway AVG at that time wasn't installed I installed it to try. Things went well then 1 update and errors and loops. So when I went to uninstall it the program only uninstalled partially. I would get AVG pop ups while watching a DVD.. I still can't get rid of it. It pops up a reminder wanting me to pay for it.. And I keep clicking "Remind me in 30 days"…
    I am no IT person by far. But, to me if it is legit why will it not completely uninstall??And I have it for home use but it wants me to pay.. hmmm Sorry but I have to give it thumbs down.. It should be as easy to uninstall as it was to install.

  2. Been reading, laughing out loud. No one has thought to question if the motherboard bios could be affecting your systems. I have used, for almost 11 years, and will continue to use AVG on all my system builds. There have been bad bios on some motherboards, and usually the maker has a flash bios update. I have run AVG with every version of windows, that it was designed to run on. In all, conservatively, I have installed 4000+ copies of AVG free, on my customers personal home computers. Some are high end gaming machines, and other are home toy internet surfers. In all that time, I can only recall a small handful of problems with virus infections getting in, and that has been after an end user has failed to install the latest version of the updates, and/or program update for AVG. I love AVG and that fact it is free for home use. I will continue to include it on my system builds for all my home computer users to protect them.

  3. I have had avg over 10 years and finally after all this time pc crashed cause of avg bug virus that swipe my hardware after seeing avg warnings and all kinds of stuff came on my screen from avg and wanted a upgrade then bloop there goes everything. I had to buy a new hardware costing me $80 buxs and i have to get a pc repair person to look at the hardware to get my programs to work now.. Thanks alot avg your so done with me. I have never been so mad and having to spend out of pocket expenses that i didn’t have and had to borrow money. I am still out of a pc to this day. This happen in the beginning of december. I will not go back to avg now. No way. I think something should be done to make avg company to pay for all the damages done that we have had to pay out of our pockets due to their bug virus to doing to our pc. That is just not nice. That is down right mean. Sorry all but it how i feel right now. Have a good and merry christmas. Avg your worthless after this crap happen to me. Using someone pc to get on here. Have a good day.

  4. I used AVG for years. No one or Nothing is perfect. They fixed the problem and life goes on. I still use it just like right now, and personally never experience any problems with AVG 2011 on my Win 7 64 bit op system. And if its that hard on judgement, Windows itself sucks, PCs Suck, and the list goes on and on. You all know what i’m talking about if you have the slightest idea about computers.

  5. Had this problem, and could not even get into the system after installing. Completely locked up. Had to restore in safe mode to the prior day. Have Windows 7 64-bit running on i7 Quad processor w/6gb. Had this for 6 months, no problem. Also have used AVG for years. Tried the paid version a while back….crap! Crashed or locked up constantly. Uninstalled, and went back to free version. It’s also faster than the paid version…go figure!

    Except for this latest SNAFU, the AVG program seems to work adequately. Have used it on probably 9 computers in various configurations (since Win98) and no problems. One thing to consider….programs run CONSIDERABLY faster w/virus checker removed. But that’s the price I’m willing to pay for piece of mind. Have had serious infections on unprotected systems….hate it! Running firewall/malware-spyware removal/virus checker. Again, what we pay for sleeping better at night.

  6. I Have been using AVG2009 Free for a year now and am satisfied with the 2009 version BUT when the AVG2011 came out I tried installing it on three different computers and got the same response on all three to the install of 2011. All three computers freeze up constantly and that makes it very hard to uninstall because it freezes right in the middle of the uninstall. These computers are all 32 bit Windows XP PC’s, not 64 bit.
    Possibly there is a conflict with another program on these computers such as MalwareBytes Antimalware. Maybe I will uninstall MalwareBytes Antimalware on one computer and install AVG2011 to see if the same thing happens.

  7. My company has used AVG Network Ed. for the past 3 years. The only issue we had is a prompt to install the toolbar. We run it on 2k3 servers and mostly XP pro sp3 and 7-32bit. I also run the free version on my personal computers (XP pro, Media Center, 32 & 64 bit) with no problems. I would guess that AVG was not playing well with other software on those computers. Probably a windows update. Either way, it sounds like it is isolated to Win7-64bit.

  8. I had a problem with AVG 11 on a XP Pro machine, messed with the broadband connection so much i couldnt use the internet, removed AVG and now using Panda Cloud, No more problems

  9. I can not believe all you people use those lame programs! “Vipre”,from Sunbeltsoftware; should be the only program you use for a safe computer experience. Get smart with the leader of the industry and quit whinning!

  10. Had a trial AVG Pro on my XP that kept wanting me to reboot. When I wanted to downgrade to free, I had to uninstall zone alarm before I could then change to free. Reinstalled zone alarm, running free avg, but it also kept wanting me to reboot. Also get a message that an unapproved plug and play was trying to install on my computer. I finally have blocked avg from any internet access until I have time to find a replacement and do the uninstallation rigmarole.

  11. Everyone is downtalking AVG over their problem with this latest update. Just to point out, no I don’t work for them. I’m just a modest PC user at home that has taught myself everything I know about building and maintaining my own computers and have been building computers for my family and friends. I only got my first computer 6 years ago and was doing good to find the power button. Anyway, the way you are all going off on AVG, if you acted like this to microsoft, it would have never made it past 3.0. Yes, the problem is only on Win7 64 bit systems. keep in mind that Win Vista was the start of the new code and that that code was readjusted for Win7. Also, not all Win7 64bit computers are affected. it is impossible for any software manufacturer to prvent problems with all PC configurations.

  12. I have own a Mac and now an IPad, why? I do not have the type of problems expressed her with virus infections.

    Bottom line.
    Get a MAC.

  13. I also have a problem. My AVG 2011 is running fine on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, as long as I do not enable the Link Scanner. Then it kills my internet.

    Anybody else that have this problem?

  14. I have windows 7 ultimate x64 installed on my laptop and was working great until I put on 2011 AVG internet security! What a heap of crap AVG is!! AVG crashed my laptop so badly I have to reinstall Windows 7 again and lost everything I had on my laptop!! Never again will I have anything to do with AVG!!!

  15. My computer running windows 7 ultimate x64 gradually deteriorated and crashed. I do not use AVG and as far as I know have never used it. However, when I finally found the problem, it was AVG8. Must have picked it up on the Web. Kaspersky has a special tool for removing.

  16. I notice no one mentioned Nod32/ESET as a av program. I’ve used it for years with no overload or problems. It is not expensive and is so light on resources, sometimes Windows XP does not even see it. Haven’t tried the 64 bit version as I uninstalled Win 7 Ultimate when I couldn’t find the time to re-learn the new terminology for the old terms. But will soon.

  17. i got an “Infinate Loop” notice.. it quit working, it did an automatic System Restore.. i had to re-instal software…

    i was unhappy with AVG before the crash, it let several Trogens thru, i bought an anti virus program because of it…

    i uninstalled AVG 3 months before it was up, i will never use it again, or recomend it.

  18. After quite a few years using AVG, starting in the late 90’s, along with experimenting with Norton and other retail products, it was time to flush AVG for good last month.

    It became an annoying bloatware product, with the last straw being those nag screens and an annoying gimmick, that animated icon in the system tray. And why does anyone need some moving distraction in the system tray? Unfortunately, AVG found it necessary to jump on this lame trend.

    I have Kapersky waiting to be installed but decided to try MSE. Was it just a coincidence MSE issued an alert during a Malwarebyte scan…..probably not.

    No longer am overly concerned about infections or malware since the best peace of mind is an up to date replacement drive ready to be plugged in. I’m looking at 3 drives which were removed during the past 2 years for various reasons, and they are ready to be renovated and put on stand-by.

  19. …i have 2011 AVG internet security and i did get the reboot message and i’m running W-7,64 bit,but when it asked me to do a system check/system restore i just cancelled it and rebooted from last best boot and everything was okay….a buddy of mine followed all the prompts and did the groundhog day for awhile.he finally just cancelled too and worked out okay!

  20. I work with my husband in his computer store, which he has had this business since 89, and we use Microsoft Security Essentials. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING can be a guarantee when it comes to AV software, but it is nice to get FREE FULL VERSION AV from a very reputable company, especially the one that developed Windows! We have had a lot of good luck with it. I see more and more AVG laden computers come in with viruses, especially the “Security Tool” virus and have to clean them out or re-install windows completely. We also use the free version of Malwarebytes.org and it works great! I tell people to do FULL scans at least once a week at night with both MSE and MBytes, not at the same time of course, but I explain it to them. PLUS! You need to keep up on windows updates more than the automatics. If you have MSE, pick the Optional updates, which more than likely has updates for MSE. Try it, it seems to work for our customers, unless the grandkids or kids get on them. I swear I think viruses are showing up in online games for younger kids so that their parent’s or grandparent’s computers get infected. Just a thought!

  21. Have been using AVG for over a year now and have had absolutely no problems with it. In fact, it has been the best, most user friendly and versatile anti-virus software we’ve used and that includes McAffee and Trend Micro.

  22. I was running AVG 2011 on my Vista Home Premuim 64 bit laptop and kept getting restart messages and then when the computer restarted I got the message Windows cannot start and will try to restore. As soon as my system started, I uninstalled AVG (which, thankfully, uninstalled) and the system is OK. Think I will go to AVAST.

  23. I switched from AVG five years ago and have tried a few different ones but was never entirely satisfied mostly due to ease of use or lack thereof. The best AV I have personally come across is Rising AV. I have used both the full and the free versions and it works great. I’ve used it on friends computers that have been running other AV software and have become infected with a virus. I’ve installed it on a pc running AVG and scanned to find nine different viruses even after AVG had been updated and ran a scan. Bottom line I don’t trust AVG

  24. We’re system builders and resellers for AVG. We’ve used their (paid Server Edition) AV on our local network and (Pro Edition) on every computer we’ve built/sold for the last 5 years (Pro Edition). There’ve been a few problems, but nothing major and nothing that any other AV doesn’t suffer from as well. We still test them all every few months to see if anything deserves our business.

    We’ve switched our network over to Avast (free) version because AVG no longer allows users to control settings from their stations (AVG Server Edition), and I can’t have that. I have countless viruses and malware stored on a drive for testing purposes, and have always found that all major AVs are similar. They’ll all catch some things that others don’t, and miss some things that others don’t.

    But there’s big differences on how many resources they use, AVG and Avast being among the easiest on systems. Bottom line is that all AVs now are designed to run on today’s systems. Older computers will suffer with any modern AV scan running, and you’re kidding yourself if you think differently.

    You can only run one AV program on your system, but I’d strongly recommend running Malwarebytes and another (of your choosing) anti-spyware program to catch the vast majority of malware.

    And I’ll say this once again: people who have never run an AV and a few different anti-spyware scans on their system – CAN’T POSSIBLY KNOW IF THEY HAVE MALWARE OR NOT! Its these people who screw up the internet for the rest of us as their botnet systems work in the backround and without their knowledge. 🙁

  25. PCWorld.com has recommended many things – free & not-free. They have earned my trust & confidence over 12 years. I’ve been using & promoting AVG Free since 2004; with only a few installation problems that were resolved by cleaning & re-installing. I have used AVG Free to clean/repair PCs that McAfee, Norton, Avast, Trend, Avira & MSE failed to ‘protect’. Windows – 98SE, 2000, XP, Vista, 7. x86 & x64.
    I have found that many software problems are traceable to ‘total system compatibilities’ of installed software. I prefer AVG Free, 1 son prefers the same, 1 son prefers Avast Free. We don’t have problems. The sons are online hi-speed gamers. Call it dumb luck, but my statistics support my confidence.
    I have not had this or any problems on my two current PCs, or with AVG 2011 Free AV. I have already updated over a dozen PCs with it, & they are running perfectly.
    One caution – get the download from a reputable source – I prefer FileHippo or CNet. Never let me down. Free.AVG performs an online install, & I’ve NEVER liked those, for anything; I download executables & install offline by choice.
    (I also use FREE – Malwarebytes, CCleaner, Cleanup!, Ad-Aware, ThreatFire, WinPatrol. My PCs do not have problems, & malware that gets in is removed & resolved almost daily. FREE is GREAT! Of course, a good firewall is mandatory; the Windows firewall has served me fine from day one.)

  26. I currently have 6 computers running AVG, 2 of which are win7/64 and have experienced no problems. In the past I decontaminated a friends computer, using AVG free, of issues that Norton could not even see. I have had far more issues with Microsoft updates causing problems over the years than with AVG updates. Remember, each and every time you update or install anything on a computer you are open to the potential of a bad occurance.

  27. I have read all your comments and would like to say that I’ve used almost everything out there for virus and spyware protection.McCafee, avast, and not to mention Norton thats more wrong then the weatherman. truth be told no matter what you use theres going to be bugs in the program and sooner or later you will get one so keep in mind all these programs and updates are developed by humans and well know ones perfact. so unless you want to shut your system down and read a book,go on a date,or even go to the gym, then just deal with what out there and hope they get it right. yes I am using AVG on my Windows 7 system and have yet to have a problem but that does not mean I won’t.

  28. updated my avg antivirus and got all the worst trojans , worms you can get …registry absolutely knackered if avg was the cause thanks avg, was running windows 7 64 bit.

  29. Hey, you all back off! Okay know one is perfect, a mistake or error is common, run your eyes 24/7 creating a program to keep you safe from virus infections.

    I stand behind AVG, Their Product is “NUMBER 1”

    THANKS FOR BEING THERE AVG, KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK! I am a technician and recommend your product to all my customers.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>AVG ROCKS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  30. I replaced a pc a while back because nothing I could do would speed up the surfing. The new PC was great then I installed my Bitdefender anti-virus. It slowed down to a crawl. Now all my PCs are on free AVG and work fantastically and have for 2 years. It’s a winner even if resellers don’t make a buck from it!

  31. I use AVG free edition since its first version and I’m a fan of it. Never had any problems, ever. It is light for the system and works great. I have a laptop with Windows 7 64bits and using AVG 2011 with no problems at all. My only concern and complaint about the 2011 version is having to re-start after almost every update, that’s insane and not acceptable.

  32. – Boot to Linux LiveCD (Ubuntu works)

    – Rename the AVG folder to anything else.

    – Reboot Normally.

    – Repair install AVG.

    -Problem solved. I’ll stick with AVG, even though they effed up my machine once or twice, Norton or Mcaffee PALES in comparison (especially since the other softwares actually tell you to UNINSTALL Malwarebytes, a VERY useful program for cleaning the big ones). Spybot classifies Mcaffee, Norton, and Trend Micro as MALICIOUS.

  33. To Jim Anderson……I have used the free version of AVG and auto updating every day with scanning every morning. I never had a problem until a few months ago when I got attacked while on one or two sites I always use, like MLB TV, or 1 of about 10 other regular sites I have bills paying on. I surf very carefully but still got infected. I got rid of the viruses by going to the forums and following carefully, but the redirect virus has never been able to be cleaned out. Does AVG catch that virus or whatever it actually is, +or is that something the free version doesn’t catch, if you know. I have tried so many things and have been thinking AVG has gone down hill a little bit based on what I have experienced

  34. I’ve used AVG for many years, installed it on both my own and friends’ computers without any issues ever. I’ve been using 2011 on my 64-bit Windows Vista systems since the message came up to upgrade. Again, no issues. I’ve had AVG catch things other software missed totally and trust it implicitly. As to why some are experiencing these issues? Perhaps it’s more to do with their own system housekeeping or lack thereof? I’ve seen more than one bug appear when a system was already “broken”.

  35. I also install AVG on every system I build or repair. I did get the bug on my main system. Not an installer error I got it after an update it asks you to restart. I did and boom it was stuck blue screen re-start. But I do image back-ups of my OS every other day. On SSD drives yep about 4 minutes and my whole system is back up and going. I did three image restores, then uninstalled AVG and reinstalled it and all was good NP after a new install of AVG but I do use AVG paid version. And just as Jim Anderson said AVG will get viruses the others miss. So for me and my customers AVG is still #1!

  36. Here is what happened to me. With Windows 7/64 and AVG 2011, leaving my pc on for three days, completely filled up my hard drive, set my system date to 12.2.2999. When rebooted, pc would not even come up. Had to remove battery for 12 hours to get the pc to boot. Removed AVG after successful reboot, no issues since. Will go back to Avast, which have used for years without issue. Tried AVG due to some good reviews. Should have stuck with what knows works.

  37. I build and repair desktop and laptop systems. I have been using AVG for years, I highly recommend it and use it on my personal computers. I have installed AVGfree, including the newest 2011, on many systems from XP to Win7, including Win7 64bit, without any problems. I have not had a single virus while using it. You should still use a firewall, I find that Windows firewall and AVG do the job very nicely and do not slow your system down as some do. Maybe the problems are with the installer?

  38. This isn’t propaganda or a marketing ploy. Just because you have had a seamless experience with a product does NOT mean it has no issues. Not every computer is the same, not every user will have the same software installed. This is a given and should be taken to heart. The bottom line is AVG has been having detection problems along with other issue for a very long time. It use to be a better choice but not anymore. Things have changed and the leaders in the AV industry have changed also.

    Example: Symantec Norton is now a very good choice in AV. Before the detection rate was lacking but now is marginally better than AVG. However, despite that marginal difference it’s still a much better choice than AVG because it also has FAR fewer false positives. That’s where AVG really takes a big hit. Another thing to note about the new Norton software is that it’s been streamlined to not effect system performance as significantly as most AV. It’s no longer a big resource hog that it once was. Where as AVG has not seen such improvement.

    http://www.av-comparatives.org <- take a look for your selves. AVG may have a decent detection rate but it's crap in performance and has too many false positives to be considered a quality product.

    Symantec looked at the complaints the users had about their product and improved on it. Changing up the game and offering new features while improving on the old ones. AVG has fallen behind. The market is competitive and they need to step up their game to succeed. Likewise, those who rag on Norton for poor performance need to keep up with the market better. These so called "security specialists" posting false information based on past experience are an insult to their profession.

  39. I have been using AVG for 3 long years and its working 100% OS currently is Windows Vista 64Bit SP 2… and its AWESOME with AVG 2011

  40. I have Vista x64 and got this awful problem, too. I don’t want to go through that again. When I was looking up how to fix my computer (on my boyfriend’s computer), I saw people saying this wasn’t the first time this had happened with AVG. It hadn’t happened to me before (I’m a off/on user of AVG, depending on what certain people say about other virus scanners), but so many people had their computers screw up from the latest update – and who knows how many that weren’t able to get on or post.

  41. I have also used AVG for years, without a problem. On AVG’s last upgrade, my ENTIRE computer crashed!!! I got the dreaded blue screen, and nothing would help, other than a total retore/reformat!!!! Im so glad I had carbonite for my backup. I think my next will be a Mac.

  42. I’m a IT Technician, frequently repairing/upgrading/building etc PCs and have always used AVG on every system since AVG7. AVG has never had any problems on any of the countless systems I’ve fixed. I’ve also used both x86 and x64 versions of AVG2011 on both Vista and Windows 7 based systems without any problems. Free software can, and does, work very well. Paint.net, erightsoft SuperC, Winmerge, Imageburn, Spybot S&D, to name but a few.

  43. Hello All,

    I rarely post, but this peaked my interest…ever since some months ago McAfee had the same problem.

    With an inventory of over 60 laps/nets etc, plus the repair work I perform, I submit a few statistics to you. [If PC Pitstop kindly lets me post]

    Of the majors, both paid and free versions here are my findings/uses:

    With a stake in the biz financially, I cannot believe that Intel over paid many times for Crapafee; ie, with the intent of putting the AV protection on-chip/die of their processors.

    AVG–I had a commercial/institutional license from 2006 thru early 2010. Overall, I just did not like the “feel”. [See below what did always catch everything]

    In the performance area of retail laptop sales/service, here is what I have ran over 10 years, since 2000.

    Panda, Kaspersky, CA/Zone Alarm, Norton, Trend, Kaspersky, Avast and MSE…but MOST importantly–Max Secure PC, Ltd from India.
    You got it, I have found that depending upon use, travel, surfing habits, illegal downloads…go where the action occurs.

    Panda, Kaspersky, and Max Secure have been the tops in all areas, in detection, resource, customer service…you name it.

    Along in 2009, Norton finally got it together.
    Its good. Its light. Easy to use. But, they WILL not get off that price for even commercial folks.

    So, in summary, Max Secure for Antispyware on every machine. You simply will NOT believe the hooks of all of the above majors and legit software that wants to act like ET…you know call home.

    Number 1 winner hands down is Kaspersky…hey, who knows better than the Russians what lies in that part of the world.

    Panda,…those Italians know like tomorrow what to stop today.

    Avast…those Czechs know how to keep the rest of Europe in Check.

    Norton. But they won’t get off that price.

    MSE, good, but not the best thing since sliced bread.

    PC Matic; I have been using PC Pitstop products all along, and certainly must be one of the first members.

    They are simply the best for users who want to keep their machines top notch, but may not be able to do so manually as some of advanced users. For Me, its the “time is money”, so PC Pitstop has helped me in untold ways with time.

    All of the above are compatible with Max Secure, and it has one feature that advanced uers crave.
    You may transfer it from from machine to another as many times as you like…simple web generating key, just play by the rules, 1 computer at a time. This can be invaluable for me to save my test subscription, and let the new AV/AntiSpyware of choice for the end user be installed within minutes of delivery.

    However, even for those of you with only one machine, I cannot imagine the use of the internet without a hardware router. Period.
    First layer of Defense.

    Thanks, and Hope this Helps.

  44. I am a computer reseller. I install AVG on many PCs of every discription without an error. Symantec, Trend Micro, McAfee, and most of the others do not catch what AVG does. Kaspersky is okay as is Panda BUT if you want it free, AVG and the new one from Microsoft are the best. Most PC user gripes I get are from hidden bugs that were in there BEFORE AVG was installed, as was one I just fixed. Had 110 trojans with McAfee up to date. I test all popular ones every 6 months and AVG is always in the top 3 for stopping really bad crap. BAD surfing causes most of the issues and I have NEVER seen a consumer smart enough to know how and what to use. VERY few have even loaded ANY protection until they are infected. Run AVG, Malwarebytes and Glary Ulilities intelligently and you will be okay. I also find no PCs setup correctly especially the crap from BestBuy. Do not try to argue with someone with 53 years experience.

  45. WTF is AVG? Yeah, get my attention with “AVG bug kills 64 bit computers”, and don’t bother explaining it. You just assume the average joe is a computer nerd.

  46. I have a Vista 64 bit system and have spent countless hours trying to get it restored. Now I finally know what happened because that just how it happened -all of a sudden. Too late now so I am going to trash AVG and restore my system disk by disk.

  47. Sorry to spoil your fun, but I too am running AVG 2011 free on a Win 7 64-bit PC and have had no problems with it at all (many weeks of use now). I have also installed 2011 free on 5 other PCs, some W7, some Vista, all 32-bit, and it is working seamlessly. Sounds like this is propaganda from a jealous rival.

  48. Have been using AVG Internet Security for about 5 years and have had no problems with the software at all. Am currently running it on Win 7 Ultimate x64, Win 7 Professional x64, Win 7 Ultimate x32. AVG I/S is performing just fine on all 3 systems

  49. # Kevin Nolan Says:
    December 10th, 2010 at 12:43 pm

    Buy a MAC and be done with problem

    That was funny… I thought we were talking about computers, Not Mac Toys.

  50. So, right now Iam using AVG 2011 on my HP desktop 32 bit
    computer and have had very few minor problems,that I solved by going the manual updates instead of AVG automatic update. I got rid of PC World Spyware Doctor
    and Windows Security Essentials,and you cannot pay me enough to use Norton. I like Avast but I hate that stupid
    key thingy they use. I like Spy Bot Search and Destroy
    and Malawarebytes that I have installed now,but I deeply appreciate all this info here as well as I plan
    on buying a new laptop early next year. Thanks everyone.

  51. My computer is in the shop now. I could log in, but then a black screen. I recently updated the AVG. I wonder if that caused the problem? I have Windows 7 on my Gateway desktop and have used AVG for several years with no problem.

  52. Please consider NOD32 (eset.com). I’ve used it for years on 32- & my 64-bit systems, with no problems. It updates daily. Also recommended by Leo Laporte “The Tech Guy”, even *before* eset became one of his sponsors.

  53. I am running Windows XP Pro in an old computer. I had unexplicable problems during more than 8 hours, being impossible to connect to the Internet, even changing the network card. I am not positive this was due to AVG 2011, but I had it installed since one month ago. I got “limited connectivity” every time, so I decided to uninstall it… I did two system restores, the last one restored everything in place. I am not taking more risks…

  54. I’ve been running AVG (paid for current version 10.0.1170) for over 3 years on my old Windows XP SP3 32 bit computer. Never had a problem – very satisfied with it.

  55. I didn’t have any of those problems, just had some other issues. I have put the 2011 version on at least 3 64-bit 7’s or Vistas and didnt have any of the BSOD issues or calling for OS CD’s. No reason to trash a product that has kept at least 3 of my PC’s virus-free for literally years and years. Someone needs to do a little research to find out what the problem is, as I can assure you it doesn’t happen on EVERY 64-bit PC.

  56. I have used AVG PRO for several years without a problem on 3 different OS. I have done the 2011 update on my windows 7 64 bit OS with no problems on HP elite PC. However My husband has a Compaq small form factor running 32 bit and Windows PRO. I kept getting the same message about needing to restart to complete the 2011 AVG update for 32 bit that I had downloaded from their website. I did restart and had many problems after that. The system finally crashed. I ran diagnostics which told me the hard drive failed. I put in a new hard drive, and finally got it to work again after reloading the Pro disk and drivers. I put AVG back on with a backup disk I had ordered and I believe it must have been for a 64 bit system. AVG kept wanting to update and when I connected, it downloaded a completely new installation and it has worked great since that time. Many of the problems I had could have been avoided if I had really known what I was doing. I don’t have much technical knowledge so I just do by trial and error. So far that has worked pretty good for me. I do think the last couple of versions have slowed down my system but for the most part AVG has served me well and kept the viruses away. I also use Uniblue Power suite and a few more anti spyware programs.

  57. I was one of those people who got bit by the bug and what a mess it was! I had to buy the full pkg from avary to get rid of the bug!It was all in my boot files and it took hours to get them out of there! I had problems with AVG 2011 from the start and it wouldn’t let me uninstall it!I had to restore computer to an earlier date.Then I had to debug everything! What a pain in the butt!

  58. I’ve been using the free AVG antivirus on one computer and so far I’ve had no problems with it. I think it’s 2009 version.. I use Windows XP system.. Of course, I don’t use that perticular computer on the web much since it’s a standby system.. I just keep it updated weekly…

  59. I have used AVG on my laptop for 3 years. It runs Vista 32. At first I used the free version, then I upgraded to a licensed version. I had to upgrade to the full 2011 version, as my previous license was expiring. I have had no problems or issues so far, and it seems to be working to expectations. The download process was lengthy on mine and required several restarts, about 1 hour to allow it to do all it needed to do. I also did some routine registry cleaning after it was up. No problems at all, since the upgrade.

  60. hi all running the latest avg in windows 7 and its running like the first day i started using avg years ago so no problems keep up the good work

  61. Win7 X64, BSOD when install AVG Update.
    Boot in SafeMode and System restore.
    Restart and prompted by AVG for permissions to change drive, NO NO NO!
    Cant uninstall.
    Image machine (precaution before hack registry), hack registry to remove AVG, delete all AVG files.
    A simple AVG update results in BSOD, and costs me many hours of lost productivity, this is something that is avoidable (propper beta testing) and totally unacceptable in todays AV market.
    AND, I share my personal experience of AVG on all forums that I am subscribed to!
    Eset NOD32 now.

  62. I recently upgraded to PCtools spyware Doctor and Anti-virus and it caused an unending reboot loop on my Vista home edition 64 bit machine. I reloaded a fresh copy of 64 bit Vista on my machine and reloaded PCtools again and it did the same thing. I have since loaded AVG on my machine and have had no problems. PCtools said I could roll over my spyware doctor and anti-virus license to my Registry Mechanic since I had a licence until 2012 but I’ve decided to remove all PC tools stuff from my computer too much grief and a pathetic service department.

  63. I have been using AVG since 2000 after several problems with Norton as well as Macafee allowing viruses to pass through, as well as the memory hog Norton i so famous for. I tried Avasst and it worked well, MSE from Microsoft which is junk as well as the virus protection that is built into Spyware Doc which was only slightly better than MSE. I have to say that AVG has always worked and continues to work great, includng 2011 which has not had a hiccup yet.

  64. MSE is the best free anti-virus out there. Easy to install, very easy to use and does superb job. I use it with ZoneAlarm firewall and have had no problems since installations. Great products.

  65. Wow..I just had this problem last week when updating my AVG on my Vista 64 bit pc. After getting the message to restart…then got a drive check message..windows couldn’t start etc. After doing the disk check several times and receiving a disk could not be fixed message, I finally had to restore my pc to an earlier time and then it worked.

  66. i goto av-comparatives for antivirus software performance data. For free, Microsoft Security Essentials has great detection rate, very few false positives and above average removal. It uses 4mgbs of memory, the company knows the Operating System and they have cash to spend on it.
    I also use Avira. It is not as comprehensive of a package as MSE but has slightly better detection rates. Avira was even with the other two categories. It managed 100% detection in one catagory, the only free software to do that. Their rescue disk, available for download, is a gem.
    Comodo is an excellent firewall program. It has a sandbox feature. It monitors the use of programs for suspicious behavior.

  67. I had two computers have this problem – luckly both with Windows 7 so I could go back to a previous good boot.

    I’ve changed to Vipre – it works great!

  68. AVG is one which works well if you manage it properly. If you ask technicians you will get as many different answers as the different techs you talk to. I know several that recommend it. For free it really is an excellent product. I used it for several years and would again if I didn’t have corporate norton installed which isnt the resource hog the home version is. As for any product they will have their ups and downs but the biggest issue one needs these days is malware and spyware programs in addition to AV

  69. I have a windows 7 64 bit laptop, but I had a different problem when I updated to AVG 2011. I’m not sure exactly what occurred, but my laptop’s performance declined dramatically. Since then I have uninstalled AVG and switched to an alternate virus scan. Unfortunately, my laptop doesn’t seem to have really recovered.

  70. Have used it for years with no problems. Now have windows 7 and 64 bit Dell. Did not update yesterday. Will give it a few days. Have not updated to next year’s version.

  71. I used AVG on my desktop (Windows Vista) and two laptops (Wi9ndows XP) for many years with no problem however when I installed PC Matic I started getting conflicting problems so I asked PC Matic if I needed AVG (and several other anti ad and anti virus programs) and was informed that PC Matic did everything that thes other programs did and recommended removing them. I did and my computers are now running faster and better than ever before.

  72. been using AVG for years. Love it, recommend it. Norton is CRAP. Has been for years. Used to be one of their beta testers. Quit after their stuff missed a simple virus that AVG caught and eliminated. Also most virus writers pay attention to Norton and disable updating. AVG doesn’t have that issue. Install AVG, Spyware Blaster, and Malwarebytes and you’re good to go. Make sure you update them often.

    And if you’re NOT running 64bit sensitive software, you’re running slower than you would be at native on a 32bit machine. Use sense when installing windows. Ran the 64bit version of 7. Compared to the 32bit version…not much difference using software I use.

  73. I’m a systems administrator and we run AVG business edition across the whole company. No problems at all with the latest updates on a mixture of XP, XP64, Win 7 and Win 7 64 bit.

    In fact the only problem I’ve ever had was about 18 months ago when the AVG Outlook plug-in started crashing user’s Outlook sessions. AVG fixed the problem within a couple of hours though and no harm was done.

  74. I had a similar issue with BitDefender a while back. One updated they did caused 28% of the files in my computer to be quarantined. Luckily, I was watching what files were being hit, shut down, and restored everything.
    You would think that these updates would be tested before being “unleashed” on us.

  75. I use XP Prof 32 bit and have had problems since an automatic update from AVG this past Sept. It crashed my computer after requiring a re-start to make update effective. I was able to get the computer working via the restore to earlier date. I could not find any cause for the problem so I just considered it a rare fluke.

    Then on Nov. 26th, AVG gave me a message that my system wasn’t protected and I would have to upgrade to AVG 2011 for continued protection.

    After this upgrade and the required re-start, I have a crashed system which is useless until I will have tried to re-install Win XP Pro to repair. Since I decided to put XP on a different drive and don’t have the extra funds for another drive, I am without my main system for a while.

    When I talked to an AVG Tech, he tried to tell me I most likely had a virus on my system which caused my crash. When I asked him how could I have a virus since I was using AVG which scanned every day and updated automatically, his answer was that I need to restart my computer after the AVG scan for the virus to be completely disabled. I told him that it was a re-start after AVG update and scan that caused the problem the first time. Seems to me he was giving me a run around because he didn’t know how to fix the problem.

    After a few minutes talking to him, I decided that he was no help. My experience helped me to decide that I will be replacing AVG on all my machines.

    In all the years I have used AVG, I can only recall it finding 1 virus (which it stopped from downloading) and it has twice warned me of an unsafe web site. But, I don’t ever recall any requirement to re-start my computer to completely disable a virus when AVG never reported that any viruses were found.

  76. I did have this problem, but only when I uninstalled the 30-day trial version of the internet security version and installed the free one. after some tinkering, I got the problem resolved. Since then, no problems with it. (Dell 545 – Win7 Premium 64-bit)

  77. As an add to former statement: Don’t neccesarily hang the antiviricompany. Adressed to those with problems; did you have UAC still avtivated?(WinVista/Win7) I wouldn’t be surprised if windows is the bug in the bed here. -True, proper betatesting would include running the antiviri with AND without UAC applied.
    Being professional, i’d bet you, the professional testers had prolly deactivated that uneccesary shi*, to make their work easier. Not realising it was actually UAC that could mess things up.

  78. I had this happen around three weeks ago. After second time through the loop, I was able to use the F8 key and do a restore.

    If that is what the problem was, then I appear to have gotten out of it quite luckily.

  79. Have been using Avg Free for several years and have not had a problem. Installed Avg 2011 update without incident. It is working just fine on a win7 64bit system. I also run two other spyware and virus programs as I don’t believe anything on the market catches 100% of all bugs.

  80. I run Win7x64 Ultimate and Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security. Works fine, and been running Trend for years. They know their shi*.

  81. I used to use AVG free and then paid subscription. My computers were infected 3 seperate times on two of them . I have since switched to Comodo Internet Security which provides a firewall as well as virus protection. Im quite pleased with it. It does have a bit o a learning curve but if you can turn your rig on you can figure it out.

  82. For my Windows XP professional SP2 running on single core Athlon 64 processor I have using AVG Free version 9.0.872. I had earlier upgraded from AVG Free 8 and prior to that AVG Free 7.5. No problems whatsoever. I did not upgrade to AVG 10 or 2011 since I felt that these upgrades may have been to accommodate Vista and now Windows 7. On updation I had been getting messages to upgrade to version 2011 (which is only Anti-virus and not Anti-virus & Anti-spyware as is version 9) and am I glad I ignored them. But these messages have now stopped coming probably due to the latest version killing 64-bit PCs. I would advice all to install the Epic browser built on FireFox which has free anti-virus much smaller in size than the memory gobbler AVG.

  83. I had several problems with AVG 3 or 4 years ago, uninstalled it and went back to (bloated and slow, but usually reliable) Norton until I read Scot Finnie’s glowing recommendation of ESET (Scot is Editor of Computerworld). Tried the free version first, then bought their antivirus prog, and have used it ever since. Switched to ESET’s Smart Security Suite a few months ago. Had been using different firewall and antispyware progs, but may have had conflicts among all those different security progs running. ESET is not bloated, works efficiently in background, and auto-updates virus defs 3 or 4 times a day usually. Suite includes antivirus, antispyware, firewall, antispam, etc. I think it runs about $40 a year to renew individual subscription. Read details carefully though. Enterprise versions are costly.

  84. AVG has always worked fine for me. I don’t use windows 7 so I wouldn’t be affected anyway. AVG is the best of the freeware in my opinion and the only trouble it has given me in all the computers I’ve installed it on was a bug that wouldn’t allow one certain Disney video game to be played online. That paticular bug was fixed within the next 2 updates not sure by AVG or Disneys site so I can’t say for sure which ones updates fixed it. Overall I find it to be a great product.

  85. I have installed AVG 2011 on 10 different computers. eight of them uses Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, one uses Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and the other has XP Home Version. I have not had any problems with the product. It is working as advertised.

  86. I lost everything thanks to AVG! I had to order a total restore disc that wiped out and then reinstalled everything back onto my computer as if I had just pulled it out of the box, and even after that, there were still some problems that took lots of time to work out. I had AVG because I had some other problems with another laptop and the technician I took it to said it’s the best out there-NOT!

  87. I bought 2011 avg for 70.00. It would not install in my laptop that is a high end satelite Toshiba. I have now installed Avast free v 5. It had a problem not updating but after repair it now does. I next installed the avg in my high end HP Pavilion desktop and it had a lot of installation problems and I think only my 25 years of computer experience managed to get it working. I have yet to install it in my wife’s new HP laptop with Windows 7 in it. I will wait till next week when more time is available. Bebop

  88. I’m running Windows 7 – 64 bit and did have a problem when I first updated AVG to the 2011 version after unloading it and reloading a second time, it ran fine
    I have used AVG for years and have found it to be a very reliable FREE anti-virus program, that doesn’t slow my machine down to a crawl

  89. I have used AVG free over quite a few years. I think maybe in all that time I have had maybe 2 bad updates.

    Whenever they have a program update and change version numbers, I save the new program from their website – I have all my old versions on file. I then uninstall the old version, restart, then install the new program that I saved. You don’t lose anything, and it eliminates the program from getting tangled up with itself.

    If you want to have control over how your AV works, stick with AVG. I have MSE on my laptop – it’s OK but I have no control over updates, and I don’t like MS having access to my computer whenever they want.

    Did anyone bother to note that the problem occurred only with 64 bit W7 installations?

  90. I have used AVG free over quite a few years. I think maybe in all that time I have had maybe 2 bad updates.

    Whenever they have a program update and change version numbers, I save the new program from their website – I have all my old versions on file. I then uninstall the old version, restart, then install the new program that I saved. You don’t lose anything, and it eliminates the program from getting tangled up with itself.

    If you want to have control over how your AV works, stick with AVG. I have MSE on my laptop – it’s OK but I have no control over updates, and I don’t like MS having access to my computer whenever they want.

  91. About six months ago, from on installed oem Win7Pro version, I installed AVG. Never suffered a problem because of it.

  92. I dropped avg some time ago and I use avast. Free and works fantastic. Only thing I do is disable the sounds after install… I don’t need it to blurp off to me that the random update is complete.

  93. To Doug: any virus software that is worth anything will slow your computer while it is scanning, you can adjust it to “automatic” which surrenders some of the resources to you when you are using it, and speeds up again when you are done.

  94. I have the paid version running on 4 computers, two XP machines (one laptop) one W7 64 bit toshiba and a Vista laptop. Version is 9.0.87xx and last updated today. Have had no problems with my W7 laptop which I usually run the manual update daily, right after boot and before I do anything online or email wise. My wifes HP with Vista, however, has had a recurring problem with it reporting several cookies or something several times a day, that it prompts her to deal with. Maybe the problem is related to the recent AVG offer of a PC “tuneup” addon, which I have declined. I didn’t know there was a 2011 version out, I assumed that being a paid multi-user subscriber, I would have the latest, but maybe they just update the internals (database). Maybe its just a hoax.

  95. used avg free for years in several computers always was great ,then started having problems with later versions ,,finally went to MSSE.on several computers ,and am well pleased .had to do away with windows defender as it conflicts.MSSE is both virus and spyware protection,and conflicts with some others ,use it only ,except for simple blocking programs ,they work ok But you must keep it updated ,,if you dont have your computer on when it is scheduled you must do update and scan next time you use it ,or it says you unprotected.bye avg, nice while you lasted.

  96. Is everyone Mad?
    Why would anyone need a system start up Anti Virus?
    Use ClamWin if you are worried about downloaded files.
    You simply scan the files with the App.
    However if you are daft enough to download files without knowing the source then quite frankly you deserve the pain.
    Use GMail or even Yahoo or Hotmail if you must as the Anti Virus in these online Web apps is free and does not need updating, they do it for you. So you can have your files sent to your aforesaid e-mail account.
    In 20 years I have never experienced a Virus because I do not rely on System Startup Anti Virus. They break your system, hog resources and are generally a waste of time.
    Now a Firewall, well that is a different matter. It does not mean you should put all your Internet Security into one basket though, you will become a basket case if you do that!

  97. As part of what I do, every day, I repair infected computers. AVG is not the GREAT answer to all problems so many think it is, or ever has been. I haven’t had ONE computer that solely depends on AVG to protect it, NOT have some degree of infection… all manners of such. TIP: Read the reviews from technical sites and not the Yahoo’s and AOL’s type forums, especially not your ‘computer whiz’ brother or friends… look at what the real experts say, and look at the current reviews, not the old ones. FREE software may work to a point, but a good rated ‘real’ software will help you better. And forget the PCMag reviews on anti-malware, both they and CNET have not done their homework well.
    Get rid of the FREE stuff, you get what you pay for.

  98. I install AVG for years on many computers and did not experience a single problem. It earned my respect when an obvious virus was detected by it and only almost 24 hours later by Norton. I use Win 7 for less than a year on many machines and versions from Enterprise to Starter and have weird often one time (cannot re-create kind) problems with all of them. Capricious behaviour of OS will result in capricious behaviour of the applications…

  99. I had a perfectly fine older computer that ran like a top until I downloaded avg 2011 virus scan. It blew up the entire system so it wouldn’t even boot. I wish I could get some money back for the purchase of a new one. Kaspersky is my new virus product. I wish all you avg people luck.

  100. Running Windows7 Home Prem 64bit on an Acer Aspire, upgraded to AVG 2011 and have not experienced any problems as of yet.However, I am removing it and going to install MSE.

  101. The new AVG Free is full of problems. Windows kept posting an error message stating that “something” wasn’t recognized and not to install the software. After seeing this rubbish 100 times, I went ahead and installed the AVG patch or whatever. My system runs much slower while the scan is taking place, which is a nuisance. The AVG also refuses on run on schedule, which I would prefer at 5 a.m. It runs anytime it pleases, interrupting whatever I’m doing. I’m fed up. Doesn’t anybody BETA this stuff???

  102. I have AVG 2011 free running on a Windows 7 64-bit machine (intel centrino) maybe it is with the additional hooks of the full version. I never received the error message or the loop, and AVG is running as I submit this.

  103. I did that update on my Laptop. I have Windows Vista 64 Bits. The system crashed. I had to restore my operating system to an earlier date. After that, I tried to uninstall AVG and I wasn’t able to also. I deleted the files directly from the registry.

  104. I have a Windows Ultimate installed on my excellent PC. I have installed AVG 2011 and have no problem with the program at all. It works reliable and it is perfect!!!

  105. I’ve been spending allot of time getting rid of infections on AVG computers. Go with Avast or MSE from Microsoft. AVG like Norton, Systamatic and McCafee is on a downward spiral. This is nothing New but good to know ahead of time so people can be warned. This saem problem happend to Trend Micro aXP

  106. I also had a problem updating to AVG 2010 on XP. The AVG 9.0 free had worked with no problems. Had trouble getting version 2010 off and couldn’t find a place to reload free 9.0 I wound up going to Avast free.

  107. I have used AVG for many years and have not had this problem or any problem. I am using AVG pro version 9 with XP pro 32 bit version. Sounds like it is a problem with the newer versions of 2010.

  108. I had this Junk AVG about 2 years ago in an old 32 Bit computer I got so infected,It would work. I blamed my daughter for talking to friends in France and China. But is was the AVG not doing its job. There are only 3 good brands of anti Virus that I trust. If your satisfied with your product don’t change it.

  109. I had the same problem on my Computer, after downloading AVG 2010. And I use Windows XP pro. I had to do a repair job. Half way I got the following message, “the file ASMS from Windows XP prof Services pack 2CD is missing. Insert CD. Which I did, but at no aval. Nothing happens. I had to bring my Computer to a technician, who fix it. But it cost me A 110- dollars. I still wonders why it happens to me.

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