Steve Bass’s More Great Time Wasters


By Steve Bass

•Try this optical illusion by focusing on the white dot and then tell me if the surrounding dots always change color.

•I killed half a day coming back to the Faerie Wars Cobblestone Minefield. It’s kind of like Microsoft’s Minefield but lots more fun, a tad — no, make that very — gory (though you can turn the gore off), and has nifty graphics.

•One word: Meow!

•This is one eye-popping Sapporo beer commercial. But as a beer snob, all I can say is it’s too bad their beer isn’t as good as their commercials. [Thanks, Elizabeth.]

•These two little puppets (no, these are not what you think) will sing almost any Christmas song. Try “Frosty the Snowman” if you can’t think of one, or “Jingle Bell Rock.” I know most of you are going to do this without prompting, but for you folks without experience with these online challenges, just misspell the song. Better, type in something off-color — yep, a dirty word.

•I was in need of a good laugh and this video of animal voice-overs just hit the spot. [Thanks, Judy.]

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