Chris Pirillo: What are the Advantages to Using Google Chrome?

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Chris Pirillo is the founder of the tech blogging network, Lockergnome and previously served as host of TechTV’s Call for Help show. Chris’s insightful and entertaining how to videos will now be featured in the PC Pitstop newsletters and highlighted at and

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14 thoughts on “Chris Pirillo: What are the Advantages to Using Google Chrome?”

  1. I love Google Chrome. It’s so much faster than IE9. The one complaint I have about Chrome is that my company sends me sales reports monthly via their ftp site. Part of that process is the downloading of Jupiter Networks client. Chrome doesn’t always do this successfully. Then I have to go back to IE9 (32bit) to get the report.

  2. MikeJ,
    Go to options, then ‘under the hood’, then ‘downloads’.
    You may have to scroll down to find it.
    I like downloading tons of apps to try out, so I use a
    thumb drive as my dl location, to keep from junking up the
    hd with setup files, etc.

  3. I use Chrome as my primary browser. I get my internet over a WiFi connection and Chrome is much faster than IE. I haven’t tried Firefox, but I guess i should. I would like Chrome to be more customizable but I guess that may be a penalty for the speed — less bells and whistles. The only negative thing is that it won’t let you download to a specific directory, files always go to documents/downloads, which is irritating.

  4. Ron,
    When the status ‘bar’ (bottom left, right above taskbar)vanishes, the page is completely loaded. I don’t know if that helps you
    with your situation, but I hope it does…

  5. Because I’m on satellite internet (too far out in the woods for broandband cable), I NEED to have a “progress bar” to tell me whether a page has completed loading or not, and Chrome DOES NOT HAVE ONE.

  6. I love Chrome. It is the best browser by far, IMHO.
    The one complaint I have is that it doesn’t have a
    Go button(or equivalent) up next to address entry.
    That fact really bugs me because I need it, because
    of the way I use my laptop.

  7. I can’t believ Chrome does not incorporate all the features of the google toolbar. I use autofill all the time, and Chrome does not have it, or anywhere near the functionality of the Google toolbar.

  8. I’ve been using Chrome for over six-months now and love it. Granted, it may not facilitate certain IE protocols, but they prove to be but a minor irritation. Technology is moving at the speed of light. What said today, is folly tomorrow.

  9. Google Chrome has no print preview capability, so no way to know whether the page will print properly before killing a tree. Don’t tell me to use the printer’s preview feature because that only works for local printers.

  10. Michael VanGilder

    My comment focuses on the DISADVANTAGES. Mr. Chris was ‘struggling’ to find any. The only one I have is that when I visit schools and their respective libraries, I would not be able to save those little seconds that I usually can by being the absolute master of my browser. Knowing where to find certain commands, and when and how to use them. I really like the ‘find in current document’ feature in I.E. 8. I don’t know where this is in Chrome or IE 9, or if it is even there to find. Knowing your tools can really save the day.

  11. I use Firefox because of security add-ons; No-Script and BetterPrivacy. Does Google chrome have equivalents that are as good? If it doesn’t, I would never use it.

  12. Firefox has TONS of advantages over chrome at the moment, there are ton of firefox addons that make Firefox a better choice.
    Chrome is cool, has a nice interface but comparing what you can do w/ the browsers, I go firefox all the way

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