Dodge Retort: Verizon iPhone Arrives


By John Dodge

The Verizon iPhone arrived at 11 a.m. ET this morning, but Verizon’s Wireless (VW) site is very clearly being bombarded with requests. So I grabbed a VW photo and Engadget’s comparison chart.

I am still digesting the information and VW’s but data plans are not set yet, but I sure hope it’s still the $30 or less a month I pay Verizon now for the unlimited data plan. The unit will be available for existing VW customers (me) Feb. 3 and online only. I wonder if I still get the $50 off for the iPhone for patiently waiting the full period to get my next discounted phone. Verizon has been bombarding me with that promo for a variety of Android phones whose pricing is sure to drop.

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