Merry Christmas Microsoft and Happy Patch Tuesday

Microsoft elves have been busy creating the final patch for 2010. Santa is coming early with a big bag-o-patches for all the good little system admins and MS users.

Another record breaking 40 exploits are repaired with 17 patches. Two of the 17 updates are classified as “critical”, 14 as “important”, and one is “moderate”. That’s one more than the notably large October patch mentioned two months ago.

You can see the actual Advanced Notification, ANS, here. A look at the years totals reveals a gigantic 266 vulnerabilities and 106 bulletins.

Rather than make a big deal of the numbers I think it’s time to offer a big “Thank You” to Microsoft for providing continued security for 10 years of Windows, Office, and Internet Explorer. I’m sure the exploiters are happy that every Tuesday they receive a list of prospects to review.

Microsoft is certainly receptive to that idea. Read what Mike Reavey of Microsoft Security Response Center had to say, here.

Feel free to leave your Holiday Greeting for Microsoft below. I’ll be happy to pass them along.



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16 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Microsoft and Happy Patch Tuesday”

  1. Microsuck patches and fixes only slow down my computer to a crawl so I try to keep them off of my computer.

    A good Firewall will keep your computer safe without the patches and fixes.

    Last month I had to format my main HD and reload my OS and I was surprised at how much faster my computer ran without any patches or fixes. Still have XP Pro, haven’t tried WN 7 yet.

  2. If Hackers Attacked Apple or Linux as much as they try Microsoft OS. Those OS’s would be giving Patches and Updates as often as Microsoft!

    Merry X-mas one and all.

  3. Thank you Microsoft for providing an operating system which provides me with a second income removing spyware, viruses and malware, repairing registries, and forcing updates to run. But most importantly thank you for driving me to find a better way. Its called Ubuntu Linux.

  4. Once again: If you don’t like the Microsoft operating system, buy something else. It takes a “real genius” to hate software and then buy it. Much less bash it all day long.

  5. With all of Microsoft’s mistakes and sometimes (unfortunately) avarice in their management, I do think they deserve a lot of credit for doing their best to regularly issue these Windows Updates to keep our PC’s relatively safe from unwanted malware! Merry Christmas to Microsoft’s team!

  6. it’s too bad people like to bash microsoft, i don’t think apple is perfect either, but i guess there’s always a few of you

  7. Anyone really tried out Windows Essentials 2011 yet? It looks great, is free, you can use all of the Office products without owning any of them, you get 25GB storage, one email place that will join together all of your other email addresses in the one spot, photo, and movie editing and sharing, talk and see family live using HD camera on computer, etc.-the cost-free.

    The one thing I did see to watch out for, though is if you have an ATI/AMD video drivers and have installed IE 9 Technical preview or Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Beta can cause Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Mail to crash or hang. I believe I also read that you can actually send huge files of pics, videos, etc. to friends and family that DO GO through and DO NOT get hung up or slow down either system!! Probably because of the 25GB storage you get; but this package at least, it’s CONCEPT seems worthwhile to check out; but I haven’t done it yet-waiting on new HP Win 7 64 bit Intel i5450M processor and 640GB hard drive to arrive! Then I will decide what I will run where, etc, plus have WD My Book 1 TB for photos storage, backup, etc.

    But REALLY want to know about anyone’s experience with Windows Live Essentials 2011.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!!

  8. Adobe Flash Player has done another Flash Player update that is not yet compatible with 64 bit. You can download a beta version called Flash “Square” with 64 bit browser such as Mozilla Firefox-which I just did successfully yesterday. Otherwise, you should have 2 versions of IE, one 64 bit, the other 32 bit. Use the 32 bit IE then go to and download the new Flash player for 32 bit. I would recommend you print out the instructions first!

    I had a HUGE problem because of Macromedia did not update Flash player for 64 bit for over a year as well as lots of other people. Most people write their programs so they need to be “read” or “watched” using Adobe’s Flash Player. Last year they even had a version for Linux 64 bit; but not Vista’s 64 bit.
    Anyhow, this is really a Macromedia.s fault for waiting and taking so long to get a compatibly version out for 64bit.

    I hope this helps!

  9. Hello, I really don’t know what all the bickering is about?? I have been with MS since the begining and if it wasn’t for you Guys, then I really don’t think we would be as far along as we are!!

    I personally aplaud you and wish your continued success. Don’t worry about the others, they are just jealous!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

    Ron, your faithful User and I Love it!!

  10. LMAO……I love watching people complain about MS and yet they still buy into them…2 funny. I’m running IE Beta9 and works flawlessly, just not used to the setup yet. I went to ie9 2 days ago cause I was having constant crashes, now my machine seems to be “breathing” better.

    Apple/Mac needs some business to, oh yeah, they suck too and Linux?…n/m, they have problems also…

  11. What’s that old saying again? Ah, “If it ain’t broken then don’t fix it!” I know my win7-64b needs fixin’ and explorer BETA 9, we won’t even go there, and half the time I can’t.

  12. I only install the ones that are marked critical. On the others, I go to MS site and then decide if I want them

    Sometimes I think MS should mean MAJOR SH*T!!

  13. So when will Microsoft fix the issue of patches that continually fail until you install them manually after disabling the user account control? This has been a problem all the way back to Vista.

  14. The most important question is…………….Are these the patches to patch the patches that didn’t fix anything? Or do we wait another month for that set?

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