PC Matic – 2010 Marks Dramatic Improvements

First of all, thank you very much. Your faith that PC Pitstop will keep your systems running clean and fast is our reward for 2010. We respect this trust and want to tell you about some of the improvements and additions that were made to PC Matic this past year.

Beginning with the introduction of PC Matic in August of 2009 we designed our software to take advantage of Cloud technology. Cloud technology allows updates, changes, additions and improvements to be made without the cumbersome rewrites and time wasting downloads of new versions of older software. When you open PC Matic, improved functionality is yours with one click. Each time you open PC Matic you are using the most up-to-date version available.

Enough stump thumping, lets get to the improvements made this year.

PC Matic 2010 Improvements


PC Matic is now available with a realtime antivirus. Called PC Matic RT, this powerful antivirus rivals and will surpass many of the familiar products that use older technology. It is designed to give your computer the best possible protection without bringing your system to a crawl. PC Matic RT sits in your system tray and is almost invisible as it protects all areas of your system. Until you receive a warning, you will never know it’s there. PC Matic RT stops infections before they start.


PC Matic now removes old Windows Update Uninstallers. This is a big space waster. The savings can be measured in gigabytes of drive space.


PC Matic now changes the default cache size of Internet connections to give you faster Internet. Increasing the speed of your Internet connection provides a noticeable improvement.


We have updated the White List to accomodate LimeWire or GOTOMYPC Products as you requested. Some applications carry more risk than others. The choice is yours.


The option of scanning and defragging multiple drives is now available. You can defrag and optimize all of the drives used by your system.


Skip defragmentation completely if you like. Our defragmentation application is complete and advises you of fragmentation not shown by other programs. If you want a complete defragmentation use PC Matic. We also offer drive optimization. PC Matic will place your information where it needs to be and where it can be easily found by your system.


We have improved World Rank and color coding so you can see the results at a glance. PC Matic gives you an easy to read indicator of your computer’s performance, a ranking that will tell you how your system is doing when compared to others.


You can now skip Driver updates allowing you to save time and giving you more control. If your hardware is working flawlessly maybe you want to keep your current drivers. Maybe you just installed a particular driver that someone recommended.


You can even choose specific drivers to update. Now you can choose whether to update your mouse driver, video driver or your sound driver. It’s your choice.


We’ve added the option of skipping the malware scan completely to save time . We live in a busy world. Maybe you just want a quick tuneup and know your system is not infected.


Skip video and Benchmarks = save time. You told us you wanted the ability to choose what the program does each time you use it and that is what we’ve done.


We have added AutoFix to provide a ONE CLICK scan and fix. No need to sit and wait. One click and you are done.


You can now edit your account profile and change your email address or update and change your passwords. It’s all available in your PC Matic control panel.


The scheduler now includes, TODAY. The scheduler has always been popular but many wanted it to include scanning later that same day. You can now schedule scans later that same day.


We have improved the driver installation notification. Installation notification tells you when your drivers have been updated and sends an alert.


Scan, analyze and fix System Restore to Save drive space. Hard drive size has grown tremendously over the years so has Windows System Restore size. No one needs gigabytes of restore images. PC Matic corrects this Windows oversight. PC Matic gives you back your storage space


Notification of firewall interruption = increased user control. Your firewall is designed to block access to and from your computer. Now you will know when your firewall is stopping the connection that PC Matic needs.


Increased Registry Cleaning. We have improved on our already excellent registry tweaks and cleaning. PC Matic gives you a thorough cleaning without removing necessary files. Don’t let other cleaners remove the important files you need.


Nitro is now added to PC Matic. Nitro is our download manager and is now included free as a part of PC Matic. There is nothing to do. Each time you download data Nitro will boot your speed by as much as 200%. The boost will vary according to your ISP’s restrictions and is designed to help with large files. Nitro replaces the default download manager used by your browser. Save time downloading music, movies, videos, and large files. Simply OK the additon of Nitro & instantly boost download speeds.


PC Pitstop is partnering with Mozy to offer up to 2GB FREE online backup for all your files and photos that you need to keep safe from catastrophes like hard drive failure.

We will continue to take advantage of Cloud Computing to update, improve, and add to the cutting edge functionality that is today’s PC Matic. Let us know you thoughts, and please tell us your needs for 2011. It’s our wish that PC Matic remains your most trusted and valued software. Thanks again to all of our friends.


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5 thoughts on “PC Matic – 2010 Marks Dramatic Improvements”

  1. Updates for .Netframework 2.0 and 3.5 will not take or at the very least says I need an update after I update. Will PC Matic solve this problem? I have tried everything else to this point with no success.

  2. I use PC Matic but have noticed that it no longer cleans cookies from the many newspaper sites which I surf on a daily basis. It used to identify the number and clean them. Now I have ot rely on my Norton 360 to do it.
    I have also had problems with the Nitro downloader which recently tried to classify two pdf files to be downloaded as pdh files which could not be downloadedusing Nitro. When I went back to the normal Windows downloader the files came through as pdf with no problem. Nitro also adds a couple of steps to the download process which is annoying.

  3. Hum my father just put windows 7 my laptop and it doesn’t seem to be working very well. Ecsp with the sound and videos it’s crashing. Do you think PC Matic can help my laptop. Thanks SH

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